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Church Working With Oklahoma Officials To Provide Support In Wake Of Tornadoes


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Church Working With Oklahoma Officials to Provide Support in Wake of Tornadoes


All Missionaries safe. Not sure about the members.

One thing I appreciate about the Church's relief efforts is how quickly we can spring into action in any area... in the next few days the yellow vests of the "Mormon Helping Hands" teams will be visible with their well coordinated efforts... their team leaders with valuable experience in how to organize and respond in concentrated efforts that produce the most efficient results... and, I like to think that the hygiene kits that my stake packed this last RS conference will be among those distributed in Oklahoma... the quilts we sewed as another project... the funds I put on my tithing slip marked "Humanitarian Aid." I'm sure as I type that several semi-trucks laden with supplies are on the way from SLC... and my prayers joining with millions of others, LDS and non-LDS, for these dear people who have lost everything in a matter of minutes... standing in front of homes that are now nothing but rubble... My prayers go forward because it's all I can do in the here and now...

from Oregon... GG

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I was browsing thru a book, "The Secret Archives of the Vatican" or something like that. One sentence struck me that the welfare program of the early Christian church was very similar to that in the Mormon church today.

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