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  1. I have many things by spending time on this forum with bright people. I have learned much, but still have much to learn. I'm glad you helped keep me humble to remember that.
  2. Hmm. Have to say it is in my 1830 copy. It appears you may be correct. I see what you were saying. I'm sorry I accused you of spouting off.
  3. That is doubtful. N. America had a species of forest elephants. Their exact date of extinction is unknown, but many large mammals went extinct around the end of the last ice age. This may have been due to a large asteroid that hit Greenland. Whatever the case, the forest elephants were hairy and more adapted to the temperate forests of N. America. A few could have lived on to a much later date, and I believe lived on in the art of Natives. They can be distinguished from African elephants by their much smaller ears. I personally do not believe they were brought on barges. Ether does not say tha
  4. Not sure what you are talking about. The original English BoM had no chapter headings. It had no versation. Only books and chapters were identified. There is nothing in 3 Nephi which talks about the first year of Zedekiah at all. Mormon had no understanding at all about it in 3 Nephi. If The Plains wants to strain at gnats, let him. The summary chapter headings in our present Book of Mormon were mostly the work of Bruce McKonkie. May I suggest you research the matter a little before spouting off about it?
  5. So what's new? I disagree with the correlation committee and the people that make these headings in numerous places. Summaries can be nice, but are fraught with the perils of being inaccurate. It would be the same for trying to summarize any scripture - interpretation perils always loom. You want to criticize the Church, but if you picked up your Sunday School manual I could find numerous places I disagree with it. Christianity has been wrong on that front for almost 2000 years. As scripture says "every man went his own way, and the Lord laid upon Him the iniquity of us all." Let's see w
  6. Actually, history shows that Nebuchadnezzar left and went to besiege Tyre. So yeah, he probably left with basically his entire army. Maybe he left a few troops and some administrators in Jerusalem, but his MO was to go from city to city to try to collect tribute. This is probably when some Sidonians left with Mulek to go find a new place to live, which is why there is a river named Sidon in the BoM. But this does not support the Pacific voyage beliefs of some in the Church regarding the Jaredites and Lehites. Yeah, like I said, it became apparent that Jerusalem was asking for it when Z
  7. Bigotry is not based on reason or fact. If you want to believe Helena was inspired, can't stop you.... She was inspired to support her son's rule and to do things to glorify the Roman Empire. I am not. I am inspired by truth.
  8. No surprise... the Catholics don't get anything right.
  9. Having a dwelling in the city is not the same as residing there 24/7. Lehi was probably a merchant who spent much of his time away from home. He had a tent already prepared for his trip out of the city apparently. He may have been somewhat familiar with the route for at least the first three days, because the Liahona did not show up until after that part of the journey. Lehi probably left soon after the second siege when Zedekiah became king. His warnings preceded that siege. He obviously wasn't around for the last siege when the city was totally destroyed. So the reluctance of the people at t
  10. Sorry, but no duh. We know from the BoM that Lehi was around until Zedekiah became king. It also appears from the record that the whole siege event took place because Jehoiachin's father provoked Nebuchadnezzar by being rebellious. So, Nebuchadnezzar came to remove him from office and teach the rebellious Jews a lesson. It follows that Zedekiah was placed into office quickly to be a puppet to Nebuchadnezzar. So yeah, Nebu put him in office, took gold from the temple to pay for his raid, took the city defenders with him, and left fairly promptly - having accomplished his goal. Nope. Ki
  11. Since you are banned, I'm not sure you will ever be able to reply, and from what I can see, I am not sure of all your points, but the Jaredites' first voyage was through the Mediterranean Sea to the Iberian Peninsula where the barges were built for the trip across the Atlantic. The Atlantic tends to have storms for about half the year through the equator where they would be taking off from Iberia, so for this type of voyage, they needed to be very seaworthy. Nibley was just wrong.
  12. ignore - seems I am still stuck in the past with the prior software, and keep making the same mistake
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