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  1. On the topic of the Mass, I have a book on the topic (about 265 pages) addressing the various dogmas of the Mass (e.g., Transubstantiation; Mass as a propitiatory sacrifice; Concomittance; Eucharistic adoration/veneration): "Do This In Memory of Me": A Biblical and Historical Analysis of Roman Catholic Dogmatic Teachings Concerning the Eucharist and Sacrifice of the Mass It uses the Bible and patristic literature as evidence. It is largely a response to what I think is the best book on the topic from the RC perspective, Not by Bread Alone: The Biblical and Historical Evidence of the Eucharistic Sacrifice (2d ed.) by Robert Sungenis, though I also interact with the likes of Patrick Madrid, Brant Pitre, et al. It is available on Lulu and Amazon, but I would love to send it to anyone for free (PDF version); you can contact me at ScripturalMormonismATGmailDOTCom.
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