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  1. Hi AtlanticMike, I can't answer for Teancum, but I'll answer your question as it relates to myself. Yes. I've considered the benefits of religion as a form of therapy or a coping mechanism. I also acknowledge the role of religion in promoting a lot of good behaviors and charitable actions. In fact, I am fine with anyone believing in anything mystical or religious...... except when those beliefs cause unnecessary harm. At that point, I feel that I should say something. I don't know any non-theists personally that are on a 'religious' quest to prove religiosity wrong. But, it wouldn'
  2. One thing that my LDS heritage gave me is an appreciation of living simply and as self-sufficient as possible. I keep a rotating food storage, and I grow a lot of my own food. I also collect rainwater and generate my own electricity. It's come in handy multiple times this year due to a couple of quarantines where I didn't need to make a store run. Also, a few weeks ago an ice storm knocked out power for a couple of days in our county. But, my power was always on. Beyond thre benefits of being prepared, I actually enjoy growing food and working with the land. I attribute a lot of
  3. I messaged my former student and he told me that they used vipkid for the online teaching. Vipkid requires a bachelor's degree and provides their own esl certification (that costs nothing). But, the certification is solely valid for vipkid.
  4. One of my former students and his wife have been teaching English to Chinese students online for a couple of years. Last year, they went to Guatemala to take a certification course they needed in order to go teach in China. I'm not positive, but I believe they got certified in Guatemala because they love to travel and the course was much cheaper there. Of course, they were scheduled to go to China last spring, but COVID prevented that. My understanding from them was that the certification was required to be able to teach in China, but I don't know which specific certification they got.
  5. If there are government agencies designating hallucinogenics as narcotics, then they are doing so in error. For what it's worth, the DEA does not (see the links below). https://www.dea.gov/taxonomy/term/331 https://www.dea.gov/sites/default/files/drug_of_abuse.pdf Also.... you have mentioned the illegality of hallucinogens, but in the context of religious use are they illegal? I assumed that you would be supportive of religious freedom. I believe that the church even supported the freedom to use hallucinogenics in a religious setting during the Employment Division v. Smith ca
  6. Here's the latest: https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-state-sports/2021/01/15/usu-president-noelle/
  7. If I remember correctly, the Baha'i believe in eternal marriage.
  8. This year was full of ups and downs for us. Starting with a February tornado which affected some of my students and friends, the pandemic and associated shutdown at work, a lot of significant increases with my work responsibilities, a devastating late spring freeze (lost 90% of my fruit production), serious health issues with my wife resulting in 3 weeks of hospitalization in July and August, several associated surgeries and procedures through the fall, and covid sickness in the family including one death. It sounds like a horrible year..... But wait, there's more! Our first gran
  9. Hey Pogi, Are you aware of any effects (negative or positive) of someone getting the vaccination while already positive for covid, or at least having had repeated exposure to the virus? My daughter-in-law is a nurse and received her first vaccination on Monday. My son (her husband) started feeling sick the same day and ended up testing positive for covid. Their infant daughter started running a fever yesterday as well. My DIL is the only one taking care of her as my son is in isolation. I read that the vaccine isn't fully effective until 10-14 days after the shot. Any ins
  10. I agree with you on going to the ER for serious issues rather than taking chances at home. But, it might be good to keep expectations low regarding visiting. A few months ago, my wife spent nearly a month in the hospital. We live a ways from town and don't have phone service here. I had to call 911 from the car once we got in cell phone range to have an ambulance meet us. Once my wife was taken away in the ambulance, I was completely out of the loop. It took me almost 6 hours to find out she was alive! A receptionist was only able to tell me she was in the ER and being seen to. That
  11. The team leadership was purportedly lobbying for Maille to get the job. I don't know who is on the team leadership council, but if it included LDS and Polynesian players, they might have suggested that he is a good fit for their program....ie. he understands the culture of the team. If she replied something to the effect of; we can't hire him simply because he's LDS, from Utah, or Polynesian, it might have been interpreted to mean those were the reasons he wasn't hired. That's a possibility. Especially considering the turmoil lately within the program (losing season, coaching turnover
  12. My understanding is that one of the players sent a poll out two days after the meeting. I would be interested in seeing what it said. The fact of the matter is that we're don't know what was said. I'm inclined to let the investigation run its course before making a judgement.
  13. From what I've seen, the only players were those on the leadership team. I'm not sure how many that is. I have not heard if any coaching staff being involved. It wouldn't make sense to include them in a meeting that the students requested in order to lobby for their interim coach to be hired. The only administrators mentioned have been the president and the AD. Not sure if there were others.
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