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  1. Any guesses about the impacts of the coronavirus lockdown on LDS membership and activity rates? We often hear that people turn to religion in times of trouble (“there are no atheists in foxholes”) but, with coronavirus, I’ve heard the concern that some people won’t return to their previous levels of church activity, even after things get back to normal.
  2. I don't believe any of the girls were upset, just young and exhausted. (Though, to be honest, I was quite upset with the situation after the long drive home.)
  3. A return to the previous ages for Womens' Conference is good. With such a varied audience, I felt that the speakers were placed in a difficult position; some tried to give talks for everyone in attendance (girls and women age 8+), and the resulting messages were sometimes unfocused and didn't really resonate well. Others targeted their messages to the traditional age group (age 12+), which was nice for most of us, but then the younger girls were left out and restless. Also, I'm on the East Coast so we're two hours behind those of you on MST; the meeting started at 8pm. And our stake reall
  4. Our ward had a great scouting program, the best I've seen in any ward I've been in. The leaders were excellent and loved scouting, and (most of) the boys loved scouting as well. When it was announced that the Church would be separating from scouting, the scout leaders put together a timeline, outlining exactly what needed to be accomplished and by what date . The timeline was simple but extremely thorough, and included all advancements and time-based requirements, as well as the number of campouts that the boys needed to go on. Just about all the boys in our ward earned their Eagles who (
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