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Mission President Passes Away in the Philippines


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Mission President Passes Away in the Philippines

Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff shared with journalists Wednesday this statement about the death of one of the faith’s 399 mission presidents:

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Bradley Wayne Kirk, president of the Philippines Naga Mission. Early Monday morning, President Kirk had a stroke at home and was taken to the hospital. He passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 61. He and his wife, Shirley, are from Clovis, California and had been serving since July 2019. They have three children. We call upon people of faith to join us in praying for the comfort and well-being of the Kirk family at this difficult time. We also pray for the missionaries who will miss this wonderful and capable leader.

The Kirk family released this message:

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our father, husband, grandfather, brother, and uncle. We find comfort that he passed while doing what he loved — serving the Lord in a place dear to his heart amongst a people he loved, with his lifelong sweetheart by his side.

Our family has been overwhelmed with the public and private outpouring of the positive impact he has left on so many people. Although his time in Naga was short, he felt a deep love and appreciation for the missionaries.

His love for family, music, the outdoors, and our Savior Jesus Christ will never be forgotten. We await the day of our joyful reunion."


I wonder who takes over for the mission when this happens?  My brother-in-law and sister were set to go to England but he had a heart attack a few weeks before which was resolved but they would not let him go on the mission


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Condolences to the Kirk family and to the missionaries.  Sometimes, a relatively senior, seasoned church leader, such as a member of the Seventy, is called as a temporary replacement in such situations.  That's exactly what happened when Elder Christensen (I believe) of the Seventy was called to replace the mission president serving in Puerto Rico who was released and disciplined for misconduct a few years ago.

Such a transition might be challenging for all concerned, but I would think that the Twelve and the Seventy know the drill with respect to worldwide service, going "where [God wants] them to go," saying "what [God wants] them to say," and doing "what [God wants] them to do," even on short notice.  (See Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "It May Not Be on the Mountain Height.")

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