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Could I Still Possibly Serve A Mission?


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I'm not sure if I even entirely want to yet, but still want to think of it as an option. Anyway this may be a long story, so here it goes...

I'm 17 at the moment...

The personal and legal issues you described are not really appropriate to deal with in a pubilc forum. We have left your basic question for others to address. - Moderation team

if you've been on probation, could you still serve a honorable full time mission when my time is up?

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I know young men who served missions after having been on probation. If the terms of your probation limit you leaving a state or county or if they restrict your interactions with others that could mean you would be restricted to a service mission in a local area, but other than that if you can pass a recommend interview you can serve a mission. There is nothing on the interview about having been convicted of a crime in the past.

The moderators are correct - I saw the whole story before it was edited. You provided waaaay to much personal information on a public forum. I suggest you talk to parents or a trusted church authority (not the member who offended you) to receive counsel. They will be able to do things for you that no one on an anonymous internet board can.

Take care!

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As Grudelwalken said, it's up to your Bishop.

But since you asked, I would guess "no". In the past, some young men with unusual pasts have been allowed to go on missions, but with the "Raise the Bar" policy, it's my understanding that they are trying to limit missionary service to those who have avoided significant trouble with morality or legality.

Since I have no idea why you might be on probation and I'm not a Bishop, my opinion is worth less than the usual $.02 (which many feel is an inflated figure to begin with). I'm just guessing based on the limited information you've been allowed to give and my understanding of the current standards for missionaries.

Good luck, and remember, even if you can't serve a full time mission there are many other oppurtunities to serve. So don't let it get you down.

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This may ultimately be decided by salt lake. There are a number of restrictions and the policies shift from time to time depending on both ecclesiastical and civil law ramifications. Personal debt, family responsibilities, physical or mental limitations, or possible unavoidable responsibilities (such as potential orders of the court) would restrict you. I know of young men with such obstacles who were still allowed to serve but stayed close to home by serving in the temple, employment office, or mission office within their home mission.

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