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  1. Those are not my words, just a copy/paste from the article headline.
  2. https://publicsquaremag.org/editorials/is-latter-day-saint-theology-responsible-for-lgbt-suicides/ This article suggests, contrary to popular belief, that it might not.
  3. Anyone know anything about this book? Is it really "a must-read for historians, students of history, scholars, and aspiring authors"?
  4. Yes. My niece was getting married today. Yesterday the temple called to make sure everything was in order and to provide further instructions for the couple. A few hours later they called back. "Sorry, the temple is closing tonight." Their Bishop is performing the wedding today but with the same social distancing restrictions the temples have been imposing. Sealing will happen once the temples reopen.
  5. That one has to stay as my great-grandmother penned the lyrics 🙂
  6. I wear comfortable clothing (which excludes a white shirt and tie).
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