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Vote For My Sister In An Operatic "Idol" Contest

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Here is a direct link to get a ballot.

Vote for my sister in this operatic "idol" performance. Her name is Heather Morrey. If you feel one of the other candidates has the better voice obviously you should perhaps vote for them but I am looking for support of course from you, my associates and friends in debate and Mormon apologetics.

The link for a ballot is at the beginning of the article. You will be asked to provide your email address. I've used all my email addresses to vote and sometimes it's taken a day to get the ballot, sometimes a few hours. I should have done this earlier as today is the last day. Give it your best shot.

Please vote for Heather Morrey

Thanks for your consideration


Edit: My sister thinks that ballots ordered by 11:59 pm tonight will still be counted if turned in tomorrow.

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Wow, your sister has a beautiful voice, BC!

I am trying to get a ballot, but it might be too late. I did enter my email address, though, so we'll see.

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Thanks. Both my mom and my sister can each absolutely dominate the singing in sacrament meeting. Not my type of singing, but I do know they're very good in this genre.

The email address is the only info requested. My sister thinks that ballots ordered by 11:59 pm tonight will still be counted if turned in tomorrow.

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She's good! I didn't know there was an Opera Idol. Cool.

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I still haven't gotten a ballot. Hope it comes through pretty soon.

With that kind of powerful voice, I can just imagine how it stands out. There is a woman in my church, with a voice like that, and when people are sitting near her they will stop singing just to listen to her. :)

Good luck to your sister!

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Should get a ballot within 24 hours. Though the survey is now closed (at least in my time zone), we think they'll still accept your vote for a day or two as ballots were still being sent to those requesting them as late as 11:59 pm.

It'll come from member@surveymonkey.com and titled "Official Opera Idol Ballot". Then you just click the link and select your candidate and vote.

Interesting how they select the finalists and then allow the public to vote on the winner. I guess with such varied finalists, male and female etc., there is no other less arbitrary way unless one considers that the size of one's personal network varies also. Still, she's been doing this kind of thing for years and general ends up as a finalist in any contest though I don't think she's actually won one. She sounds just like our mom, who while 70 years old, still has much of her voice and did the same kinds of things.

Thanks to those who voted or will vote as soon as they get a ballot.

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When will you know whether or not your sister won, BC?

I never did get a ballot, so I guess it really was too late.

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Thanks for trying. I know some ordered ballots on time but received them after the deadline and were able to vote. We don't know when the announcement will be made. The site in my first link in the OP now says "Stay tuned for results." All we can do now is wait.

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I think your sister sounds the best, but to be sure, she should have picked a song that had more range variety. There was only high and low in that song, so I couldn't really get a good feel for her. But, she definitely had the more powerful and mature voice. Wish her luck. :)

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Oh well, that's disappointing, I'm sure...but, your sister certainly has a great talent!

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