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  1. You are welcome to believe in a worldwide flood covering every thing, I promise not to laugh (in public).
  2. The organization is sponsoring the event - the organization is on the hook for any food born illness that results.
  3. Having grown up Protestant and having been to a number of different denominations of Churches for: wedding, funerals, etc. EVERY church except our uses their kitchen extensively. It really is annoying that ours does not, I think we're missing out on a lot of fellowship opportunities. Also as a former restauranteur I hate the fact that people cook food for Church events at home and then bring it in, violating pretty much every health law in the book for serving food as a organization.
  4. Anyone who says something like this: "my life has dramatically shifted away from Mormonism towards Christ" has absolutely no clue what the LDS faith is about.
  5. Condolences?! Its our slice of Heaven - We started out our marriage there and Thank God we can finally move back!
  6. What I am looking for is Covid rules currently in force. For example, here in Texas we hold Sacrament meeting only, Masks are required, Sacrament bread is in individual cups (like the water). The meeting is broadcast over the internet so anyone not comfortable with attending can still "attend" online from home. The sacrament portion itself is not broadcast, they have it after the meeting so it runs from Ward Business, then opening hymn (played, not sung) then talks, thorough closing hymn (no hymns are sung) and prayer and then the internet broadcast ends and they pass the sacrament.
  7. My wife and I are moving to Central Florida in about a month - does anyone know what rules the Church is operating under there? I'll call the Bishop when I know the move in date but wanted to get an idea here first if I could.
  8. Spoken like a non-gun user--- In Hollywood the good guys can make impossible shots (which is what a leg shot is). If you miss at a leg shot what is behind the person? Cause that bullet will keep on going. You must stop the person before they hurt you or someone else, you do that by aiming for center mass, not some Hollywood trick shot!
  9. Please let your wife know, that being gay is not the un-pardonable sin, being gay will not send you to the outer darkness. However what she is doing (hating your gay daughter) will harm her eternal soul and may just keep her out of the Celestial Kingdoms.
  10. We were missing one of our cats for a day and a half just last week. In the night we heard scratching from the closet (inside the closet) opened the door and out she came.
  11. It never came out to eat or drink. [While they were looking] I've been to Central America - theres no way a cat could travel that far on foot in that period of time.
  12. Its 3400+ miles from Ensenada MX to Colon Panama -- the cat had to be hiding on the boat.
  13. One size does not fit all. Whats needed in population centers is not needed in many rural areas. Some places have it very well under control and others do not.
  14. I've been part of Ward leadership where I know the leadership had divine inspiration and in other Wards where I know they did not. You can't just make a blanket statement.
  15. How about that? I'm not the only one who thought that this could be the fulfillment of this prophesy.
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