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  1. We had another name for Garden Grove CA.
  2. I believe this is from her time as a missionary. I'm not aware of a mission journal so we have no notes from Garden Grove. No family there.
  3. Found this poster in my mother's things. Thought it was interesting enough to share.
  4. Belgium Spain If you take out New York's numbers where Cuomo's orders decimated nursing homes Italy Sweden France. How's that? (Deaths per million)
  5. CFR Please name the source for this information. Prove he undermines the CDC. Prove he won't let them lead.
  6. CFR. Prove that the number of deaths would be zero if not for Trump. All because of him. So with Hillary the number of deaths would be zero? If not, how many could we pin on her? Biden's plan is essentially a list of what the President has already done. Over 1 million people have died world-wide. Did Trump kill all of them too? This charge is ridiculous. But since it seems like you have all the answers, please detail what you would do differently. I bet you have a one-size-fits-all solution.
  7. Here is the most egregious lie: "There is overwhelming evidence that our President does in fact have such a relationship with Vladimir Putin, and that this relationship has resulted in the undermining of our most sacred institution, free elections. It is so well documented that it is virtually beyond question." It is not documented and is not only questionable but it's been completely refuted. Robert Mueller's team of partisans spent 18 months investigating this false accusation and came up with zero evidence that it was true. In fact, the whole Steele affair was cooked up by Hillary and
  8. Biden was asked the same thing by reporters in Arizona: "[Voters will] know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over. He won't answer the question. We'll find out if he wins. I'm sure we can trust him.
  9. It's fine if Fox is "unreasonable". It's the outright lies that bothered me.
  10. Purely subjective. Here are two rebuttals to Fox's fact-free diatribe https://khadlock9697.medium.com/on-nevertrump-and-gaslighting-an-open-letter-to-frank-w-3190ffce656c and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oXSAGWpzwdoSel3EgwU44lKY2-pPhk7p/view?fbclid=IwAR0Q_Zz13oRoGX_dhCmMU4sk1N2YGp87KrOJN3gAuYot5jWhpLMMSP_azqM
  11. Or maybe not. Under a Clinton presidency we would have three pro-abortion judges now serving on the Supreme Court. Because we don't, Joe Biden seems be planning to stack the court with 2, 4 or 6 abortion-friendly judges. Are we really safe from Abortion by decree from the black-robed justices? For now, yes. Under a Biden administration? Probably not.
  12. Heck no, he's a shadow investor in Burisma, CEFC China Energy, Chinese military contractor AVIC, Bohai Harvest RST and probably many more. By all accounts, Biden is a world-class "investor."
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