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  1. ??? The same percentage of white evangelicals voted for Romney and GW Bush (78%). McCain got only 74% in 2008. Certainly, there were some who did not support him due to his religion. But, he ended up faring pretty well with that group.
  2. I know what you're getting at here..... But, despite the people on this thread describing him as an unapologetic atheist, he did not self-identify as an atheist. His position was that there was no compelling evidence that God does or does not exist.
  3. The Times and Seasons printed some of Chandler's original placards. Here's a snippet from it which states the mummies "may have lived in the days of Jacob, Moses, or David". https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/times-and-seasons-2-may-1842/8
  4. That's good to hear. I can only imagine the bond that has developed over 45 years (almost double the time I've been with with my wife) . I'm glad you're together again at home!
  5. Hi Bill, My wife was discharged on Friday after 20 days in the hospital. Despite the physical pain and trauma she went through, by the end of her stay, the loneliness and forced separation seemed to affect her the most. The most difficult aspect for me was seeing my wife in extreme pain being taken away in an ambulance and not even being able to be with her in the emergency room. It was 11 hours before I could even get any information about her. She was scared and felt alone despite the doctor's and nurses being with her. Once she was admitted, I was the only visitor allowed, and
  6. Does anyone know if there are comparable published studies of other texts of unknown provenance? If so, could you provide links? I'm just curious if the methodology being used in this instance was developed specifically for the Book of Mormon study, or if it follows methodology standard in the discipline (if there is any).
  7. That's an interesting thought. I'm not familiar enough with VR advances to provide much of an answer to that question. My first thought is that it would be impossible to virtually replicate environmental systems in a way that would allow students to gain applicable 'real-world' experience. But then, I'm not the most visionary person when it comes to technology. I'm amazed at some of the tech tools that have become available in my discipline just over the last decade or so. Myself...... I'm going crazy trying to learn all I can about these online teaching tools that would probably seem ver
  8. This is what I see happening. I'm in an applied science discipline, and our program wouldn't survive if it went online. If we can't provide experiential learning, then meaningful learning will decrease significantly, and our graduates won't be marketable. However, I see the general education courses disappearing from, or going fully online at our university. Of course, our state started offering free tuition to community colleges a couple of years ago. So, unless you have a good scholarship, it doesn't make much sense to take your gen eds here. The next couple of years could be interesti
  9. I was confused when I read the title to the article..... and then read what they quoted from it; Why does the title say the opposite? lol. Could the title be crafted in a way to get people riled up? First of all, they aren't beginning some new effort to deemphasize traditional grammar rules, but actually challenge that particular common teaching strategy in writing classes. Secondly.... the department chair's email is incredibly long and discusses many things. The only time that grammar is mentioned is in the very short section that is quoted in your post. Why lead off with that
  10. Here's another study (preprint) that observed decreases in antibody levels in the months following an infection. That could explain some who are re-infected. The protection of antibodies might be short-lived. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.07.09.20148429v1
  11. Thanks for finding and sharing this. Among other risk factors, my wife takes ppi's daily. So, it's concerning to me. But, knowing that helps me know to be even more cautious in my social behaviour. And also.... a big 'thank you' to Pogi for sharing his expertise and personal experience dealing with covid-19. Currently my sister and the mother of my son- in-law are very ill. My son- in- law's mom has tested positive (along with his asymptomatic brother) and my sister is waiting for test results. They are both in their forties, but have risk factors. I really wish that more pe
  12. Where did the dishonesty occur? She expressly said that she understood that her views ran counter to the policies of the church. She also says that she never discussed LGBT rights with her classes. It sounds like she simply had different views on certain church policies. -cacheman
  13. You said that Dr. Hauglid criticized other scholars. But, the presentation that Jeff Lindsey writes about complains that they didn't even mention John Gee or other relevant prior research. So, you're upset if they criticize other scholars, and Lindsey is upset when they don't. It looks like Dr. Hauglid is stuck between a rock and a hard place! -cacheman
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