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  1. Heya, we are glad to have you here, and this is a perfect place to ask. So, just so you know, Church official policy is that you put family first. Period. I'm going to tell you a story, not as a firm rule, but as an example of how this principle played out. On my mission, I met a couple who hardly came to church. He wanted to, but she was super people shy, and so they didn't go. He struggled with it, but his top priority was to support his wife. Ultimately, something was worked out where he came in the building while she sat out in the car, and they both got the sacrament.
  2. For those who are interested, here's the full report: fda.gov/media/150054/download And here are the numbers (about 0.002%): Age group Doses Crude Expected Observed Administered rate cases cases 12–15 yrs 134,041 22.4 0–1 2 16–17 yrs 2,258,932 35.0 2–19 79 18–24 yrs 9,776,719 20.6 8–83 196
  3. I got to watch Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday, and I thought it was actually really good. I had heard weird things about it going in, and that it was a bit overly political... but after watching it, I've gotta say the rumors were pretty wrong. I found the moral of the story to be pretty awesome and refreshing, and it tied in the gospel a lot. A lot of talk about gratitude, satisfaction with what one has, and being honest with oneself. It was really good. I don't think the action scenes played out as well, but I don't mind that so much.
  4. Sure, that'd be fine. It's either 1 of two issues (1) I may have swapped the accounts email to an email account I don't have access to or (2) the account was deactivated in some way. I'd be glad to have the old account, but if the mods don't want to, that's fine too. I'm probably not going to participate a whole ton but jump in just occasional :). Yeah, I'll see if I can get the cat up... although I might switch up which cat. I've gotta look around :D. Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks! Yeah... I lost access to the email the old account is currently assigned to (I think). Or maybe the mods disabled login for super old accounts. Not sure there :). It's good to see you too!
  6. Heya, TAO here. It's been a while. Something interesting I heard a while ago from an Institute teacher while I was in school - some rabbis believe the correct way to interpret the story is that God said 'Don't eat the fruit yet'. I think this sort of fits with what you guys are thinking, not fully, but just thought I'd leave it here for the time being. Hope you both are having a wonderful Sunday :).
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