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  1. Thank you Garden Girl, I really like what you wrote.
  2. "God made man, Sam Colt made men equal, but the mormon John Browning keeps men free" I think that's how it goes😁. I love my 1911s.
  3. I looked up information about the transistor Robert, I never knew a mormon, Philo Farnsworth, invented the TV.
  4. Thanks longview, this kinda information is what I'm looking for
  5. Hi ahab, nice talking to you again, love ya buddy!!!!
  6. Sorry woebbles, I cant figure out how to link a you tube video from my phone. But start watching at 43:20 if your interested. Before my next thread I promise to learn how to directly link.
  7. Thanks Tacenda, I was never taught this, that's why I'm asking, it kinda shocked me to tell you the truth.
  8. During a January 2020 talk in Lima Peru, Elder Holland explained to a mormon audience, that technological advancements in the past 100 years have been for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He said that computers were invented for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that we let other people use them, but they are for us. He also explained that planes are for mormons, so we can spread the gospel. Also, cell phones are for us, and basically anything in the fields of transportation, communication and science are all the result of the latter day blessings. Do ot
  9. These people were not heroes. In fact they're idiots. If you're going to storm the Capitol during a pandemic, a pandemic where wearing mask is acceptable, atleast wear a mask, jeez, maybe some sunglasses also, that way it's harder to be identified. A serious overthrow or occupation would of looked nothing like this. I cant stand antifa, but atleast they're smart enough to cover their faces.
  10. Yes sir I understand not everyone will agree. I also understand I shouldn't talk about generals or admirals with a man who served his country in Force Recon, I'm no dummy😁, thank you again for your service. But I will leave you with a quote from Admiral McRaven. I was fortunate to meet him when I was I'm my 30s. I like his optimistic view.
  11. Definitely our compassion. No matter what someone may think about the wars we've been part of around the world, or how we use our influence to sway nations, our people and military are some of the most compassionate people on earth. We're giving and willing to help just about anyone, anyway and anywhere. Have we had a violent past, no doubt, but we figured it out in a relatively short period compared to other nations. We have tried to bring freedom to women, homosexuals and the underprivileged around the world more than any other nation. In the past 100 years as a nation at war, we could of in
  12. Tacenda, I think your dad and I would of been good buddies if I could of met him. One of my best purchases ever, is a $300, 16' camper I bought off of craigslist. It was a total piece of crap, but once I completed the renovation, we now spend 100s of hours in that camper as a family. We drive it up to ocracoke island in the great state of North Carolina and camp for a week a couple times a year. I bought a bus at an auction a couple years ago and had plans to turn it into an RV until I found out how much it cost to insure it, so I sold it, oh well. Your dad Jerry sounds like he was a cool dud
  13. Well, atleast now we know why the Lamanites were able to kill all the Nephites, it's impossible to win a battle wearing flip flops. They never had a chance😁
  14. Very interesting calm. I read them, makes sense. If you want to see what I talking about, go check out the YouTube channel, Jerryrigseverthing, as soon as I saw that guy, I said, yep, definitely a mormon.
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