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  1. Have you read any of my post, do you think I'm worried about what anyone thinks of me. First I cuss on here, second I post songs by Slipknot, third I am very blunt and to the point. I've dealt with a lot of older Mormon men who don't like me, you won't be the first to try and change my lovely personality. But I appreciate your opinion, thank you for responding. PS bukowski, I've never been the first guy someone calls when they need to give a priesthood blessing, usually I'm the last😁, kind of, if all else fails, call MikeπŸ˜‚. But, if someone is hitting on your wife, or mes
  2. If I have my Mormon doctrine correct, isn't the only thing about us that's eternal is our intelligence? Our spirit was formed in heaven, our mortal body here on Earth, but our intelligence has existed eternally, just as heavenly fathers. So it makes sense to me that "hell" could be the state of our mind/intelligence. Maybe hell would be not having the veil lifted resulting in never receiving further knowledge.
  3. As I look around and take in everything that probably went in to making a flower, tree, animals, rivers, the ocean, the atmosphere and etc, there's so much science involved, if we do progress after death much of our time is probably spent learning how to organize life. I just don't see God sticking his stubborn children on a planet until they learn their lesson. Must be a better solution.
  4. After final judgement hell. I was always taught it was an actual physical place. You remember the pictures of the glories of heaven and hell, they're always depicted as planets. But the older I get, the more I interact with people, happy people, sad people, hurt people, abused people, the more I think "hell" and glories may be states of mind. Maybe the celestial kingdom is an eternal state of happiness, void of worry, jealousy, resentment, hatred and etc. With hell being a state of worry, jealousy, resentment and hatred. I think there's a good chance if there is life after our mortal
  5. Thanks Robert, I always learn a lot from your post.
  6. I just looked up the temperature in Antarctica, it's now -85 degrees Fahrenheit there. I guarantee after about 90 seconds in Antarctica, you would be wishing for 117f😁. Maybe hell has already frozen over.
  7. When I was young I remember an old friend of my dad telling me hell would be here on Earth after the 1000 year reign of Jesus. I've also heard that hell is in a far off corner of the universe, in the center of the earth, in a black hole. Me personally, I think hell is a state of mind. I have no idea where we'll be while our mind is in this condition, but I doubt hell is actually a physical place.
  8. I agree, you are very intelligent. I was just telling my wife if I wasn't me I think I would want to be you. Maybe Oprah.
  9. I'm not talking about on here, I'm talking about life in general. In the past ten years or so "victimhood" and laziness has infected so many of our youth it's disgusting. In my profession, construction, I'm lucky to get someone under 30 years old to work a 40hour week for more than 2 weeks. They always seem to think the work is to hard or they can't deal with the stress. Back when I started construction 30 some years ago we could joke on each other, poked fun, called each other names. Now, you have to be careful not to "offend" someone if they're under 30 or so. Everyone seems to wan
  10. But what happens to us is always someone else's fault, making us a victim, don't you know that? Mentally, It's easier being a victim, that way, know matter what happens in our life, if we deem it negative, we can blame someone else and relieve our pain. Eazzzy peazzzzy Scott. You might want to look into that.
  11. Couple of weeks ago a board member posted about how critical race theory is the key to understanding how systematic racism works. The post got 5 upvotes. We are doomed as a society. Save your money, pay off your house and have somewhere your kids and grandkids can shelter. Because we are on the fast track to dismantling everything that is good about America and the train has no brakes.
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