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  1. Like I said, you are spiritualizing and approaching the subject from an almost poetic frame of reference. But, it is just bad theology.
  2. Not quite. You are advocating for an open canon. If so, them millions of people would be "writing scripture" every day. Scripture is SCRIPTURE as we have it today in the Bible and the BoM/PGP/D&C. The rest is application for every day living. Inspiration that is personal, unique and non-repeatable to each person in a specific moment in time. That can NOT be equated to the text of scripture. Your position is expansive and poetic but theologically not sound.
  3. NOTHING compares with scripture. Scriptures are the revelation of God through HIS appointed prophets and Apostles for ALL times to stand forever. Our thoughts, be it inspired by the Spirit is ONLY a very personal prompting to act in a very specific direction in time and space under a very unique and specific circumstance. It is NOT applicable to everyone or even as an iteration for yourself on a situation that may look (on the surface) as similar. And yes, we must repent if we hope to call on the Spirit of God and Him coming to our aid. For God will save us from our sins but not IN our s
  4. Those number are inflated. NOBODY knows for sure since now every hospital lists their dead as COVID-19 related and there is an economic incentive behind it. The president of the United States is in his 70's and was in and out of the hospital in a week. I think the Church has grown risk averse. I think that preaching the Gospel ONLY when is safe and convenient denies the promises and covenants we ALL have made. To "take up your cross" means to be willing to die for the sake of the Gospel. Some 30,000 young and strong men and women were not in any danger. You are free to believe anything y
  5. I am glad that the priesthood in your ward has been faithful and true to their calling. It is encouraging to see that there are some that remain faithful to the promises and covenant we have made with our Heavenly Father. Stay strong sister.
  6. What you describe is the byproduct of true repentance and the work of the Spirit in those that are converted. Obedience to the commandments should be the outward expression of our love and devotion to God and commitment to our Savior. The Lord has ALWAYS pointed to the heart and what ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions emanate fromm a changed heart vs an unconverted one. From the OT all the way through the coming of Christ the theme is the same: "But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My law in their minds, and
  7. Do not skip the subject. Prepare yourself accordingly and if a question arises that you do not have the answer, just say so and promise to inquire with others and sources as to secure an appropriate response. This article is a good one: "Skins as Garments in the Book of Mormon" by Ethan Sproat in Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/jbms/vol24/iss1/7/ I am of African descent and never shy away from topics that may be delicate or "controversial". We may not have an explanation but God does not do random. If there are errors, misinterpretations or omissions th
  8. Again, these are just observations. This is a flu-like virus. The flue kills 50-80,000 people EVERY year in this country and nobody was panicking about it before. Those in the high risk group should take added precautions. But the rest of us should go on the business of living and serving. My issue is that if we serve God ONLY when it is safe and convenient we are not true disciples. There is NO added risk if you are not in the high risk group. Rationalizing is rather convenient and "precaution" and "safety" are just basic examples of it. I have found that there are always a myriad of wa
  9. I have found that there are always a myriad of ways to justify one's actions. It is called rationalization. But the fact speak for themselves, regardless of what we may believe or say. I saw with sadness how other churches continued to meet and remained active in the midst of the ordeal while ours just went away.
  10. As far as I am concerned, the Church folded and went away 9 months ago. For nearly 3 months we saw no one, spoke to no one and nothing happened. We just abandoned our calling and mission and the work of the Lord came to a standstill. Now, we are meeting once a month for an hour. The elderly (especially widows) have been completely isolated and abandoned. Missionary work stopped and no service is being performed. There is no fellowship, there is no support for those that need it and the local leadership all but ran away. My question is rather obvious: why the fear? We claim to be foll
  11. I completely disagree with your assertions here. You must be very careful in your assessment of what passes for "research" these days that is nothing but cover for abortion apologists. The much touted "study" by Raymond and Grimes (an abortion practitioner and propagandist), 2012 in regards to the safety of abortion vs pregnancy and delivery was taken apart and debunked by Priscilla K. Coleman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University. See here: http://www.wecareexperts.org/content/serious-misrepresentation-relative-safety-induced-abortion
  12. We are on agreement in that Jesus received baptism in obedience to the Father. We, in the other and, desperately NEED baptism. We come, in repentance, with full awareness of our sin and seeking the washing away, the renewing and the rebirth offered by the covenant.
  13. It was a statement of fact. Not intended to insult anyone in particular.
  14. Christ DID NOT need baptism. He was sinless and perfect in every way. He is the perfect Lamb, without flaw and without spot. To fulfill all righteousness means to obey. A perfect example for us. Nephi said it, we know we are not saved by the law but we keep it because of commandments. Obedience to the word of God, the principles of God were the operating principle there. ALL the commandments are directed at the human heart; sin being the fruit of the evil desires of our hearts. The ordinance is ALWAYS symbolic, signifying to the heart the course to follow. That is why those that perform it out
  15. These are homosexual apologists. I can read Greek. There are 240 copies (in Greek) of the NT that date from 2nd and 3rd century AD. The word used in 1 Corinthians 6:9, for example, has no other meaning than "homosexual". The Apostle Paul knew clearly what he was talking about and he used the same word The KJV in typical early puritan fashion skirts around the term with "abusers of themselves with humanity" but the source text says "homosexual". We are not going to agree on this so I suggest we move on to other subjects. This a pretty heated and protracted argument that has been raging fo
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