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Let’s Analyze the Christian Nationalist’s Officially Stated Positions

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2 hours ago, teddyaware said:

You make a very good point! After all the discussion on this board concerning the alleged dangers posed by the Christian Nationalists, I concluded that there must be a formal Christian Nationalist organization somewhere in the United States. So I conducted a Google search and the website for the Christian Nationalist Alliance was the only thing I could find that fit the bill. Little did I realize that the website has been defunct for five years and that there is no official Christian Nationalist organization anywhere in the United States! As it turns out, Christian Nationalism is a pejorative label that’s one of many labels, like Nazi and white supremacist,  being applied to anyone thinks like Ezra Taft Benson and J. Ruben Clark. In fact, when you go to the Wikipedia article on Christian Nationalism there’s one scant paragraph devoted to Christian Nationalism in the United States, and it only refers to ideas and not to any organizations that fit the label. So it turns out that this idea of mine, to have a paced, methodical discussion on the “official tenets” of Christian Nationalism, is ill founded.

A movement can exist without a formal organization.

Glad I could help by pointing out that the site was defunct. If you want to identify the tenets of Christian Nationalism I recommend listening to the people who identify as belonging to the movement.

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Here is some new data to analyze from a prominent Christian Nationalist:


The no option is a bit of a doozy.

So they have decided to go beyond fighting transgender individuals and have decided to further simplify things and say there is only one gender. Was Eve a mistake? Or should we toss Adam as a flawed prototype? So many questions.


EDIT: WAIT A MINUTE! Would this mean an end to gender reveal parties? If so, DO IT!

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On 9/19/2022 at 11:29 PM, teddyaware said:

With all the recent discussion on this board concerning the Christian Nationalists, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to discuss each of the group’s 10 official mission statement positions, and do so methodically, one position at a time.

I found the group’s 10 foundational beliefs on the official Christian Nationalist Alliance website, and my hope is that by focusing like a laser on what the Christian Nationalists actually say they believe, rather than on what people think they believe, we’ll be able to wade through each succeeding belief on the ist without having to resort to presumptions or surmisings about what these people believe.

I sincerely hope all participants will be willing to fairly consider each individual position on the list, and then discuss each position rationally so that we don’t end up meandering into impertinent areas of discussion not centered on each of the 10 listed individual beliefs as they come up in succession. After the discussion on the first official position winds down, my plan is to start a new thread that’s solely focused on the next Christian Nationalist belief on the list, and continue on In this manner until all 10 positions have been thoroughly digested and covered. If anyone attempts to hijack the discussion by jumping ahead to any of the other official Christian Nationalist beliefs before we get to them, I’ll shut down the discussion.

What follows is the Christian Nationalist Alliance’s first officially held position. After reading and considering this first  position, offer up your opinions as to whether you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing for an organization that’s focused on the spiritual foundations of this nation to adhere to this first listed principle?

“Our Positions:

The Christian Nationalist Alliance affirms the following:

1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of man.”


It is a grossly misguided attempt to mix Christianity with politics. The philosophies of men mingled with scriptures. It is not biblically sustainable.

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