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  1. Fobs are a far more secure system than keys. if someone losses their key, you just cancel the fob. you can find in an instant who a fob belongs to, who is accessing the building and when ect. The building can be locked remotely, or put on a timer so that the doors automatically lock at a certain time. If someone requires access to, for example, clean the building, they would not require a fob. A EQ or RS pres could open up the building app and unlock the door remotely to let them in. The key is to only allow a select few to have this ability, perhaps three people in a ward. If a building has more than one ward, then just one person per ward. add to this security cameras that can be viewed remotely. The phone does not act as a fob, but you can open up the security app to deactivate the door. Fobs are fobulous.
  2. they are beginners in terms of academic studies but have been reading books I recommend and asking lots of probing questions. Budget to be determined by santa clause, or more likely his wife. santa gets pretty generous when someone asks for academic books, or so I have been told. 😆
  3. looking for current research on the dead sea scrolls. Recommended books, authors. greatly appreciating the help. it is for a Christmas gift for a family member.
  4. I am of the opinion that we have cannon simply because it was the norm of the day in Joseph Smiths time. The ancient church did not have canonized scripture - this notion of official sacred text emerged during the apostasy, coming about as Christianity formally broke from Judaism, and the church leaders wanted to get control of what was being used so they came up with an official list of acceptable books. There is no evidence in any of our scripture of any requirement to canonize certain statements and not others. Having said that, our doctrine is found in our canonized scriptures and in official proclamations and declaration of the church. Although conference talks will contain doctrine, they are not a source of doctrine. There is a difference between doctrine (the atonement of Jesus Christ) and modern day revelation that guides us (drug addiction is bad). Conference talks are carefully reviewed and corrected for doctrine. You will notice a difference between the talk that is given in conference and the one published in the magazine and online. I recall on talk that referenced 'The Lord' and was replaced with 'Heavenly Father'. A talk given by Redland had political overtones and had entire paragraphs removed and replaced. I would go even further and say that anything we read in the bible should be compared to The Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. If a Book of Mormon prophet would not do it, such as slaughtering men women and children, then it is likely that Old Testament prophets did not do it.
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