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  1. Well, yeah. I had to resurrect myself in order to explain to the uninitiated that there is no such thing as "new news....just old news happening to new people"... I can't think of who said that but it so thoroughly applies to the current socio-political climate.
  2. I have never paid any attention to the arguments you mention above. In fact, I have never read any theological writings from anybody. The position you suggests places us (the Latterday Saints) in the same nebulous field as the other "American" sects of the 19th century with their "prophets" and "inspired seers". Who claimed "special revelation" and produced writings and new doctrine to which they hold on today. They have adherents to such doctrines in the millions the world over. They equally claim that the bible does not mean what it says or that the meaning can not be ascertained unless one
  3. Civility? Common sense? Pragmatism? Never. Those opposed to religious orthodoxy rely on acrimonious, verbally aggressive rhetoric and pejorative descriptors to vilify and silence the political opposition. Non-stop crisis mode and socio-political agitation are critical to overturning the social order. “Action comes from keeping the heat on. No politician can sit on a hot issue if you make it hot enough.” ― Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals Nothing new, these are tactics utilized by the communists, very successfully, since the 60's the wo
  4. That is simply gnosticism. The belief that ONLY YOU know the true meaning of scripture by virtue of secret knowledge and insights that somehow escapes the uninitiated. The allusion to the Spirit is rather convenient. What you have done is simply denied the validity and relevance of the bible in favor of private revelation. I have never attended any other Church. In fact, I never attended Church until I converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in the US. But I have study the bible consistently for 30 years now. I have access to the same Spirit from whom you claim
  5. How does the Church benefit in the US? Most of them just get to work on the grinding of keeping a job and the struggles of trying to integrate into American society that all immigrants go through. Meanwhile they just tread water on language unit. It defeats the purpose of training future leaders that will never reach their full potential and impact in their native lands because they trade it for economic opportunity. Even in Church history, leaders realized that the Saints had to spread out of Utah in order to impact the world. The Church needs leaders where is growing. The congreg
  6. You are still to prove that the scriptures I presented, including the words of the Savior, are wrong and offer a scripture (ancient or modern) in support of your argument.
  7. There is nothing in LDS theology that denies the scriptures that I set before you. Other than your opinion (above), you present nothing that can help support and scripturally articulate your position.
  8. The problem is that about 80% of those that come from other countries to BYU remain in the US and never return to their countries of origin. I worked in Mexico for a decade and just about all the RM from the Stake I resided in remained in the Us after their schooling was completed. That was true even for tose seeking (short) Tech Certificate Training at BYU. The simple explanation is that economic opportunities, even with a US-based education, south of the border are not the same. Unemployment in Mexico was about 37% in the 2000's. Not sure where it is now.
  9. You simply can not support that view from the scriptures; to the contrary. Your view of God is skewed and quite small. The God, Lord of Heaven is a Sovereign God that owes no explanation to sinful, fallen humans; incapable of grasping the infinite depths of His mind. However, He has left in the scripture clear evidence of His will and intent. Our agency exists INSIDE the will of God. The work of salvation is HIS WORK. We are drawn to Him by the Spirit and there is no other way that fallen men, enemies to God from the beginning, can come on to Him EXCEPT His Spirit draws them to Him. The Savior
  10. Why? Can sinful. fallen and evil by nature creatures like us cast judgement on a a holy, omniscient, sovereign and righteous God, based on what our corrupt minds perceive about His actions? Calvin may have laid out in detail what the bible teach, but from the very pages of scripture it is clear that predestination is part of God's plan. Since when human "wisdom" and intellect surpasses the devine, holy counsel and will of God?
  11. There is no plan of redemption for the devil and the third of the host of heaven that willfully and intentionally waged war against God. Lucifer "is a liar and a murdered from the beginning and there is no truth in him" John 8:44. Those being dwelled in the presence of God for an ion and saw His face. They knew Him, yet, they desired to usurp His authority then and since before the world was have continued, as demons, to attempt to frustrate the plan of salvation for God's children. There are over 50 references to hell in the BoM, some 20 in the NT. I submit that eternal death is a real
  12. Purely speculative.
  13. Again, the issue here is that we have come to call "revelation" to just about anything that comes to our minds and we are quickly to claim that it came from God. I heard, some years ago on PPI at the time, a man that claimed that he has left his wife because God "revealed" that his wife would become an apostate and leave the Church. But, I neglected to tell you that he had begun an affair after the "revelation". He claimed the affair was platonic, by the way. Now, can you dispute his claim to such revelation? How? If everybody is entitle to "revelation" and some claim that such has not ev
  14. I guess if you believe the Church is like a buffet (take what you like and ignore the rest) that may work. The real issue here is that if God has spoken and laid down a principle and you can't believe that principle that means that your faith is lacking and you are holding on to the social structure of the Church but you are not truly converted. The explanation is simple. Either the WHOLE doctrine is true and brought to us by God through His appointed prophet or is not. At times, you will not understand or be convinced of a principle until you faithfully live it. But the revelation of God
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