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Do Not Contact Lists

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If they are on a DNC list they were no doubt given the opportunity to have their names removed and declined.

Therefore they should (IMHO and probably the Bishop asking this) be contacted every year or 2 and offered the hand of fellowship or the opportunity to have their names removed again.

One of my best friends came back from a DNC status after 14 years away from the Church because once a year or so, someone took the time to make a visit.

He's now been sealed to his wife and children in the Temple and is currently a counselor in the EQ.

Would it be easier to forget about them? of course -- but is that what Christ said to do?

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I remember what we did one Christmas.

We prepared a small fruit basket with a Christmas card from the bishopric, and delivered it to each DNC in the ward. The priesthood leaders went in pairs, gave them the basket and wished them a Merry Christmas.

It was a wonderful experience. As far as I know, no one came to church over it, and several reminded us that they had no interest in being contacted, but nothing really negative. In some cases we found that they had moved.

Anyway, that was a great Christmas experience for all of us.

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I think there are reasons they do not want their names removed. It's called shunning. Be it from their family members, employers/co-workers, friends & neighbors. And it's extremely difficult for people that live in the Mormon corridor. There are consequences to removing your name.

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It would definitely get around that you're not a member. In the ward, to your family, even in the job force. It will get around by word of mouth. I've read stories about people losing their jobs. I've also seen discrimination on Mormons, so it goes both ways. My husband baptised a Baptist Minister and he owned a business. When he converted to mormonism he lost his friends and his business. So it cuts both ways. I just wish it never happened to anyone.

It would get around? I suppose it might. It would have to be because someone noticed that a person's name was no longer on the Ward list, while they still were living in the ward boundaries. But the explicit information that a person had asked to have their name removed is supposed to be confidential. When I was a ward clerk for 7 years, there were a few name-removal requests that I found out about only incidentally (and one of those returned to the church later), because the Bishop kept it all under his hat.

I have a son who may have had his name removed because he now associates with his wife's church. But I have not asked, and he has not volunteered the information, if true it is. I know of no way to find out without asking, and I am not asking. It's not important anyway. If he ever becomes active in the LDS church again, it isn't particularly hard to get back in. It requires a year of "activity" as a non-member, and then you can be rebaptized. It is not so hard as all that.

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