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The Credible Hulk

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I saw this being tossed around the Internet today. For those that take the time to meticulously document their sources, it can be an arduous process.

So the question remains . . . who is MDDB's "Credible Hulk"? Or more broadly, which authors within Mormon Studies do you think tend to "bulk up" on their footnotes/endnotes?

I also read this week on a website I occasionally visit for comic relief, that citing references "is to be a slave to hearsay."

Nominations will be accepted as long as this thread is open. Enjoy!


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Volgadon. He has extensive knowledge in ancient sources, languages, history, etc. and a relatively unique cultural position as an Israeli Mormon. His posts are always hulking with credibility.

However, my sister did post it on my Facebook wall because it reminded her of me, so...

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