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  1. Here is the mission statement we have been working on four our branch translated into english We invite all to choose faith in Jesus Christ Share Hope Practice charity We will invite our families, Neighbors and Friends to Learn with us in our homes, make and renew covenants with us in our chapels and in the temple and live these principles with us so that we can all live with joy in this life and in the life to come.
  2. one thing I like about this case (as opposed to the case in Oregon) is that Colorado is only going after 500.00. Which makes sense. If you want to change behavior a little prick is much better than hitting someone with a sledge hammer. Personally I think the courts should only be getting involved where the stakes are a bit higher. Otherwise it starts looking pretty petty.
  3. Again, You are making wonderful examples of black/white thinking. The whole point? of any religion? There is no other point to a religion? There are no religions with a different point? The church has an answer for anything you are wondering about? Wow!, Just Wow! If the church made you a black/white thinker, they sure did a real good job at it. I guess they didn't try hard enough with me and most of the people I associate with at church.
  4. Thank you for your excellent illustrations of black and white thinking. Just about every sentence expresses black/white binary thinking. A great example of a black/white thinking. Its a statement that is either true or false. It misses that there might be areas where the church encourages black/white thinking and where it doesn't/ Another true/false (black/white) statement. I personally unaware of any church teaching that not drinking coffee means someone is not sinning. Almost every teaching I am aware of is that we are all sinners and we all need the atonement of Christ to overcome sin. Also a non Black/White approach would be to discuss exactly how serious the church views drinking coffee (almost all of my experience with coffee comes from my mission where the locals seemed to be in a competition on how many thing they could add coffee to). I never personally felt that I needed to be sent home for this and neither did any of my leaders. Another Black/White thinking statement. A am really unaware of any member of the church that doesn't struggle with degrees in their obedience. Dealing with ambiguity is part of the plan. We aren't instructed in all things and we should be compelled in all things. Many commandments can contradict other commandments and part of the challenge is learning how to live the higher law, often at the expense of not following the letter of the lower law. Each one of these sentences expresses a black/white thought. Each statement assumes a yes/ no and not gray area. Either one is an apostate or not. If one is an apostate we shun, if they are not, we accept. Either we are controlled as a group or we do what we want. The reality is that there are an almost infinite degree of apostasy and an infinite way we interact with people. I suppose we can discuss how much the church has influenced your black/white view of the world. Personally I find that this black/white thinking is pretty common both in and out of the church. People like certainty and it takes less work to make black/white judgements.
  5. Unfortunately. Too much energy being spent by the Judicial System trying to make case law out of what are essentially personal vendettas.
  6. sounds like a setup to me. What trans person in his right mind would do this to the baker for any other reason than to provoke a response.
  7. I think the black/white model has always been dangerous when it comes to judging., which is what this thread is about. Judging Elder Peterson, Judging Elder Oaks, Judging the Church, Judging people's reactions to Judging the church, judging people who judge the church, etc. I think we are all better off replacing judgment with genuine curiosity and a desire to better know and understand other people. Genuine Empathy is about suspending judgment.
  8. Of course, Black/White Thinking can be highly useful at times. Anytime a salesperson comes by my office, I usually employ black/White thinking to send him on his way. I also find black/white thinking becomes useful when driving (turn left or right). Computer logic is a whole system based on off/on binary. So I guess black/white thinking isn't always bad (or good). Its a question of using the right tool for the job.
  9. Saying Black and White thinking is always wrong sums up the topic of the thread quite nicely. "Should anyone care about historical hate speech by senior church leadership" Is a yes no, black/ white question. Whether or not any speech is hate speech is also a black/White. Yes/No question. Speeches, church leadership, how much we should care, are all topics that are best approached in a non black/white way. Other things are better suited to a black/white approach.
  10. Where I live (not Utah), Our family's records are in the local ward where we live. Our family are also have our records in a Spanish branch as out of unit members. I'm the elders quorum president, my wife is the relief society president. Our children attend sacrament meeting in a different ward that meets right before the Spanish ward meets (they don't speak Spanish) as well as Sunday school and seconds hour at that ward, then they attend sacrament meeting with the Spanish branch. During the week they attend youth activities in the local ward where we live and sometimes they will attend sacrament meeting and second hour there (makes for a long Sunday when they do). When our older youth come home from college for Christmas or summer, they will follow this schedule as well as participate in the YSA ward (sometimes their records stay at local ward sometimes at YSA depending on how long they are staying).
  11. That may be what the handbook says but that is not the practice when it come to foreign language wards. Generally anyone in the stake (or stakes if it covers multiple stakes) can ask for their records to be transferred to the unit. Foreign language units are strange creatures without definite boundaries and vague qualifications for membership. I serve in a Spanish unit. Many members of the unit don't speak Spanish and many Spanish speakers in our stake don't belong to the unit. Often there ae families that are split between their geographical unit and the Spanish unit. Coordination of Priesthood Keys between units for the same family can get interesting.
  12. Find out whether or not the foreign language unit covers your stake. They often cover more than one stake (at least in my neck of the woods). If it does, you may be able to have your records there as an out of unit member without changing your home ward membership. Our family currently has out of unit membership in a foreign language unit so I know it is possible. It is our current stake policy to have all youth and primary that attend the foreign language unit to be out of unit members of the ward where they live.
  13. The whole point of a pronoun is to be able to refer to someone or something without always using the name. If it gets to the point that using pronouns offends someone then we might as well stop using pronouns all together. It might be easier to just use the name and forget the pronoun.
  14. I am not frightened by not knowing something, what frightens me is all of the stuff that I know that happens to be wrong.
  15. A long time ago, in the eighties, Child welfare in California raided our home and took my brother away. I was twelve years old at the time but I still remember the trauma of having to hide from the police because they might take me away. Overnight the police went from friend to enemy. To this day my parents and us will not allow a police officer on duty into our house. (The rookie mistake our parents made was let one officer into the house which then allowed the officer to call the whole swarm). Fortunately for us my brother was returned after a few days, but we found out the hard way the power imbalance the police in all its forms (including Child protective services) can hold over unsuspecting citizens. As I have grown older, I have observed that what happened to our family was probably a fairly rare mistake. I see Child welfare more often than not leaving a child in an abusive relationship when the child should be removed more than taking children from innocent parents. Unfortunately child welfare services has the same problem that police departments in general have, they have a hard time recognizing and admitting to mistakes. Police officers often cover for each other and CPS is no different. The huge power these agencies hold over people needs to have checks in place.
  16. I remember during my mission in the 90s in Italy, many of the members of the church were Ex- Jehovah's Witnesses. I guess for some people membership in the Jehovah's Witnesses can be a stepping stone to finding truth.
  17. We should be careful about wishing for new laws. Because we might get what we wish for. If we look at who gets charged with gun law violations currently on the books, it isn't close, the vast majority are charged against minorities, not would be mass shooters. Unfortunately, there is no reason to assume new laws wouldn't similarly enforced. The are already so many laws on the book that pretty much everyone is guilty of something. Who gets prosecuted is more a function of the preference and prejudice of law enforcement than anything else. New laws with the same people enforcing them will just get you more of the same.
  18. Unfortunately, as a practical matter, most gun law violations are charged against minorities and POC. More laws often just give us more reasons to keep certain segments of the population incarcerated.
  19. For the best tax treatment, donate appreciated stock directly. If the stock has depreciated, sell the stock, take the capital loss and donate the cash.
  20. Uh. . . Actually, it is. When every court in the nation agrees something is constitutional then it pretty much is, by definition. Maybe someday the courts will change their minds and it will become unconstitutional, but until then, it is.
  21. People (and entities) who accumulate savings are more free and have more options in life. I am constantly having this discussion with my clients. If you have savings, you are much less dependent on your boss, your family and society as well. Someone with a large savings account will be less likely to go on public assistance and will better be able to pay for their medical expenses (not having to rely on government), can take care of themselves in their old age (not from the government). Also if your boss becomes abusive or unpleasant, you can tell him "to take this job and shove it" much more easily than someone with no savings and who lives paycheck to paycheck. Not living from paycheck to paycheck also allows you more free time to develop relationships and otherwise serve in the community or church Having wealth accumulated can also reduce the anxiety from living paycheck to paycheck and allow for the certainty to make long term plans. Having wealth accumulated also allows you to make investments in yourself, your community and your country.
  22. Having the all the judiciary agree that it is constitution is precisely what makes it constitutional.
  23. Something that I am constantly having to remind some of my clients who come up with wacky constitutional theories to avoid paying tax is that Although your legal and constitutional theories make sense to you, there are no judges or any other legal authorities that have accepted your reasoning. If you are going to have your theories accepted as law you have to persuade more people than just yourself.
  24. A few months ago, local missionaries were telling me it was against the rules for the missionaries to contact members outside the unit they were assigned to and outside the mission (for fellowship purposes, we live pretty much on the border of the mission so these people who we wanted them to contact didn't really live very far from the people they were teaching. I told the missionaries that they should follow the direction of their mission president. I then had a conversation with a counselor in the mission presidency who told me he wasn't aware of any such rule. A few days later the missionaries called and told me the mission had changed the rule and they were, in fact allowed to contact members outside the mission to assist in fellowshipping investigators.
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