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  1. Are you possibly thinking of Dr. John Robinson? He was the one that found and named 'Mrs Ples'. He was a UW-M anthropology professor emeritus.
  2. Are you sure this is being reported correctly? The financial statements from the church show much lower donation amounts (just under 30k for 2020 and 35k in 2019). https://acncpubfilesprodstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/df8937d2-38af-e811-a95e-000d3ad24c60-4e1ca537-d2e3-4f5a-8309-7e073ef586cc-Financial Report-62a22a3d-54bf-eb11-bacc-000d3a6ac255-LDSA_2020_Audited_Financial_Statements.pdf (I'm not an accountant, so I might be reading this wrong.) -cacheman
  3. Thanks! Are the stake directories available online, or would I need a membership number to access it?
  4. Good ideas. But, I don't believe our campus has an institute, or even an LDS student organization. It looks like I'll probably need to find out who the local bishop is and find their number. I assume the number that comes up for the local ward in a google search is the number for the bishop's office. Is that correct?
  5. I'm the faculty advisor for a university club that is planning an event. The club is a Muslim student organization, and the purpose of the event is to educate people regarding the purpose and meaning of religious attire. We have participants from Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, but have not had success getting other Christian organizations involved. When I saw that the LDS church had released the publication discussing similarities between Islam and Mormonism, I realized that I should probably reach out to the local LDS church. I have found a phone number for the local ward, but I would prefer to have an email address so that I could send more info regarding the event. Does anyone know how to find email addresses for local wards or stakes? Thanks! -cacheman
  6. It looks like you're right. Not sure how I missed that! I agree that it was most likely misreported. Very confusing to say the least.
  7. The article doesn't actually say that the 1.2 million number comes from the INEGI census data which reports ~338k members. The reference to the census data only applies to the article's claim that 95% of Mexicans follow some religion. The mention of 1.2 million members is in the following paragraph.
  8. So, did Denver Snuffer canonize QAnon conspiracy theories? Apparently Phil Davis has, but I don't see anything in the article about Snuffer's link to QAnon. I read through the article fairly quickly, so maybe I missed it.
  9. He was an MD before he went to Minnesota to pursue a PhD. As a PhD student, he was part of Clarence Dennis' team that built the heart-lung machine. The fact that he is listed as a co-author on the publications discussing the development of the machine indicates that Dr. Dennis and other authors felt his contributions were significant enough to be included. I don't know what his specific role was within the team, but it's common for graduate students (PhD candidates in particular) to conduct much, if not most of the day-to-day work. Whatever the case, a project like that is by necessity a team project and every member of the team deserves credit.
  10. I have no idea if the embellishments were intentional or simply the result of misremembering as time passed. But, in this telling he was unaware of just who Beverley was when he was prompted to call her up to the podium, overruling the stake president. According to her daughter, President Nelson was aware of who she was and that she was at the conference.
  11. Here's an article in the Deseret News reporting that President Nelson shared this story in 2012. https://www.thechurchnews.com/archives/2012-01-14/finishing-the-story-of-the-impact-of-the-book-of-mormon-53815
  12. I didn't see him differentiate between violent and nonviolent BLM protestors. He referred to the BLM organization and specifically mentioned all of them.
  13. I would be interested to see your past posts explaining how the context supports your interpretation. To me, this portion of the sermon appears ambiguous enough that both interpretations could make sense, without needing to rip it from its context. I'm not sure what leads you to believe there was intentional misuse of the quote. I'm open to correction though. Also.... it's possible that we are reading different versions of the sermon, as the one I've read is absent of him talking about "being shocked that so many Saints were finding excuses not to tithe because that is the very mechanism the Lord will use to fund His Church in perpetuity". Rather, he is praising the members for doing their duty and obeying the commandment of tithing. The version I read can be found here: https://scripturetools.net/periodicals/conference-report#1906 For what it's worth, the interpretation used by Teancum and others appears to have some earlier support. President Smith said the following in an earlier general conference (found at the same link as above) : "We will say to the people that we have no reason to complain of the diligence of the Saints, so far as we are able to Judge, In keeping the law of tithing. We believe that the Latter-day Saints are observing that law as faithfully as they have ever done, and we beseech of you that you will continue to do this until our hands shall be freed from all obligations, and until we shall have means in the storehouse of the Lord with which to accomplish greater works, which may be necessary to be done. We feel there is much that can be done and much that ought to be done in the interests of Zion and for the benefit of the people of God." Joseph F. Smith, Conference Report, October 1902, p.2 It was interesting reading his sermons where he discusses tithing. It's clear that some things have changed. For example, in those days a portion of tithing was used to aid the poor. In the accounting that he provided (I only read one) about 10% of the past years tithing proceeds went to help the poor. Another difference was that they not only offered tithe payers to check their records to make sure all their payments were recorded, but he said they could be shown what was done with their donated tithing. Pres. Smith also invited feedback from tithe payers on how to better spend tithing funds. In fact, when the church was considering the possibility of purchasing liberty bonds with tithing funds it was put to a vote in general conference. Anyway, it was interesting reading.
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