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Anchient Divine Celestrial Heavenly Assembly Council

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Can any of my LDS JEDI KNIGHT MASTERS Brothers/Sisters In Christ Jesus please PM me or post here any links to any/all known scriptural references along with any Early Hebrew/Israelite/Saint/Christian individuals From Early O.T to Early N.T and post New Testament period [Apostalic Fathers/Church Leaders/Teachers through to today Who discussed the Divine Celestrial Heavenly Assembly Council ?. Also Links/References to Non LDS [1st] LDS [2nd] works on this topicwould be of great value. Any published works would be of thankfulness. I am gathering material on this subject for future use. Thank you all in advance. May True Grace be With You all.

In His Debt/Grace



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I would do a search on the term on this board, Dr. Hamblin, Mak, David B. among others have posted a number of links to articles and books on the subject. Don't forget to search the archives as well as focused discussions.

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      I have been having a discussion with a anti LDS on a LDS - Christian, Facebook page. and he is stating that satan and Jesus cannot be brothers due to Jesus creating satan [which from that point of view makes Jesus satan's father from my lights] and he has criticized LDS missionaries regarding Psalms 82 as "gods" which from his lights is "human judges". I will be getting back to him next week concerning this. Any Scholarly non LDS Scholarly link I can share with him regarding Psalms 82 ?. Thank you all in advance. The Atonement It Is The Central Doctrine/Washing My Garment In His Blood/In His Eternal Debt/Grace/He Died To Make Man Holy, it's not just 6 words to a song, it has Eternal meaning.
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