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  1. I agree that Adam and Even could be both a question of faith and historical if they did in fact exist. I can have faith that something exists and you are correct that matter of faith could in fact exist in reality without evidence of its existence. But on the other hand, having faith in some claim is not evidence that it did in fact exist.
  2. The burden of proof falls to the one making the claim, not to the one questioning the claim.
  3. The volume of evidence to support evolution is overwhelming. Whether or not you accept it...evolution is real, it happened, it is true. Respecting some of my great grandparents...some were Neanderthal ... how do I know this? Because I carry within me the evidence. Nearly 2% of my DNA is from my Neanderthal grandparents, These non homo sapiens ancestors died out over 40,000 years ago, some 34,000 years before the claimed Adam & Eve were supposed to have lived as the first human beings on earth. So to answer your question , yes I do have evidence to prove otherwise. To steer this t
  4. I don’t even know how to reply to this. Accepting your conclusions would require the rejection of so much tangible evidence that conflict with what you are saying that I find it impossible to even take your comments seriously
  5. I don't want to high jack my own thread...but if you're suggesting that there is physical evidence to support an actual Adam & Eve living in Missouri 6,000 years ago...please present it. I am not aware of any such evidence and for me it is entirely a matter of faith not built on evidence. The church also teaches that there was no death before the fall, this is another doctrine which I reject as not being based in reality nor supported by evidence, despite prophetic utterances to the contrary...
  6. I'm not going to get into all of the compromises and shifts in my overall understand here...but will offer one example. I no longer view Adam and Eve as the first humans living on earth having been created 6,000 years ago as taught in church. Human's evolved from lower life forms over billions of years. The entire doctrine of "The Fall" taking place in Missouri requiring a Savior is problematic to me. I now view it as a question of faith and not as a historical reality.
  7. Carl Sagan was an unabashed, unapologetic atheist. In his book Demon Haunted World he offers his Baloney Detection Kit... a means whereby a person can cut through fanciful claims and get on a path to finding truth. While I have never read his book, a link to his balcony detection kit did pop up on my internet browser today and as I read through this list it gave me pause and made me wonder how LDS Truth Claims would fair if subjected to this list of tests. I didn't get to far into the thought experiment before I realized that I had to admit that the foundational claims of our religion would
  8. Scribd offers a free one month membership allowing time download the paper. I downloaded the paper and then cancelled the scribd membership. Roberts paper assumes a belief in Biblical stories such as a belief in Noah through which Egyptus came and Abraham whom many view as a figurative character, the Great Tower (babel) or a Divine Christ. This is what I was referring to when I stated that his paper requires a belief in God. thsoe who do not hold to a belief in biblical charactors would not find Roberts arguments convincing since they wouldn't be able to work past his dependence on this bi
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed finally reading your paper Robert. I must now admit that I was quite impressed with the scope of your knowledge which transcended Egyptology, Hebrew, history, astrophysics, astronomy and probably other subjects. While much of it was way over my head and did make my brain hurt, I did enjoy being exposed to new ideas and concepts.
  10. The paper is an apologetic piece designed to argue the authenticity of what the book claims to be. Robert addresses several of the difficulties critics use against the book and offers apologetic or scholarly support for many of these issues. Some of them are built on the assumption that the reader has a belief in God. Obviously those without this foundation would not be moved by his arguments.
  11. You can’t help yourself can you Mate. We have a term in Oz for blokes like you Bro Lloyd ...but the last time I shared an Aussie colloquialism I got banned so I best not share it with you. Cheers mate
  12. Hmmm...I'm only trying to suggest that Robert's arguments only make sense when someone still holds belief in Mormonism or as a lifeline to one having doubts. For those who do not, I can't imagine that they would hold sway or convince. But I softened my language just the same despite that phrase being used in many scholarly papers including many on FAIR Mormon own web sight.
  13. I have recently finished reading Robert F. Smith’s apologetic work on the Book of Abraham found here. https://www.scribd.com/document/118810727/A-Brief-Assessment-of-the-LDS-Book-of-Abraham . This is an interesting scholarly effort on Robert’s part that argues in support of the divinity of the Book of Abraham be it a psuedopigraphal work or an actual document written by Abraham, handed down by the Jewish community, he does not conclude which he believes is the case but leaves that question open. Irrespective, he is clearly arguing that the book is of ancient origins. Like most LDS ap
  14. Bro. Smith, I am continuing to read your Book of Abraham Essay, but somehow misplaced the link. I know it is buried somewhere deep within some thread but thought I would kindly ask if you might share it with me again. Thank you, PS: I tried to I/M you privately but was informed that you cannot receive I/M's.
  15. That’s exactly what the Book of Abraham purports to be...a book written by the hand of Abraham. The church has distanced itself from this claim...the claim is a false assertion.
  16. You received my push back that is the result of my being maligned by several posters. On one I defended myself in what I felt was a *** for tat and got banned from the board for 24 hours and yet this other poster received nothing for his post. I’ve had my misspelling pointed out my intelligence questioned, my grammar pretty much since I first started posting. It’s ok I’m gaining a Better Understanding of who everyone is and how this place works.
  17. Bro Ahab. I apologize if I’ve misunderstood your intentions. As a relatively new member of this board I’ve quickly come to realize that there is a pecking order here, an old boys club of privileged poster who perhaps because of their long standing on the board receive greater leniency to defend when attacked than newer members. Perhaps they have earned this right. I also have noticed that many of these privileged posters relegate newer posters into one of two camps. Critic or believer. No room for the nuanced who struggle to make it all work. So. Having hit my head against this wall I may hav
  18. I’ve tried to think of a clever rejoinder that won’t result in my being banned. I couldn’t think of one. That said, Your comment is interesting in light of the fact that I have no idea who you are nor can I recall ever interacting with you on this board. I’ve decided to assume that you’re just having a bad day and needed someone to take it out on. Glad I could help.
  19. I’ve been out of town for a few days...and while I’ve been away, this thread has become even more interesting.
  20. Rumor confirmed. No longer a rumor http://www.withoutend.org/adam-clarkes-commentary-and-the-book-of-mormon/
  21. You are correct. Nothing may come of this but as to your other point “you guys” imagining it’s conclusions. I can’t speak for Robert Anderson, but I merely asked a question based on an assumption No conclusion have been drawn, at least not by me. As to your assertion of my...”having to find [my] way out of the monomaniacal fever swamp you have created.” You have a fixation for creating strawmen that you can then knock down. Remember. You and I are on the same team. We both seek truth, at least I hope that is the team you are on.
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