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It was very easy to attend RS/P meetings and listen to a lesson.  It was not personal, no effort to create an action plan (I hate that terminology), and I did not have to do anything.  I either taught, listened, or let my mind wander.  

This new approach is more challenging from both the perspective of leadership and the individual members. It is a challenge for leaders because the term minister is not new and we should not use it as a replacement for previous programs - yes, we call it something new, but it is the same game we played before - it must be a rejuvenation process for each member.  Fundamentally, the objective is for each member to engage in becoming a more committed disciple of Jesus Christ.  That is the challenge for the membership.  Do I really want to become a more committed disciple of the Savior?  Do I really want to engage with "action plans" - something else to do to fill up my daily schedule?  

I am excited about the possibilities of this new direction we are taking. 

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