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  1. True. However, I'm not so sure that it's outside of a Bishop's jurisdiction to ask questions that are of a spiritual nature so to say. Mmm... okay, this is a pretty lame example I'm using but... as an example, the temple interview questions don't ask you about if your pray or read your scriptures. But I don't think that those would be out of bounds for a bishop to ask about, so to say, maybe even if he wasn't prompted to. Those things are just part of being a bishop and all the things he can ask about aren't necessarily written down. On the other hand, there are definitely issues a bishop should stay out of, and the church has had to make some of those pretty clear (such as how married couples deal with sex). So there are certainly limits to it.
  2. I think your right somewhat, but in a sense, it isn't fully the Bishop's job to check for other things unless he feels prompted to (or just wants to really, I guess). The temple recommend questions are the Lord's designated interview for the temple. However, the purpose of this life is to grow to be a being more and more like the Savior. In that sense the temple is not just a goal, but a waypoint that we pass through on the way to an even more important goal. There's more we need to do to receive eternal life. And it's not meet for us to be commanded in all things (I feel a bit hypocritical saying this because I'm sure a stubborn person that the Lord has to command more than he probably should need to). So just because it isn't listed, doesn't necessarily mean we should do something. On the other hand, a lot of these things more personal matters are mainly dictated by personal revelation and communicating with God. For example, as you mentioned, for one person, God might tell them that playing games on Sunday isn't wise. For other people, he may say that it's alright. I think the important thing to do there is to be open enough to the Spirit that you feel comfortable that your walking okay in the Lord's sight. That's not always easy, but yeah. So maybe there are unlisted things that we probably ought to be obeying before going to the temple. On the other hand... we should be praying to know these things for ourselves, so we can go, knowing that the Lord feels we are prepared and ready (and I don't expect that to be always consistent, sometimes the Lord may say 'I know you don't feel prepared, but you need to go the temple right now'. So yeah... really I guess the Lord just wants us to talk to him, or something like that). Just my two cents.
  3. Okay, I think that's fair, I do think the article was too certain with it's statements. When you claim big things like everywhere, and all the time, it's very difficult to justify a statement. But if you removed the absolutism in these statements, what are they trying to say? Do the statements have some value if you remove the absolutism?
  4. If you don't mind... I'm gonna CFR you here. Can you please demonstrate that they don't hold these views? I'm pretty sure you can... but I think that you'll get a much better discussion if you provide those examples. Thanks, and hope your having a good day.
  5. There's an app on the Microsoft store for windows 10. Otherwise just use the web browser.
  6. Hey Juliann, Others have written pretty much what I would say in regards to rules and regulations. I have Asperger's, which is semi-related to Autism. I don't particularly remember having a harder time being still in church than other boys, but I definitely could have had a hard time and just not be remembering. We do get one-track mind sometimes. In this case, what I'd probably do is first have your friend talk to the bishop. Try to be as kind as possible in doing so, there's a chance he doesn't fully understand the situation. Explain what will occur if the child is not allowed to draw (your friend should have a few experiences with this, and so should be able to relate the difficulty of it). It's possible the bishop just doesn't know about how difficult it is, and it wouldn't be the greatest to embarrass him if that's the case (and sometimes, us men can be kinda dense). Worst case you can bring up the rules mentioned in other posts. If he says no, you can decide whether or not you want to go to to the stake president. Hopefully it doesn't come to that though. Just make sure your friend is frank with the Bishop. Sometimes people just aren't aware, so you have to explain pretty carefully. Hope it works out for both of you.
  7. So... Elder Bednar actually addressed this when he visited my mission. Basically, he talked about the very rare conditions that this happens, talking about the account where Nephi slays Laban. He roughly said that such situations are very rare, but when they happen the Spirit will give you a very specific reason for not keeping the general commandment. With Nephi, you'll notice the Spirit gives him one. This is a pattern of sorts. I think he was wise to suggest caution in these sort of situations. It's very easy at times to misunderstand the Spirit, and so it's good to ponder and listen for a specific reason, and to pray for confirmation. This is not a very usual experience.
  8. I can't find it explicitly mentioned, but there is this, in the subsection about the terrestrial kingdom: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2005/04/messages-from-the-doctrine-and-covenants-the-three-degrees-of-glory?lang=eng There's also the few quotes about mothers helping their wayward children into eternal families, which I think you would find interesting.
  9. lone farms* I hate not having the edit button yet.
  10. I know this is a bit late, but... I did wish to comfort you. So most of these things still existed a while back... it's just that social media has expanded their reach a bit. Furthermore, social media tends to amplify things so the noisiest 2% speaks for the other 98%. Things are definitely not as bad as they seem. I got to spend some time up in Wyoming a few years back, and people were remarkably friendly. There was a few people out on loan farms who were more the 'leave me alone' type, but most everyone treated each other like neighbors and family. I think news and social media makes the world seem a lot worse than it really is. It's just that all the niceness is very silently done. Just my two cents. Hope your having an awesome day!
  11. This is going to sound weird, but which state are you in? Currently in California here and from what I understand, at least where I'm at, they are having trouble with too many vacancies. That may have changed really recently though, not sure. I'm glad you got it, and I'll keep those who didn't in my prayers. Hope things continue to go well for you and your family.
  12. Heya, we are glad to have you here, and this is a perfect place to ask. So, just so you know, Church official policy is that you put family first. Period. I'm going to tell you a story, not as a firm rule, but as an example of how this principle played out. On my mission, I met a couple who hardly came to church. He wanted to, but she was super people shy, and so they didn't go. He struggled with it, but his top priority was to support his wife. Ultimately, something was worked out where he came in the building while she sat out in the car, and they both got the sacrament. Because we as missionaries talked to him, she got a better impression of us, and didn't shy away from us as much when we talked to her later. Now I'm sure it would have been better had she made it in the church building to partake of the sacrament, but she wasn't at that point yet. And her husband, being considerate, accommodated her. I'm sure there are other situations where there would need to be more weight put on church activity (for example, someone shouldn't ask a spouse to not believe or else, or the likes), but there are many times where some church things will need to be put second. Anyways... it's okay to turn down a calling. It's okay to tell your husband that YOU need more time with him. Your family is part of your calling after all, and it's super important! It's okay if you both don't do quite as much 'church calling' stuff if it helps your family function better, and maintains your sanity. That doesn't mean drop everything probably - church callings really do build us up in ways we can't understand. I heard from a wise bishop once that said that the Lord calls bishops when they are unqualified, and the moment they get qualified, he releases them. It's the same with other callings in the church. So if you have the time and energy, and want the blessings that come from a calling, receive it. If you or your family are felling frayed at the ends (like you are now), it may be best to pray about it, and consider saying no at this time. Talk to the Lord about it in prayer with your hubby, and figure out what works best for your family. As for how to talk about it with your husband... I have this same issue with my wife... and the best way my wife helps me realize this is just by talking about it gently with me and letting me know how much I am needed by her at home. So I would suggest expressing this to your husband, kindly, but also very thoroughly, about how you are feeling frayed. Help him to understand how you are feeling. He loves you, I'm sure. He may feel a bit unsure of what to do, and a bit sad, as you have said. But it's important you let him know how you feel, in the least. Don't accuse him, but do let him know how you feel. Perhaps others have good advice on this front, but that's what I'd give. I wish you the best. P.S. Also take a look at Rain's post. It's some good stuff.
  13. For those who are interested, here's the full report: fda.gov/media/150054/download And here are the numbers (about 0.002%): Age group Doses Crude Expected Observed Administered rate cases cases 12–15 yrs 134,041 22.4 0–1 2 16–17 yrs 2,258,932 35.0 2–19 79 18–24 yrs 9,776,719 20.6 8–83 196
  14. I got to watch Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday, and I thought it was actually really good. I had heard weird things about it going in, and that it was a bit overly political... but after watching it, I've gotta say the rumors were pretty wrong. I found the moral of the story to be pretty awesome and refreshing, and it tied in the gospel a lot. A lot of talk about gratitude, satisfaction with what one has, and being honest with oneself. It was really good. I don't think the action scenes played out as well, but I don't mind that so much.
  15. Sure, that'd be fine. It's either 1 of two issues (1) I may have swapped the accounts email to an email account I don't have access to or (2) the account was deactivated in some way. I'd be glad to have the old account, but if the mods don't want to, that's fine too. I'm probably not going to participate a whole ton but jump in just occasional :). Yeah, I'll see if I can get the cat up... although I might switch up which cat. I've gotta look around :D. Thanks so much!
  16. Thanks! Yeah... I lost access to the email the old account is currently assigned to (I think). Or maybe the mods disabled login for super old accounts. Not sure there :). It's good to see you too!
  17. Heya, TAO here. It's been a while. Something interesting I heard a while ago from an Institute teacher while I was in school - some rabbis believe the correct way to interpret the story is that God said 'Don't eat the fruit yet'. I think this sort of fits with what you guys are thinking, not fully, but just thought I'd leave it here for the time being. Hope you both are having a wonderful Sunday :).
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