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Where Can I Turn for Peace


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On 12/2/2018 at 6:19 PM, MustardSeed said:

I learned today, perhaps I'm last to know, that this song's lyrics were written by a woman who was overwhelmed by life, primarily due to her daughter's mental illness.  She called her pianist friend who also happened to be struggling with mental illness and the song was composed on the spot over the telephone.

The Deseret News reports that a 19-year old BYU student attempted suicide by jumping from the 4th floor of the Tanner Building yesterday.  Apparently, there were many horrified students who saw it happen.  It has caused a lot of sorrow and soul-searching throughout campus.  During his devotional address at BYU today, Elder Bednar indicated that had had been thinking "ceaslessly" since yesterday about this young woman.  He quoted from "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" 

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I was searching for posts about inner peace and this post is the only post I could find with the word peace in the title. This post softened my extremely hard heart, thank you. As I have come to learn about and deal with layered tragedies in my life I have found that you can try anything you want to get you through, but the only thing that actually works is the powerful love and care of our Lord. In order to get that help though we have to seek it, He won't force His love and blessings on us. This has changed my life, coming to know that He will help us if we so desire, and that His great love is sufficient for all of our sorrows, disappointments, tragedies and for anything that threatens our faith in Him and our desire to live the way He has instructed. I have come to know with great relief that His suicide line is always open, He does not fail us. Also, we can serve ourselves better by not waiting until our problems accumulate, we must deal with them as them come along-seeking His help, in that way we do not obtain a load that is unbearable and life-threatening.

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