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  1. Good job man!! Surprised no one recognized you before you started this thread😁😁, just kidding. Glad the moderators gave you the thumbs up.
  2. But, on the other hand Robert, I raise actual rabbits and sold $400 of rabbits in the past month😁 Does that count?
  3. When are they taking you off limited? I want to give you cool little colorful circles for your post.
  4. A lot. Nothing wrong with a life outside the lds church. Not all, but I agree some are. If you've read any of my past post it's probably easy to tell I don't want to be under the "christian" banner as much as the Mormon or even saints banner. That's just me, I've had a love/hate relationship with Christians in my area. 100 percent agree. That's why I love the Mormon lifestyle, it's set up so charity and love for one another are very important and I personally believe that Mormonism gives you a very good blueprint to follow for a happy life. Is it perfect? Nope! But the Brethr
  5. Is it weird that when I read this I automatically saw James Brown dancing on stage and singing GOOD GOD!!!! 😂
  6. Exactly! The first 45 years of my life I felt like I had all the answrers, happy happy happy. Now, I'm just happy and I'm still in search for the other two happy happies😂, I've lost them somewhere. Before all this, the gospel was simple, it made sense, I went to church, did churchy stuff and helped people. Anything negative I heard about the church went in one ear and out the other, didn't matter. Now for some reason that I still don't understand, the negative information matters and me researching and trying to learn about it is taking up way more time than I should allow myself to put toward
  7. Can I be a roustabout gentlemen that enjoys being rude, crude and vulgar toward the urbane😂. Just kidding Robert, thanks for chiming in. I understand it's my decision, I'm not looking for someone to make a decision for me, just asking for opinions and seeing if others have had similar experiences. Thanks for teaching me a new word, I had to look roustabout up, your my hero😁
  8. Dude, I love your post, this was great 😂
  9. Correct. But five months ago I would of never considered questioning my religious views, never. I understand what you're saying. I agree with you 100 percent
  10. Dang it!! This ⬆️ makes me sad, if you need me to write anything in the sand this week just ask😁, I don't want you to be sad. I'll even mail you some beach sand if you want, maybe a couple sea shells, that way you can smell the ocean.😂😂 I missed you to, I always look forward to your post. You're a smart women.
  11. I really liked Mormon stories at first because I was concentrating on the archaeological, DNA, and truth claims episodes. None of that stuff bothers me for some reason, I'm not to worried if the history the church has portrayed is true or not, what bothers me is watching episodes where couples or even whole families that have left tell their stories and you can see the pain in their faces. I kinda like the guy who is doing the interview, but sometimes it's just a little to much to take. Plus, last week I watched one and it was all about burning or removing a book, I think it was Spencer Kimbal
  12. Thank you for explaining and saying this. That's exactly what I don't want, to go through a process. Like I said, I think with my personality I would definitely make it a huge process.
  13. I'm glad you can see that so thank you for saying that. I'm definitely doing and feeling better, like I said, I'm exploring if our family life would be better outside the church and I'm not seeing much benefit if I leave the church. Matter of fact, the more I read on exmormon Reddit the more I'm starting to realize that I think that exmormonism is almost a religion unto itself. I could be wrong though, I'll admit that, but the intensity to trash Mormonism on that site is amazing to me, I haven't figured that part out yet. I'm starting to wonder if leaving the gospel is so intense t
  14. Usually when something in my life becomes a problem, in this case a faith crisis, I'll find a solution really quick then attack the problem until I've defeated it and I can see it in my rearview mirror. I've chosen to take a different approach this time regarding the church and its teachings so I can really study out in my mind if the teachings of the church are a positive or negative influence on my family's life. In the past few months I've probably listened to well over 100 hours of Mormon stories podcast and read thousands of post on exmormon Reddit. I've used these two to help me see what
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