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  1. My mom would have reason to be disappointed if that were the case (heaven knows some people think at least one of her kids is pond scum). My point is that, given what the original poster said, the son is a good young man, and he should be proud of him.
  2. My mother once said something that has always stuck with me: "My children may not have made the decisions I hoped they would make, but they are all good people, good citizens and neighbors, and I would like them even if they weren't my children." You can be proud that you brought up a good young man, one who is thinking for himself. That has to count for something. I think you're doing the right thing by counseling him to take his time to decide what he really believes and wants to do with his life. From my apostate perspective, the resignation part doesn't make much of a difference. I've
  3. Nah, just thought your admittedly arrogant and meaningless post was funny in a way that reminded me of previous arrogant and meaningless presentations. I could not care less about the Book of Abraham “manuscript dilemma” (whatever that means) at this point in my life.
  4. If by “unable to” you mean “not interested in,” you may be a winner, indeed.
  5. Indeed. One might even say, I think, that you’ve pretty much killed, buried, and nailed the coffin shut on that pit of doubt and then thrown the coffin into Mount Doom, before dropping Mt Doom under the continental plates.
  6. Stuck in my head today. https://youtu.be/dAQgVMmDvXQ
  7. This morning I was greeted with a Facebook birthday notification for a woman I have known since my days at the BYU Reading/Writing Lab and the English MA program there. Sadly, she passed away almost 2 years ago, leaving a husband and two boys. She died a faithful member of the church. It struck me that she was always what some around here call a "progressive Mormon" or "progMormon." She definitely was much more politically liberal than I have ever been. She was a feminist who struggled with the role of women in the church, and she once caused a minor uproar in a literary theory class by s
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