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  1. Ministering is something I often pray and ponder about often, since I currently serve as the Elders Quorum President In our branch, ministering interviews were 100% the last two quarters. I am receiving ministering visits from my ministering brother and my wife has been receiving visits from her ministering sister. Some of the families I minister to don't want visits every month, but there has been contact with all of them in the last 3 months. Like any commandment, there is much room for improvement, but I have seen successes in our area.
  2. My mother and father in law had an arranged marriage. He was 18, she was 14 at the time. According to my mother in law she and her husband moved in with her husband's family and her husbands family continued raising her. (Her own father had passed away when she was little and her mother couldn't take care of her very well, which was part of the reason she was married so young, normally in their culture they would get married about 16 or 17) Their marriage is still going strong 7 children, 20 grand children and 5 Great Grand children.
  3. If it is that important, then there obviously needs to be more emphasis in the church on sexual performance. They seemed to have omitted that part our eternal progression in scriptures and the teachings of the modern prophets.
  4. If what you say is true it should be easy enough to produce records of people who considered themselves as having, fixed gendered sexual identities prior to the late 19th century.
  5. what makes a marriage successful is what you do after the wedding more than why you got married. The ones I know personally, weren't "Fortunate enough to develop romance or at least affections" they worked hard at it.
  6. If it is not in your head, where is it? I'm not saying it isn't real.
  7. I don't know either how important Sexual behavior will be in the Celestial Kingdom, and like you, anything we do in the Celestial kingdom will be Celestial in nature. The scriptures and the church have encouraged us to develop many Celestial Attributes. Charity, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Repentance, Longsuffering, Patience, Self Control, mercy, Trust in God and in Christ, to name a few. Observing the law of chastity and the higher law of the gospel is one of the things that is emphasized as well. I don't really see much emphasis in developing sexual practices and attractiveness, which leads me to believe that if it exists in the Celestial Kingdom, it is of a secondary or lesser importance than the attributes we are instructed to develop. In the end we strive for "Thy will be done" Too many here seem to be "My will be done" (because God made me that way) I believe there will be many relationships with many different people of different sexes in the celestial kingdom. Any righteous relationship here will exist there. All of us will be sealed to each other.
  8. I think the Savior's would respond the same way as he would to a practicing heterosexual. Come, Follow me Take my yoke upon you Repent and be baptized. He would have us be saved from our sins, not in our sins. Overall, trust in him, for he is mighty to save.
  9. Attraction still exists, but not as much in a sexual way. As I get older, there will always be newer models that are more attractive to me in a purely sexual way, however as I grow older, being attritive in a sexual way just isn't as important is it used to be. This is one of the reasons I don't really think sexual attraction will be that big a deal in the life to come. Already in my life it is becoming less important. I am much more attracted to my wife's "celestial" attributes (Kindness, love selflessness generosity) than her "Sexual" attributes. Just my experience.
  10. I view the covenant in the temple about the law of chastity to be a commandment from God. For me it is a matter of faith.
  11. Are you saying that marriages of people above a certain age, where the plumbing isn't working correctly are weak marriages?
  12. Surely you must have evidence for gendered sexual identity that predates the mid 19th century? Perhaps we should hear your research in how sexual identity was viewed in the past. How common it was, how important it was. There is plenty of physically testable evidence for downs Syndrome. Lets discuss the evidence for fixed, gendered sexual attraction. Since you view it as an eternal attribute, part of the human condition, there should be plenty of evidence. Not everyone was Christian, you know, some cultures regularly practiced same sex behavior. They can't all have failed to notice this thing, most important above all other things that is so powerful that it dooms part of humanity to misery if they can't consumate this desire.
  13. Pride and misery have been in most languages for a long time (how many languages do you speak anyway, you seem to know a lot about how other languages work) Same sex sex has been here as long as sex has, but the idea that there is some absolute, eternal, gendered attraction that is the most important part of ones existence. that is a recent cultural phenomenon. Heterosexuality and Homosexuality are very recent inventions which can be fairly easily traced. It is interesting that you assume what exists in our culture must exist everywhere because . . because. This whole thread is about what is going to happen to people with sexual attractions that when acted upon, violate the commandments of God. People think that their attractions and acting on them is so important they should forgo the covenant path to fulfil their "needs" I just don't think fulfilling sexual needs is going to be all that important in the celestial kingdom. That people in our time culture think otherwise says a lot about us and very little about the Celestial Kingdom.
  14. I know many people who choose to marry people they were attracted to and the marriage failed miserably. I know people who were married off as children as part of an arranged marriage who's marriages have succeeded. Attraction won't save marriages in trouble, and strong marriages will survive lack of sexual attraction. In the past (and still in many cultures) marriages were made because of economic necessity. If one remains married long enough, their spouse will not remain attractive, at least not in the sexual sense. Sexual attraction is important in our culture today, but it hasn't always been that way and I see no reason to expect it to be that way in the eternities. Of course, anyone who has made it to the celestial kingdom will be attractive to anyone both male and female for reasons that have nothing to do with sex. If someone makes it there they will be the kindest, most pure hearted, courageous, faithful, compassionate person one could imagine (probably more attractive than we can imagine). Who wouldn't find that attractive. Add to that perfected, restricted body. To answer your last question, People who are willing and able to make covenants in the temple should be allowed to do so. If someone identifies in a way that prevents them from making and keeping those covenants, then they should not make those covenants until they are ready. That goes for anyone, regardless who they find attractive. If they want to make these covenants, those covenants need to be more important to them than their physical urges. That goes for hetrosexual urges as well as homosexual urges.
  15. I'll have to disagree with you there, I have found that they usually have a word for something they think is important, although often when something comes in that they are not familiar with, they go with the word used by the culture introducing it.
  16. of course you have your doubts, how could they think differently than you do?
  17. Yet you make the assumption that they must have categorized themselves the same you categorize them. They must have same fetishes, attractions and categorizations of those attractions that our culture has today. They must have been bi or homo or whatever because it is not imaginable that cultures in the past were obsessed with sexual classification the way we are today. Of course, we must discount the way they saw themselves because that couldn't have been right, if only they were more enlightened, like we are today, then they would agree with us. Because we have everything figured out and that makes us better.
  18. but no word for it, interesting.
  19. I didn't say you made a conscious choice to be gay, I said it exists in your mind. If you don't tell me you are gay, How will I know? is there a blood test? Tissue Samples?
  20. I don't think those to words were used to designate people who were exclusively attracted to the same sex Middle English sodomyte, sodomit "one who practices a culturally stigmatized form of sexual intercourse," borrowed from Anglo-French & Late Latin; Anglo-French sodomite, borrowed from Late Latin Sodomita "inhabitant of Sodom, one who practices a culturally stigmatized form of sexual intercourse," borrowed from Greek Sodomítēs "inhabitant of Sodom," from Sódoma SODOM + -itēs -ITE entry 1
  21. In other words, you cannot believe other people in other times and places see things differently than you do. a "Gay " person is only "Gay" because they think they are. If a person doesn't know what "Gay" means, they cannot be "Gay".
  22. yet such predisposition seemed to escape everyone's attention until the latter half of the 19th century. And still seems to escape some cultures attention today
  23. I think a lot of people today and throughout history don't have a hope for to be with someone they are attracted to. Not being attracted to the person one is with is one of the most common excuse for divorce. Luckily, being with someone you are attracted to is not one of the prerequisites for any gospel blessings. as far as wanting to be with someone, that is a choice that, in the long run doesn't hinge on attraction.
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