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  1. The ones I know had some medical issues, but that didn't stop the overall strategy. The key is to invest instead of spend. The typical way is to pack two or three families in one house, money saved on rent is put into a house. House is paid off quickly, and other houses are purchased. Often medical expenses are not much of a problem because low income qualifies them for medicaid. One of the people I am thinking of right now has three houses paid off. They still work in the fields for extra cash. Most public assistance programs go off of income, not assets so they still qu
  2. You need to get out more. I personally know people who have never earned much more than minimum wage who have accumulated large sums of wealth. They just had to sacrifice a bit. (Yes they are people of color).
  3. When using terms like "Asian Americans" you actually stop notice diversity and replacing it with a simple term that ignores culture. Asia is a very big continent with many diverse languages, cultures, countries and ethnicity. Its an entire continent for Pete,s Sake! The most populated continent in the world! There are a huge amount of countries Russia, Iran, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Israel, Turkey, Japan, India, just to name a few. Many different regions and cultures. Simplifying all of these to some overreaching "asian" means that you are at that sad day whe
  4. I just want to point out that you are engaging in the very act that you are fighting against. This is not to put you down, a lot of people do this. You are succumbing to the temptation to engage in generalizing people acording to superficial traits. We Americans just love to group people into categories that make no sense. We use whole continents to categorize people "African Americans", "Asian Americans", "indians" (actually the same continent as Asia). All of these are stereotypes and using them prevents us from actually getting to know the richness of the the various countries, culture
  5. I originally come from Fresno. When I was growing up, there were many southeast Asians relocating there. At that time there were church units and missionaries in Hmong, laotian and Cambodian. One found memory of my childhood was when I was twelve years old and me and a Hmong youth got together and used another kids stereotype of hmongs to get 10 dollars from from him in a scam. One big mistake was to confuse Lao and Hmong. Even though they were from the same country, they didn't like each other and had vastly different cultures. Later as a young adult, I had many friends from
  6. He had his reasons to oppose illegal immigration, other people today have their reasons. You may or may not agree with them. I certainly don't oppose illegal immigration. Those immigrants his organization was reporting certainly didn't like what he was doing at the time. He opposed the bracero program which many indigenous Americans from mexico relied upon for their support. Today, he pretty much gets a pass on his anti immigrant view due to his percieved ethnicity.
  7. You seem to be saying that there are people who have privilege. These people who have this privilege can only be discerned by the pigment of the skin. I believe this is the essence of racism, judging people be the color of the skin and not by getting to know them.
  8. You seem to know a lot about Asian Americans. Obviously they all seem the same regardless of what country in Asia they come from. All the same, whether they are thai, Lao, Cambodian, vietnamese, Hmong Japanese, Mongolian, etc. Why don't people just get to know them and their individual experiences rather than grouping them together like Asia was some small place where everyone is the same.
  9. Its interesting that Cesar Chavez could be anti illegal immigrant, and he pretty much gets a pass.
  10. It would seem that the advantages can only be discerned by pigment in one's skin. Racism to fight racism.
  11. I think you may be still trying to classify people according to race, when race should be meaningless. A "majority Race" is only meaningful when one looks at people as a race. If people stopped looking and categorizing people by their "race", "majority race" would have no meaning.
  12. The problem is how are you going to know if someone is a person of color unless you judge people by the color of their skin? How do you know if you have reached your goal without being racist in judging your employees? My children have a light skinned father and a dark skinned mother. Their skin color is about halfway between mine and their mothers skin tone. Is there going to be some color chart that one uses to see if the person has enough melanin in their skin to qualify as a POC?
  13. Do you look at some ones skin color when scheduling appointments? Longer appointments for dark people (because they might be late)? In my business, I really don't find it useful. Some Dark skinned people are punctual, some are not Same with lighter skinned people.
  14. "Whiteness" really only exists when people look others and make a judgment based on their skin color "Blackness" really only exists when people look at others and make a judgment based on their skin color. These are labels that we put on ourselves and others. My wife, whom most of you would label as a "Person of Color" and I am are joint owners of a business. During the last couple of months many people have been advocating doing business with minority owned businesses. Me and my wife were talking the other day that our business could qualify as a minority owned business.
  15. Some of us often forget that the placements of chapters and verses in our edition of Isiah was not done by the original author, but by later people. There is no reason to believe Isaiah wanted a chapter break where it currently is. I have always though that Isaiah 4:1 really belongs with Isiah chapter 3.
  16. As long as long as we are talking about anecdotes, there was a care facility in our town where almost all of the patients were infected, ten died and most of the staff got infected (my next door neighbor's parents worked there and they got it). All of the staff were wearing masks and face shields, but it didn't really help
  17. I think you hit on the problem people have. Who has the power to decided what risks are necessary and what risks aren't? It would appear to many that this is just an excuse to see exactly how much power a governor can seize for itself in the name of "protecting people". Bednar had a great point. This oppression of religion is unprecedented. The disease is much less dangerous than other outbreaks in the past. Did polio shut churches down? did Measles? Did smallpox? For most of the world? People get so afraid of dying that they are preventing people from living. In th
  18. One more system that needs to be changed is the current system of safety net programs. What people don't seem to realize is that almost all of these programs use the same income ranges to qualify. The result (which may be intentional or not) is that poor people are heavily punished for earning income. I see this on a daily basis in the tax business. Often a poor person gets hits with marginal effective tax rates of almost 70% (Marginal tax rates + Self employment Tax+ State income tax+ Loss of Earned Income Credit+ Loss of premium assistance credit+ loss of retirement savings credi
  19. Another system that needs to be dismantled is public service Unions. Unions exists to protect workers, and really for no other reason. This works fine when unions negotiate with private enterprises. If the union over negotiates, it risks having the company go out of business. Unfortunately, Governments really can't go out of business and the unions know this, there really isn't much check on what they negotiate, the governments (and the communities) are stuck with the deals with very little input. Often those negotiating on behalf of the government have a real conflict of interest
  20. One of the really big system that needs to be dismantled is Mandatory Sentencing laws. Although we all want people to get what's coming to them, as a practical matter mandatory sentencing laws end up giving the power of a Judge to the police and prosecutor. If the Judge can't give you leniency, Who can? the prosecutor who decides what to charge, or the police, who decides what crime to investigate and arrest for. This is why plea bargaining is so common. Everyone knows that its the prosecutor that has all of the power, the judges hands are tied. The prosecutor ends up o
  21. I think everyone thinks it means something different. Ambiguity can be very dangerous, though. I think that the people leading these sorts of protests love making laws too much to give up on the idea of law enforcement entirely.
  22. Using words with their common meaning facilitates understanding. Private definitions foster misunderstandings. You carry a big risk of alienating people that otherwise might agree with you use words that don't mean what people think they mean. As an academic, surely you understand the importance of using words with agreed upon meanings when communicating ideas. You don't seem to be aware of the panic the words 'defund police ' cause among people who are not aware of your specialized meaning of those words. I When I first heard the words I thought it was some kind of joke.
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