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  1. You should read the OP instead of trolling me and THEN you would be abreast of what this exchange is about. As far as your doctrinal illiteracy is concerned, there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry. Poster removed for ongoing insults.
  2. The causal elements of poverty are many, from a secular standpoint. We must recognize, however, that the Lord during His earthly ministry did not say much on the subject. "The poor you will always have with you" is only half of the sentence. The remainder is this: "But you will not always have me." Matt 26:11. He was pointing to the time factor in His ministry and stay on erth among them. He would depart but His teachings and the values He instilled in them would remain. The existence of the poor gives scope for the exercise of the graces of true charity, benevolence, and self-denial; and suc
  3. I guess your handling of the English language is not up to par. You seem to struggle with simple sentence construction and the linguistic nuances of vernacular English evade you. I have posted on the forum for a nearly a year now. Some agree, some disagree but no one, (until you came around and this is the second time) who claim that they did not understand what I say.
  4. I appreciate your temperance in your assessment. When it comes to the things of God I do not mince words. Just this past Sunday I got an earful of "heavenly mother' heretical speculation by two speakers during Sacrament with not one peep from the Bishopric. It has come to be rather normal, appalling if you ask me, that people stand on the pulpit and spew with abandon all kinds of falsehoods without correction. Only in one occasion, some 20 years ago, in my former ward in CA a member of the Bishopric addressed a theologically erroneous statement by a Sacrament speaker. That took courage, it was
  5. When it comes to the scriptures there is no human logic involved. Either God speaks (on a subject) or He doesn't.
  6. Yes. I suggest that over time we have come trivialize and thus develop a very low view of what is actual "revelation". We have moved away from the biblical definition of revelation and adopted a more fluid, casual and almost gnostic view of it. That is happening at every level. There is the agency and the will of men in the one hand, and there is the will, the purpose and unfailing word of God in the other. The challenge is for us mere mortals, in our day, to discern between the two. I always go to the scriptures and the words of God to find information about His character, attributes, p
  7. To reiterate; all I said was that God was silent for thousands of years on the matter, mind you. And, although such marriages were culturally sanctioned, it is evident from the scriptures that much heartache and actual bloodshed came from it. And that is an undeniable fact. David already had 2 wives and he commits adultery with yet another woman that becomes his wife. Let's not ignore that fact. I did not to polygamy as the "only" reason of David's troubles but it is no doubt a significant causal agent. As to why the Lord was silent on the matter there is no point even on speculating. As
  8. It is true that it predates the Law of Moses, but actually God was silent on the matter. Polygamic was Sarah's idea and then Jacob's. And much suffering came because of it. David did it and the sword never departed from his house. Salomon did it for political reasons and ended up worshiping idols. As far as the biblical record is concerned, God never commanded men to enter into plural marriage.
  9. ,Non-sense. God does not make mistakes not does He backpedals on His purpose because of human behavior. These are political, administrative and business decisions made by bureaucrats at the Church Headquarters. Which later are rubber-stamped by the leadership. This is the second time in very recent history where people rejected plans associated with temple development.
  10. Is your first language English? You definitely are not understanding what I am saying and, I promise you, it has absolutely nothing to do with geography! I gave you the 6th grade explanation in my last post and yo come back with a map? I give up.
  11. You keep sliding into a tangent and generalizing my statements. I was, specifically, talking about the Millennium. Further, what you propose is completely hypothetical. There is absolutely nothing in scripture to sustain your position. That is the role of scripture and the Holy Spirit; to aid in time of need, to comfort, strengthen and guide them. There is absolutely no need for new "revelation" about the Millennium to accomplish that. I think we have reached the point of diminishing returns in this exchange. Until the next topic?
  12. Again, I was referring to BYU-TV which is the same whether here in the US or Australia (assuming there was one there), in terms of what the organization represents and the values that it should uphold. The "rest of the world" is NOT BYU-TV, i.e. other broadcasters.
  13. I agree. It is not what goes into the body of man that defiles him but what comes out, said the Savior. Except that we have been counseled to avoid these things and we obey in faithfulness to the revelation of God in that regard.
  14. Maybe because I am a convert the word "Mormonism" creates some cognitive dissonance. It was a poor choice to self identify as "Mormon" since, in my opinion, it is incoherent with how and whom we worship which is Christ. That aside, I disagree with you in that our co-religioners are held to a higher standard or live lives that are somewhat weird. I have family members that are Seventh day Adventists. They have very similar tenets to the WOW and do not drink smoke and eat very little meat. They are disciplined, honorable and work really hard to cultivate the values and precepts of their religion
  15. What the rest of the world has done or currently does is not my concern when it come programming. I was referring, specifically, about BYU-TV. And, notice, you actually failed to answer to my argument, ignored it and moved on to rather tangential response.
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