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  1. Your comment got my curiosity so I googled it... seems coil pottery has been in the America's for nearly 4,000 years not since 600 AD
  2. I want to ask a sincere question, Admin, if it is not appropriate, you can delete it. I've read Lindsay Hansen Park's FB post regarding Tom Kimball. In that post there is an assertion that Heber C. Kimball set into motion the multi generational abuse of children AKA pedophilia within the Kimball family and that Tom is just one of both its many victims and abusers within the Kimball family. As far as I am concerned this is hearsay until there is evidence to support this assertion. So my question: Is there any evidence of this generational victimization and abuse within the Kimba
  3. The church is a easy target for church critics especially when the perpetrator is someone who holds a trusted position in church leadership. But just as with Tom Kimball, the pedophile can easily disguise themselves and their abusive activities behind the veneer of the false image they've manufactured within their community over the years. The abused child is not the only victim of pedophilia, let's not forget the spouses, children and other family members of the abuser, their friends and ward members or in the case of the non member their circle of influence.
  4. I do not know Tom Kimball, I've never met him although I am familiar with who he was, or presented publicly being. I want to make clear pedophilia, be it engaged by an active member of the church or a former member of the church has absolutely nothing to do with the church. Irrespective of what might cause anyone to act out on pedophilia, the church is not one of its ingredients. The church is just as innocent as any other victim of pedophilia.
  5. I'm curious to understand why you are using this event to malign those who have left the church? Seems odd to use the reaction of random people who's only connection is their former beliefs as a club to beat that collective group up with. Seems dangerous to me to judge any individual, be they a believer or non believer, with the presumed actions of some members of a group to which they affiliate with. Just Saying.
  6. I agree I can be a full tithe payer, keep the WoW, be free of all moral sin and yet if i fail to declare the leaders as prophets seers and revelators, declare a belif in God etc...I'm screwed, no recommend for you
  7. I agree... and the U 0f U was able to artificially duplicate spiritual experiences see https://unews.utah.edu/this-is-your-brain-on-god/
  8. While it is true that man has not been able to create DNA in the lab, science has shown the process where by DNA formed naturally. Simple chemicals became complex molecules which became complex organic molecules which became roble nucleotides which become RNA which is structurally similar to DNA and happens s to be the basis for the simplest forms of life on earth. This is all Evolution 101.
  9. Sorry but I'm going to hold your feet to the fire. Spiritual experience is not empirical evidence for the existence of God. Your spiritual experience is an individual experience and can not prove to me that their is a god, therefore it is not empirical nor provable evidence. I am not suggesting that it is not real to you...but it is only real to you alone.
  10. Your existence is NOT evidence of God.
  11. It is painful to even consider the possibility that we are all alone in a godless universe the mere happen chance of random events that led to billions of years of evolution and yet this is were the scientific evidence leads. The thought seems impossible to even imagine. It is impossible to prove the existence of God but it is easy to have faith and belief in one. What with the vastness of the universe there has to be evidence of life in some form out there right? And yet to date, nothing has been found. I'm old enough to remember when the thought of other worlds capable of supporting
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