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  1. I was hoping to communicate with other Lds women about decorating because we live in the same world. I suspect that they, like me, have limited funds. I can’t afford to burn the house down every 5 years and start from scratch. Even if I quadrupled my income, I could not afford the decorating approach encouraged by most decorating sites. In addition, people live in my home. And I want these people to be happy and comfortable! My home cannot be a museum. Things will get worn out and stained but life must move on. Also I inherit things from other members in the ward and I pick up things from garage sales. This is likely my bias but Lds people are very frequently creative in overcoming these issues. In addition Lds women do not tend to contemptuous of those with limited budgets and well I just like Lds people
  2. Dear Saints, i was hoping to find a forum frequented by lds women. I am Canadian and I am going to be decorating my living room. I was hoping to ask for advice and post pictures as I go along. Have some health problems which reduce my mobility but am hoping to get better. My chapel has a toxic mold problem so I can’t attend and the next nearest ward is too far in my condition. Do you know of an online forum that might be suitable? Many thanks!
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