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  1. I would like to see additional data published. 1. I would like it deaths were reported as the day they occured, not the day they were reported by the health authorities. 2. I would like to know how make positive tests were new cases. Most people test often after they get a positive test and I would like to know if the case counts are double counting these people. 3. I wish the covid deaths included the main cause of death (cardiac arrest, pneumonia, car accident, etc). Currently, deaths are reported as deaths with covid, not necessarily of covid. 4. It would also be nice if deaths reported what the underlying conditions actually were and not just that they had underlying conditions were. 5. It would be nice if vaccination status was reported with both positive test results and deaths.
  2. Its called a substitute for return (SFR). The problem with SFRs is they figure the tax as married filing separately with no deductions. Most of the time the tax calculated is higher than if you did it yourself. The IRS will do this for you if you take too long to file your own return.
  3. I am not disputing that the ninth circuit gets overturned, I am not disputing their numbers, I am just trying to clarify what that means. It does not mean you can ignore a decision by that circuit. The supreme court only hears what I decides to hear. The vast majority of the 9th circuit opinions are not even contriversial. In 2019 9 ninth circuit opinions were overturned in 2019 6,594 cases were resolved on the merits which means 0.14%.. or 14/10ths of one percent! were overturned by the supreme court (granted the overturn numbers don't exactly corispond with the cases resolved because it take a bit of time to resolve the apeal). Even with the 9th Circuit, the chances of the supreme court reversing an opinion can be rounded to 0%
  4. I would clarify that to say that a decision that is appealed to SCOTUS and Granted Certiorari by SCOTUS has an average a 82% likelihood of being reversed. the supreme court doesn't review very many 9th circuit opinions. Most opinions (99%) are not reviewed by SCOTUS. Also SCOTUS doesn't randomly review opinions, its got to be significant for them to even look at it. "The court denies the vast majority of petitions and thus leaves the decision of the lower court to stand without review; it takes roughly 80 to 150 cases each term. In the term that concluded in June 2009, for example, 8,241 petitions were filed, with a grant rate of approximately 1.1 percent." I think the odds are highly against someone who disagrees with a 9th circuit opinion.
  5. I am glad you are taking the opportunity about talk with people and listen to them. It sound like your BIL needs to be educated about what a 5G network is (Hint, it doesn't involve injections and, from a physics perspective, its not much different than WiFi) Sometimes when talking to people, you kind of need to just go with their logic. (Wow, I didn't know how 5G involves injections!, How does that work?) Or (Why doesn't your 4G phone need the injections). I remember when my sister told me that the vaccines caused magnetism in people, my first question was "Did the needle break off in the persons arm?" followed with "Have they measured the strength of the magnetic field in Teslas?" (she knows I studied electrical engineering so I know a couple of things about magnetic fields) after these kind of questions she admitted that she wasn't quite sure about the claim anymore. What I didn't do, and knew not to do was say something like "the CDC says vaccines don't cause people to be magnetic" Sometimes, looking for sources that aren't part of their distrusted sources can help. One thing you can do is sympathize with the wacky government rules that have been developed which don't seem to make any rational sense (What dark magic protects people sitting at a table without masks but doesn't protect them as they are walking in an empty resturant to that table). Many people are just frustrated by rules and regulations that are made overnight and seemingly arbitary without any citizen imput and by people who they didn't know had the power to make such rules. It can be about who makes the rules and who decides the rules more than what the rules are.
  6. Questioning the data isn't the problem, Not questioning the data is the problem,as was reported in the article Linked above. I find it problematic when people talk about the data without understanding where the data come from, how it is collected and how it is reported. I have a background in database construction and analysis, and I know there are a whole lot of ways to query a database. Also, It is difficult to get good data analysis without good data entry. Also the problem is trying to play "Are you on my team?" and "are you my enemy?" based on questions asked instead of addressing the data and providing more information. Even in your response, you seem be making an accusation about me and my motives, rather than adressing the issues of the post. It isn't about what is true or how can we understand thebetter, its about who is right and (more importantly) Identify enemies and people we can righteously fight.
  7. I wonder what people think about this article America’s Entire Understanding of the Pandemic Was Shaped by Messy Data the data are not very good in this pandemic. Numbers don't always It really frustrates me that anyone who raises questions about the data in any way, shape or form is automatically assumed to be some sort of enemy of the people. The last time I wanted to talk about some numbers I was accused on this board (I think) of wanting to go to a high school and shoot children.
  8. Perhaps your view is tainted by the limits of internet dialog How often do you take someone out to lunch who disagrees with your politics and talk to them face to face about thier concerns?
  9. The article you link to and notes the 9th circuit is the third most overturned appelate court as well as the fact that less than 1% of the cases decided by that circuit are overturned. A decision by the 9th circuit should not be seen as a free pass to a reversal by the supreme court.
  10. Just a little diagreement here, I have been married to a mesoamerican for the last twenty years and have a lot of experience living and interacting with them (Mixtec from the autonomous mixtec zone in Oaxaca). These people understand quite will the concept of indebtness without money. Almost everything you do creates some sense of indebtness that has to be repaid, mostly in kind. It took me a while to realize that almost all "Gifts" came with an expectation of repayment and a sense of indebtedness. They are remembered years later and I have even had to repay (with gifts) on behalf of debts from other family memebers. Even the taxes in that region are paid in kind, usually with labor, rather than in money. The system is quite complicated, but the sense of indebtedness is real and the expectation for repaymet is real. I have even found when trying to contact less active members of the church from that region that I can show up with a Gift and they will be obligated to come to my house with a gift. In oaxaca they have a word for it "Guelaguetza" "La tradición de la Guelaguetza define al pueblo oaxaqueño, desde tiempos históricos hasta hoy. La palabra deriva del zapoteco y esta misma significa "intercambio de regalos y servicios" y se refiere a las relaciones recíprocas que unen a la gente. " Sorry for the spanish quotation, the english Wikipedia only talks about the festival witth the same name.
  11. I don't follow. What slanted data are you referring to? What have O done to offend you. It to the point that to have a different point of view makes me some sort of mortal enemy. To people on this board. Seriously how do you expect to convince anyone of anything when you automatically dismiss anyone who says something different.
  12. What has parkland have to do with any of this? I am not sure what your point is? Making my children stay home for school wasn't my choice. And yes, it was very damaging to them. Do you have teenage children?
  13. The shutdown did serious damage to our youth and young adult population. I see it all around me. And yes, the covid was used a justification for placing our children in a virtual house arrest. Families I know (including my own )are trying to repair the youth. It turns out that forced idleness is bad for mental health.
  14. I agree the vaccination rates do make the difference. I don't think the lockdowns and mandates help more than they hurt.
  15. I'm suggesting there are limits to what the government can force people to do. Even with the some of most restrictive measures in the country didn't spare the state. On the other hand our children's mental health suffered, education became a joke (our schools have been prohibited from requiring students to know how to read, write and do math to graduate), Portland is on track to its highest number of number of murders ever. After all of this damage for a result that doesn't appear much different than states that did much less damage to their children's mental health. I am not anti vaccination, our family gets the flu vaccination, we got the covid vaccination shortly after we were allowed to (of course the teachers got to get it before the elderly in my state even though there was no school, the governor was just following orders from the people who were paying her). I walked to work this morning without meeting anyone and worked by myself. Somehow according to people her I am the problem and some sort of criminal because I wasn't wearing a mask. Yet people were congregating in large groups in other places and they think it's ok because they have a piece of cloth hanging over their face. I think the mask mandates make it worse because people think they can congregate with their mask and it somehow absolves them.
  16. Here was yesterday's totals per county Multnomah has more cases than any other county. It's like that pretty much every day. Where the new cases are by county: Baker (12), Benton (21), Clackamas (105), Clatsop (6), Columbia (27), Coos (39), Crook (16), Curry (20), Deschutes (157), Douglas (151), Grant (8), Harney (8), Hood River (2), Jackson (195), Jefferson (15), Josephine (103), Klamath (61), Lake (2), Lane (205), Lincoln (37), Linn (154), Malheur (27), Marion (249), Morrow (11), Multnomah (285), Polk (41), Sherman (1), Tillamook (31), Umatilla (72), Union (15), Wallowa (23), Wasco (23), Washington (211) and Yamhill (46).
  17. Yet https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2021/09/providence-to-park-mobile-morgues-at-portland-area-hospitals-amid-covid-19-surge.html
  18. What did I ever do to you make you so upset with me? What do you think my personal agenda is?
  19. Why is Multnomah county surging? Don't they have the highest vaccination rate? Weren't they the first to issue the mask mandate last month? It would seem mask mandates don't help in the highest vaccinated place with the highest level of compliance. That statement is true for everywhere, anytime.
  20. Looking at the maps, the virus is transmitting quite well in multnomah, clackamas and washington counties. Not very rural.
  21. yet Oregon has one of the most strick masking mask mandates. They had one of the strictes covid policies and were one of the last states to reopen Shouldn't Oregon be the state with the least covid problems?
  22. Serious question, how do those people (referenced in the bolded part) choose their victims. Is it random chance? Are certain people more vulnerable than others? Is there anything potential victims protect can do to protect themselves?
  23. For those interested in what the IRS really thinks about non profit investment income they can look at the form non profits use to report the income, the IRS form 990 Page 1, line 8 is for reporting contributions(could be tax deductable for the giver) and grants. Line 9 is for reporting program service income, line 10 investment income, line 11 other revenue. There is no line for reporting investment income on money from contributions seperate from investment income Page 9, Part VIII breaks down revenue, but only has one line (line 3) for investment income. It is only broken down by whether the investment income comes from unrelated business revenue(which would have to be reported on a 990T The IRS requires Inventment income to be reported seperately from all other sources of revenue, it doesn't require seperate invetment income reporting for the different catagories of income the non profit receives, (except for unrelated business revenue)
  24. I think you may be confusing the standard deduction with income brackets. The income brackets determine the rate the income is taxed. The standard deduction eliminates the income from tax in the first place. In 2020, the standard deduction is 12,400.00 per person, 18,650.00 for someone filing as head of household. For a person who is taxed in th 10% tax bracket, that deduction [loophole] is worth 1,240.00, for someone in the 37% tax bracket, that deduction is worth 4,588. It gets better, if a person were married, the deduction[Loophole] jumps to 24,800. If a couple is not married but there are kids, one parent can claim 12,400.00 and the other can claim 18,650 as head of household and their standard deduction (together) goes up to $31,050 not taxed at all. (Tax law highly encourages people to have kids without being married) It can get even better. If the above could were self employed and had five children and had the 5 children work for the company and be paid $12,400 a child then all the inocme to the children would be income tax free, their salaries would be a deduction to the parents and the parents would have used the standard deduction to gain 62,000 tax free income from the children's standard deduction[loophole] and 31.050 [loophole] for themselves for a total tax deduction [loophole] of 93,050.00 If they were well off and in the highest tax bracket, the standard deduction [loophole] would have saved them over 34,000.00 in tax. There are other ways to utilize the standard deduction [loophole] but that gives you an idea of how that particular loophole can be used by someone who knows how the standard deduction works. Personally, I think some deductions[loopholes] are good and some not so good, but I think we need to call a spade a spade and recognize that whether a tax deduction is good or not is a value judgement, also, people usually feel that deductions they can use are "good" and those that only someone else can use are "Bad"
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