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  1. Phineas sat for half an hour and then got up to go, having spoken no word on any other subject than that of politics. He longed to ask after Violet. He longed to make some inquiry respecting Lord Chiltern. And, to tell the truth, he felt painfully curious to hear Lady Laura say something about her own self...And then again, did Lady Laura know anything of what had passed between him and Violet? " Where is your brother?" he said, as he rose from his chair. "Oswald is in London. He was here not an hour before you came in." "Where is he staying?" "At Moroni's...." This is what
  2. Y'all should watch Bachelor Mother. Released in 1939 with Ginger Rogers and David Niven and some guy who played a loser....oh...he is the guy who says "hee haw" in It's a Wonderful Life. We live in our own times. I could wish that I was fifty years older...and it was only 1970...wait...I hate the 70's. Whatever... Some of you would like the dancing, the moderate innocence, the funny misunderstandings. So fun. Ginger Rogers was so much more than a handsome dancer...and she was that. She also acted with her face. So many movies came in 1939 that hold up very well...along with of course, Gon
  3. If I were not already a McConkie Catholic, I would be a McConkie Mormon. (I am just trying to be clever and probably failing. I only know Elder McConkie by what I have heard said, mostly here. For what it is worth, I always find I tend to lack sympathy with those who deride Elder McConkie, while feeling a kindred spirit with those who approve of him.)
  4. Hi Ahab, I grew up in what is now East Vancouver. It was dairy country and we were dairy farmers. Somehow, from other threads, I got the idea you were in our county. I got it right that you were to the north, but a little further north. Living along I-5, I can see how you could be from Texas, with a house in Kalama for 14 years, work in Beaverton, and never hear of Amboy, WA. Maybe you have never been to La Center, Battle Ground, or Ridgefield either, although I know you have seen the signs from the freeway. We are now the newcomers in an area. It seems like I am always confessing ho
  5. Jrac, Hi. I am a Catholic, and a Latin Romish one at that, who has assumed that the ascendancy of Charlemagne was, with other historical events, a continuation of the answer to our prayer to the Father, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Like others, I am also having difficulty in knowing what you are suggesting. Have you started a thread about an obscure speculation for the purpose of telling people not to "waste time with it". Surely not. Perhaps we are obtuse. But you will be misunderstood and thought to be weird unless you open your mind to us. Co
  6. Thanks for all you do, Nemesis. I like it. I grew up in a house where Mom creatively rearranged the furniture several times a year. It always felt like a new house and I liked it. But I came to realize when still quite young, that all houses were not like my own. Do they never rearrange the furniture, I can remember wondering, when the homes of my teenage buddies always looked exactly the same. It feels like Mom has rearranged the furniture.
  7. But you have heard of Amboy...You must be in Woodland...you are not in Kalama?...Anyway...nevermind about all that. I miss Kelso/Longview and Woodland and Exit 49, Castle Rock, good truck stop. I am a little obsessed about home now. I lived there a long time and love it and miss it. I am so sorry about the fires. A daughter is in Vancouver still. Her pictures remind me of when Mt. St. Helens blew. I saw a van with Oregon plates in the church parking lot on Sunday as I left the 9:15 Mass here in nowhere, Kansas. They were probably already parked for the 11:30. I am a little ashamed to feel an a
  8. Ahab...a Clark County AmBoy! We lived just north of Battle Ground Lake for a long time (Bell Mountain, up Basket Flat Rd.). We had a dairy farm when I was a boy and grandpa and my dad were on the Evergreen Schoolboard for decades. Maybe you don't know anything about things closer in to town and forty years ago, but Mc____ Stadium was named after Grandpa. You don't need to comment. I am just glad to talk to somebody from my "neck of the woods". Were you not paying attention when N______ made a thread in "honor" of you with a quote from Martin Luther? I started this thread for those who we
  9. I am unaware of having expressed a belief that it is okay to be disrespectful or unkind. You disagree with me about what? I believe it is okay to be rude or obnoxious to those with whom we disagree? I think you have misunderstood me. I also, exclusivist though I am, see no reason to be ugly about it. I won't try to be political here. But a long time ago, I followed Patrick J. Buchanan politically, before I joined his religion. I sent him this goofy book that explained how the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon and he had better come out. He kindly wrote back thanking me for the "li
  10. Is the truth to be determined by its inclusivity? I could argue that the Catholic faith is inclusive. Truly. While there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, we are also instructed with all earnestness that we cannot know that any particular person is in Hell. There are extra-sacramental means for those who are not members of the Church to be saved by the Church. But I don't want to try to prove that we are inclusive. What difference does it make for our truth claims? It is all about perspective anyway. We are exclusive in some respects, and inclusive in others. But I do not see anywhe
  11. Hello Navidad. And greetings to all. As a Catholic, I have an interest in the "LDS World" as it exists here at this website. The reason is that along with very few other religious communities, Christian or not, they are exclusive in the same way as the Catholic Church. If the Apostolic church needed replaced, as all these Anabaptist/Mennonite/Protestant churches by their existence imply, then how does it not also show a belief that the Apostolic Church which was also identified as Catholic and Orthodox, had become apostate? But the Protestant/Anabaptist/Mennonite communities have ne
  12. Heh. That's great. I have not read it. Maybe I shall do so. Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. Hey Daniel2. I am disappointed. I was looking for a naval adventure! A typo in the thread title was I think, misleading me. No worries, Daniel, but I was thinking that you were sharing something about a new found interest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Years_Before_the_Mast
  14. There are instances in the Old Testament when an English translation of the Latin Vulgate speaks of human judges as "gods": "If the thief be not known, the master of the house shall be brought to the gods, and shall swear that he did not lay his hand upon his neighbour's goods." (Ex. 22:8) It seems likely that this is in reference to civil magistrates/judges. One could still point out their identification and resemblance to God in being authorized to pass judgment in the temporal realm. The gods/judges will do well to remember that all authority comes from above, from God, and that t
  15. Yes...perfect translation...impossible. Different aims for different purposes. Languages seem providential. God does not seem surprised by them whether it is making foreign languages unintelligible at the Tower of Babel, or making them intelligible at Pentecost. Speaking in tongues? What is that? Perfect translations? Or actually speaking or hearing languages you don't know into your own language. I find it very mysterious and interesting. I like that you do not hold that those of us who are unable to learn foreign and archaic languages are disadvantaged. It would be a mistake that a
  16. Calm, hey there, hoping all is well. Interesting observation. Translation of anything is difficult business. Translating a one case language into a language that has large and small case, the translator will of necessity be required to make an interpretation about capitalizations. I wonder if there would be any problem with using a convention that might be called "middle case"? This could permit the translator to refrain from making a necessary translation while indicating to the reader that the original tongue made no distinction between lower and upper case in the writing. I realize thi
  17. Hi Hoosier. Our last daughter was married in northern Italy (almost Switzerland) and honeymooned in Rome for the first week. Her and her husband graciously invited the four parents to join them for a week touring Rome before they continued elsewhere. I will always treasure that week in Rome. Thank you for noting the devotion that inspired such works as you saw. Whether what you saw is theologically true from your point of view, you apparently found it to be beautiful. I am very glad of that. Of all the churches I visited in Italy, my favorite was not in Rome. It was the Duomo of Milan, the Cat
  18. Hi Miserere. Thanks for putting up the two pictures. You did well in your choice for the Novus Ordo knowing you could have shown something "extraordinary". Ordinary is bad enough. You listed the three kinds of approach to the New Mass for Trad Catholics. I have held since I stopped attending the New Mass, that it has the essential form (words) of consecration to make a valid sacrament in a setting that is inappropriate to what you so vividly explained regarding the Holy Sacrifice in a post a few weeks ago. How easy it is to forget that we are really approaching Calvary as we arrive
  19. Oh shoot...too late. I wanted to say it before you, so I rushed off of my recline, (my competitive nature with wounds of original sin). It is good that you "won". Heh. St. Damien of Molokai? You had to be RCC. A very recent addition, St. Damien the Leper, to the venerable saints of the Roman Catholic Church. Excellent choice. Mine is St. Francis deSales.
  20. I started work today a little before 4 AM. I enjoyed listening to I. Ron Butterfly before I went to work. I am a little ashamed to say I always liked a band with a similar name and sound to that artist. I don't think that hymn stopped playing in my head until at least after sunrise which is pretty late now in Eastern Kansas. Although I am ashamed to be known to have a predilection for I. Ron, I am pleased to say that I have never watched one episode of the Simpsons. But that was clever, Ahab. Maybe I have missed something. Thanks for your contribution to my work day. Rory
  21. Hmmm. Storm Rider...Hi. Everybody Catholic or not. Hi. Hunch. Hunches. Of course, I think my hunches are probable. Don't mistake any hunch about you, whoever you are, as a dogmatic expression of my convictions about you. All anyone who disagrees with any of 3DOP's hunches needs to do is to tell him that he is out to lunch about his hunch in regards to yourself. 3DOP will then acknowledge that you are right about you, and he was wrong about you. ----------------- To Storm Rider's question: I have been away from a Mass that would use their stuff for years now. I found, from
  22. On reflection, I tend to think the Moroni/Oregon Catholic Publishing combination makes a reasonably good fit as to what one ought to expect were they to judge this purportedly Catholic book by its cover. I am guessing about my fellow Catholics and LDS here, but I have a hunch that Latter-day Saints would be more at home with what OCP publishes as religious music than would Damien, Spammer, Miserere, and 3DOP. 3DOP
  23. Hello Michael... So I saw your post this morning before Mass, resurrecting the thread as it were. I am glad because I have just now come across an idea that might be interesting to all of the readers here. Today, Aug. 23 is the feast day for St. Philip Benizi, who was widely reknowned in the 13th Century for his prudence, piety, and wisdom along with some miracles too. What I wanted to draw attention to is his death. The Church composes its own concise history of the saints, usually of no more than a page which gives the faithful at least a thumbnail sketch of all of the saints who h
  24. Islander, hi. We Catholics are easily bored. We just want something new, inventive, and especially something that no Catholic or anybody else has ever even dreamed of before. And so finally in the 12the Century, Aquinas hit a grand slam when he made up that whopper about transwhateveritiscalled (TWC). That was so far from what anybody ever believed before, that it was immediately adopted without any debate by virtually all Catholics. Obviously, it fulfilled the profound need for Catholic novelty at the time. Of course now it has worn off and most Catholics are more than ready for somethin
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