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  1. SCOTT THIS WOULD BE A BIG MORMON STORY.... WHY NOT PURSUE AS A JOURNALIST SUCH A STORY? What would keep a deseret news journalist from pursuing a story that would be damaging to the church?
  3. This site had a ton of info though formatting was difficult https://book-of-abraham-facsimile-no-3.my-free.website/?fbclid=IwAR2wg0A1bZDUAjUebmslTgniv4j50XFwXzbKdh8f2cllxYN5IoqiBqpDBeI
  4. It almost assuredly would be a snout. What you see in the image is almost certainly the marks of the tool removing it and not the teeth and a bird beak
  5. In Egyptian funerary tradition, the god Anubis is a guide to the dead, assisting in leading the deceased through the underworld. Anubis is typically portrayed with a jackal's head to include spiked ears, narrow eyes and long snout. While the spiked ear, and narrow eyes are present, the long snout is not. Close analysis of the printing plates of facsimile 3 indicates that the snout might have been present but chiseled off. "Facsimile Printing Plates, circa 23 February–16 May 1842," The Joseph Smith Papers, accessed June 5, 2019, https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/facsimile-pri
  6. "Facsimile #3 of the Book of Abraham is pictured below (top Image). That papyri is missing/destroyed....... but the LDS Church has had the metal printing plate that was created (created sometime between Joseph Smith and the BOA being published) which was used to create the print publication of Facsimile #3 in the LDS Scriptures originally. This plate was made after the original papyri which we don't have and seems to show that figure #6 in LDS Canon said to be a slave of Abraham and dealing with astronomy actually originally had the beak/protruding jaw of Anubis and seemingly it was removed on
  7. Robert Ritner is the most renowned living Egyptologist on the Western Hemisphere and John Gee is a hack and your confirmation bias has you flipping them.... such is hilarious
  8. If Gee started the demonstrably false telling that Ritner was removed from his dissertation committee and then what does that say about Gee the brilliant Scholar? https://www.worldcat.org/title/requirements-of-ritual-purity-in-ancient-egypt/oclc/187475892 John Gee in the dissertation thanks Robert Ritner heavily and then explains himself, that Ritner had to step away due to his move to Chicago. Gee thanks Ritner for his criticism of the early chapter of his dissertation and says he could not have gotten on track without him. What is one to do when they invest in a narrative only t
  9. the second and the fact the that Gee's credentials are credible. Gee thanks Ritner in his dissertation and personally states there the reason Ritner left the dissertation committee. The idea he was removed has zero evidence. The idea that he removed himself due to his move to Chicago has evidence.... namely Gee himself.
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