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  1. There is an issue of definitions. We cannot apply traditional definitions of scripture and revelation of other religions. We do not believe sculpture to be inerrant and we do not believe our prophets to be infallible General conference talks are assigned but no topics are given and no talks are reviewed before being presented. I cannot think of a past sermon that does not have value today. True the examples used to expound the principle being taught may be flawed or outdated, but they are still true principles The purpose of general conference is not to produce doctrine or canon, but to produ
  2. I am not sure what you mean by reliable. It is not like there are a lot of evil doers spending hundreds of hours producing unreliable commentaries. I don't think you would go wrong with anything published withing the past 30 years. Deseret Books has a long list of books for sale. If they are looking for history, a commentary may not be the place to go as it would only provide enough context for a particular revelation but brevity invariably leads to a distortion of the facts since history is complicated. A book like Rough Stone Rolling would be a great starting point.
  3. My feeling it that it is more accurate to link these verses to the previous previous verses which refer to the daughters of zion. I do not believe these verses have anything to do with polygamy, that is forcing a 19th century practice onto an ancient text. the passage is speaking about the iniquity of the covenant people and their eventual destruction an exile into Assyria. The allegory in chapter 5 ties it together.
  4. or perhaps the verses referenced in Isaiah already occurred. 7 is certainly a symbolic number but would have to provide some evidence other than a personal impression to link this verse to churches.
  5. This is the key isn't it. God is a term as any others with no absolute definition. We are all gods, as Jesus taught. We are all gods just as all children are humans. I am a master of my domain, not the master of the universe. We become as God, we are on a journey that began eons ago; progression is eternal in that it is a godlike progression. We will continue to learn and grow if we live true to the precepts upon which the blessings of exultation are predicated.
  6. In a class setting, unless the opinion is in clear contradiction of doctrine, one should never say 'I disagree' or 'you are wrong'. Rather, one should say 'I have a different perspective'. Laypeople disputing the interpretation of scripture is always pointless because none of them are correct. They simply lack the education or training to understand how to interpret anything. It is the man with $100/year in income calling the man with $10/year poor.
  7. Well, my biggest concern for tomorrow is finding a report to send to an insurance adjustor that I misfiled and misnamed. I received my fourth reminder today which I ignored like I did the previous three. I don't even remember who created it so I can't to back and ask them to resend. Oh and I received my monthly email stat report which is SO interesting to review.
  8. Ted was a visiting general authority when I was a missionary in the late 80s. We as a mission had a very troubling encounter with another general authority who was Teds senior and was also also the area president, Ted a councilor. The more senior GA was at a regional conference and he looked out in the audience and called out two sister missionaries and asked where their investigators were. They advised that they did not have investigators with them. He ordered them out of the meeting and ordered them not to return until they had investigators. They were humiliated and left in tears. Me and my
  9. This sort of question makes me beg the question, why should we expect there to be any evidence? He visited a small group and there was a brief 200 year history of peace and then it all fall apart. All those who adhered to this religion were destroyed along with their culture and their written record. I wonder if any connections we make are more likely coincidences or wishful thinking. One of my German family lines lived in an isolated community in Ireland for 200 years, coming to Canada in the early 1800s. There is no evidence they were ever there other than a graveyard. Their religious pract
  10. That provides a starting point. thanks for sharing. Regarding Adam and Eve, if you are questioning the existence of an Adam and Eve based on your standards, you may be judging them from a flawed premise. For example, you would not reject that Joseph Smith is considered a prophet based on those same standards. As the renown Jewish agnostic scholar Christine Hayes explains "many of our cherished presuppositions about the Bible are based on astonishing clams that others have made on behalf of the Bible, claims that the bible has not made on behalf of itself"
  11. Have you considered that your concerns are based on a flawed premise? I do not believe that there was no death before the fall, in a universal floor or a tower of babel where languages magically emerged. The scriptures do not speak to these misconceptions. There is overwhelming evidence of a culture in central America that matches what is found in the Book of Mormon, and the text of the Book of Mormon cannot be explained away as a fictional account created by Joseph Smith. There is too much in the details to be dismissed. You put a lot of effort into putting weight onto criticisms that have lo
  12. Although it may be true that chiasmus exist in other works, this style is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Hebraisms.
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