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  1. Obvious you have not been many places. In most places, today, the Western morality doesn't exist. Your life is not worth much and if you get mugged or otherwise victimized, by criminals or the government (at times one of the same) it is your fault for not being prepared, able to defend yourself or putting yourself in that situation. They do not believe you have the right to anything but a true darwinism existential ethos. Americans, in particular, are very ethnocentric and myopic. They don't know much about what goes on in the world and for the most part don't care. Even worse, they believe
  2. One can reject (in modern societies) God while insisting on the validity of morality, he is merely rejecting the cause while clinging to the effect. Without God, morality is reduced to whatever mode of behavior human beings happen to favor either because of their genetic makeup or conventional accords. There is no action that is objectively right or wrong. Rape, hate, murder and other such acts are only wrong because they have been deemed to be so in the course of human evolution, in that particular social group. In others, note, these behaviors are tolerated and/or the "perpetrator" excused u
  3. Secularists just refuse to be confused by the facts. Without God, we're just cosmic dust and it would matter not if we live, die, have rights or eat each other for dinner.
  4. God chastised Job! For nearly three chapters God asks question after question to illustrated that we are a grain of sand in a thousand mile coastline. We have no way of possibly understanding the reasons why God does what He does. Suffering has meaning, even if we can't grasp what it is. That is at heart of the story of Job.
  5. How do you decide what's moral? What are the standards that set what is moral or immoral?
  6. The fact that the West has decided to jettison its Judeo-Christian foundation does not negate that fact that the value system, the system of laws and the very rights that we all enjoy are rooted there. Its influence has permeated the world and America, for example, has gone to great lengths to share and spread those values the world over. In most of the world, people do not have the rights we ,cherish and enjoy in this country, . Think of the fact that millions live in countries that have no Judeo-Chrisgian roots and those are the most repressive, most brutal and backwards societies on
  7. The answer is disappointing because you're applying 21st century culture and morality and, because you do not believe in a God that is omnicient and knows what is the absolute good in every situation. The destruction of wicked people that practiced human sacrifices (children, mind you) was not immoral. The Allies HAD to kill 4.3 million German soldiers to stop a mad man and a mad nation. But I guess some would argue about such. Beyond that, without a decidedly Judeo-Christian worldview, the concept of what's good and evil, moral and immoral does not emerge. So, you reject the Lawgiver
  8. He can't. The argument against the existence of God runs out of fuel sooner or later when confronted with astronomically impossible probability of a superbly fine tuned universe, calibrated with exquisite mathematical precision, to allow intelligent life on a blue rock, at optimal distance from the right star. But he just can't stomach having to bow down before an Almighty God.
  9. Too many replies. I answered a similar question to some one else. Not enough time to answer everybody
  10. God is a Holy God, a Just and Righteous God and an omniscient God. He does not do random. An inextricable part of His creation is love which can not exist without free will. The fact that He allows evil does not make Him the author or creator of evil. We would not know what is good if evil did not exist. How can we chose righteousness if unrighteousness is not possible. We are incapable of judging the mind or acts of.the God of the universe with our puny minds. Whatever He does is right because He is ALWAYS just and His justice is always right. Job attempted to question God for his ill-fortu
  11. This is an old argument. I meant human recorded history. You have, some 5000 years ago a nomadic tribe that just invented a God like no other in recorded history? A perfect God, omniscient, omnipotent, just, righteous, without flaw, eternal and, since then, the belief that He created all things. Couple that with an earth and ecosystem like no other within billions on light-years, in perfect balance and capable of sustaining intelligent life. I will leave you with a quote from David Berlinski who is an atheist/agnostic but rather intellectually honest, contrary to the likes of Dawkins
  12. "It" has to be beyond time and space to create time and space. The only thing in the human record that points to such "thing" that is both, intelligent and capable of creative power is God. I understand that secularists cringe at the notion, but it is rather more probable than something came from nothing.
  13. The BB theory is not a coherent one. It negates everything we know about matter and energy. In order for something to happen, it requires another force to act upon it and cause it to happen. That first uncashed cause, that existed outside the universe itself and brought it into existance is God. That is the logical and philosophically coherent explanation. Secular scientists are allergic to anything that has to do with God, so they invent all kinds of theories, no matter how illogical and improbable.
  14. That is the reasoning of our fallen, sinful minds. There is no theological dilemma. I don't want to repeat my response to the same argument from early own. Just look for it, brother.
  15. We are ALL sinners and we are ALL wicked when compared with the Holiness of God. The difference is that for those that embrace the Gospel of Christ the Atonement of the Savior is the means of salvation on account of faith and repentance. ALL others stand condemned on account of their sin. That is the Gospel and the word of God. Eccles. 7:20 Psm 14:2-3 Is 6:5, 64:6-7 Matt 19:16-17 2 Cori 5:21 1 Jhn 1:8-10 James 2:10 Mosiah 2:1,24, 26:9, 3:19 2Ne 4:17-19 Ether 3:2 The passage says "taken home". Taken by God, by His means and power to the realm of t
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