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  1. milk the mormons. Take a drive through any town in Utah and you will see that it is a thriving business. Having said that, nobody is getting rich of of LDS themed books.
  2. well frankly nobody can say all conspiracy theories are false because that would suggest that there never has been a conspiracy. The whole premise of this thread is rather strange.
  3. I am not sure that this is the purpose so much as the means that will allow critical work to be accomplished. But it certainly will be how government is directed. a UN with real teeth.
  4. I think too much is read into this. If may be allowed to be, and whose who wrote it were very cleaver, but it is not scripture. The system of common law established in British law which we enjoy here is also inspired and allowed to be established by God. the US constitution has its values for sure but it is a man made document in the end.
  5. My son made the comment "guess that means no more Sunday school in (the name of the small largely Mormon down he lives in)" with the somewhat joke that if they cannot discuss politics, there will be nothing to talk about. I am conservative, but I despite their anti-science stances. For this I lean towards the more liberal parties. But I an frustrated by the unwillingness of the left to make individuals accountable. As such, three is no single party I agree with. There are values with the right and the left, it just comes down to how close any given party is to my values at any given ele
  6. What purpose would the millennium have? 1) temple work 2) repairing the earth 3) introduction of ordinances not yet known 4) recovery and translation of ancient scriptures not yet found 5) completing works of salvation that require a more direct communication between mortals and angels 6) Advancements science and technology to prepare our species for divinity. The school of the prophets becomes the school of the temple worthy scientist 7) advances in forms of government to prepare our species for divinity I can see that as humanity makes great st
  7. I think these words are important to ponder. What is a little season and what does a little season mean to me.
  8. interesting, so the just as the story of Adam and Eve is an archetype for our life, so is the life story of the earth.
  9. This is another level isn't it. Why bind him and then unbind him. What is the meaning of this?
  10. this makes sense. The final battle before the second coming is a battle behind a veil. The final battle and true end of days will be a battle without a veil. Two battles, two bookends. We live in sin whether we can see clearly or not. It is not what we can see and understand, but what is in our heart.
  11. The concept of a 100 years of peace that culminates in more wickedness is one doctrine that I do not quite understand. We have an amazing second coming which would in effect put an end to all temporal social orders and bring in a regime headed by God himself. We know that there are somethings that, in Gods good wisdom, can only be done by mortals. So perhaps we have this proverbial overtime period to get all the temple work and other matters completed. This is a message of hope for those who are not able to do family history because the records have been lost. There will be no death as we know
  12. I found the videos well made and entertaining, but I could have done without the snide remarks. Here is hoping the same people who made these videos will remake them with the same degree of entertainment but with added sprinkles of charity. Perhaps a bit challenging to pull off when the material you are addressing will automatically be dissed.
  13. The US constitution is great for America but has no value to anybody else. Each country has its own rules that work just fine without having to turn to america. I accept that the constitution is inspired, but that does not make it perfect, does not make it scripture, and does not make it of use to the rest of the world. The gospel flourishes around the world just fine in countries that have very different constitutions. Some of the pro america silliness is profoundly offensive to non-americans. Quoting scriptures out of context just makes the claims all the more offensive. the gospel did just
  14. There is an issue of definitions. We cannot apply traditional definitions of scripture and revelation of other religions. We do not believe sculpture to be inerrant and we do not believe our prophets to be infallible General conference talks are assigned but no topics are given and no talks are reviewed before being presented. I cannot think of a past sermon that does not have value today. True the examples used to expound the principle being taught may be flawed or outdated, but they are still true principles The purpose of general conference is not to produce doctrine or canon, but to produ
  15. I am not sure what you mean by reliable. It is not like there are a lot of evil doers spending hundreds of hours producing unreliable commentaries. I don't think you would go wrong with anything published withing the past 30 years. Deseret Books has a long list of books for sale. If they are looking for history, a commentary may not be the place to go as it would only provide enough context for a particular revelation but brevity invariably leads to a distortion of the facts since history is complicated. A book like Rough Stone Rolling would be a great starting point.
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