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Coal In Their Stockings


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We almost did it because we like to be humorous with Christmas traditions and myths etc. Shopping for stocking-stuffers, we came across little bags of chocolate that were wrapped to look like pieces of coal. The plan was for there to be no presents under the tree on Christmas morning and only these pieces of chocolate which looked like coal in the stockings. Then we would attend Church (our ward was Sacrament meeting only) and somehow the presents and the the rest of the stocking-stuffers would be in place when they got home.

What stopped us was the logistics of the whole thing, I have to sit on the stand and so one of us leaving early would be too obvious, and of course the possible sour feelings of the children in Sacrament meeting.

We do maintain the tradition of coding the presents under the tree so none of the children knows which present is who's until they find out how to break the code. We used to write the names in Elvish (Dwarvish?) runes but the kids finally found out the translation could be had from the appendix in back of the Return of the King.

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I put that coal in my kids stockings along side other more desirable things. When my son pulled it out and yelled "COAL?!" with an unsure face I told him it made perfect sense being how he had some good times and some bad times both throughout the year!

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I think instead of coal I would put a Nickleback cd into their stockings.

I really like the coding idea.

I suspect the CFL wanted everyone in Canada to hate Nickelback and that's why they were on the Grey Cup show thing!

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