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  1. Heartbreaking - that those historic murals will never be seen again.
  2. I've been lied to - I'm leaving the church!! ๐Ÿ˜›.
  3. I have seen this as well - I would like to say that it is, in-part, due to having so much access to information due to scoria media etc. so I am more aware of what people are doing in my social circle - except for the fact that so many of my antidotal examples are form my personal like, including my immediate family, children, and ward-members.
  4. Start a new thread - ๐Ÿ™‚. I think discussing the perceived vs the experienced with 'famous' LDS people is a fascinating topic
  5. Ha! I'm not offended at all, and I liked your sentiment. I am happy to feel the church can feel more welcoming to those who might have left due to a perceived or real alienation of themselves or others. I actually find that a softening or attitudes and judgement towards others in church culture (call is progressive, if you will) is actually much more in line with the church that was restored by Joseph and carried on by BY - there are oodles of statements from them that border on universality and acceptance, while still proclaiming the importance of the restored gospel.
  6. Thatโ€™s a great perspective. No pun intended
  7. Doesn't it seem like we can't win - if The Church isn't progressive, then we lose ALL the 'woke', intelligent, compassionate ones (sarcasm), and if it's progressive and changes, then it's capitulation is pointed out as merely caving to legal and social pressures and 'why would a God-led church do that? - so it's obviously a church created by men'. Sheesh
  8. Nothing indicating it was a recreation... it isn't a picture of the baptism as you can see, but rather right after apparently, but the lack of white clothing surprised me.
  9. Glenn Beck just posted on social media that he baptized two people this weekend and the associated photo shows the men embracing and not in white. is it not doctrine to wear white for baptisms? Are there exceptions?
  10. These are great - thank you - it seems there is some good stuff, but the quote from teh MS seems to have cherry picked and assembled things in a way that makes it seem deceptively accurate, vs several 'interesting' statements. ๐Ÿ™‚ ETA - in reading more of the source material - it seems that it is really hard to take the original author's words at face value as anything about the restored gospel, since 1. they are not all consolidated or spoken as represented in the MS, and 2. All her 'revelations' tend to be about the 'Philidelphian' movement and all temples, orders, priesthoods etc, seem to be supposedly fulfilled or to be fulfilled by this order
  11. I remember a similar article that was published in the Liahona or similar in France about a monk who wrote about seeing the restoration as well - it seemed to good to be true, and later learned it was - it was not real, but invented then swallowed whole and perpetuated. Does anyone know if this is valid, and who this Jane Leade is? It seems so spot-on, that it is rather miraculous or fraudulent in my mind.
  12. I was Ok with it until episode 6 - then it started to be a little too 'silly' - then the final episode was like watching a melodrama with the mustache-twirling villain tying the woman to the tracks etc. All balance and attempts a nuance went out the window, and I thought it became most obviously anti-LDS in its tone - something it had at least seemed to avoid in the first 5 episodes IMO.
  13. That's what I was thinking too - too bad they played loose with other aspects of history. ๐Ÿ˜›
  14. They portray all of that pretty much as you said - I will have to dig and see where I read that they hit Joseph in the face - but it was a pretty compelling scene. If teh previous scened featuring Joseph didn't paint him as so nefarious, the martyrdom scene really makes you feel empathy for the way those men were attacked.
  15. Just got done watching the latest episode and it depicts the martyrdom. It was pretty graphic and I liked that it wasn't sugar coated. My question is from those who have studied the event in detail - it is accurate? It seems to me it was - I know they desecrated Joseph's body after like they show, but I thought they also dealt some blows to his face - at least I recall hearing that. What were your thoughts of the depiction, if you have seen it? I would like to see a complete, uninterrupted depiction of church history with some grit like this - but don't know if I will ever see it since antagonists of the church have an agenda to sensationalize what they see as the villainy of the early church leaders, and the Church, rightfully so, is focused on producing faith-promoting content without focusing too overtly on the disturbing, possibly 'R-rated' content.
  16. I am sure there is some truth to that as well. I also assume many perceive being evangelized, attacked, and engaged using polemics when that isn't happening too. It's much too complex an issue to boil down to platitudes and simple blanket statements, right? I am sure there as many shades of different approaches to faith as there are people. I believe if we were all just kinder and more respectful of other's agency on all sides, we'd all be much happier.
  17. I don't waste a shred or thought or time arguing about, disproving, or posting about Thor, Zeus, Santa, or any other entity I don't believe in. I believe there are Atheists like this too in relation to the Judeo-Christian God, who don't spend effort, time, or 'faith' on the matter - but there is a large contingent, or at least a very vocal contingent who evangelize, attack, and engage in polemics to defend their Atheistic creed.
  18. Oh my goodness - what a disheartening experience for you. What were the things he objected to in you, if I may ask? I would hope that we, as members of what we claim to be the most complete version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, would be able to purge this judgmental culture - especially from higher echelons of leadership.
  19. I agree with you that it seems sad that it is a disqualifier for such a brother as you mentioned.
  20. Agreed that it could be a distraction depending on where that man is in the process. In my case, it has been 11 years since I remarried in the temple after being left with the kids when my wife moved in with her new love interest that she had been seeing for the last year of our marriage - I feel it is a blight that will never be taken from me because of 'soft' rules such as these.
  21. As a person in this category myself, I agree the seems to be the case along the Wasatch Front, you will rarely (in my case, never) see a previously divorced man be called as bishop because there are so many other worthy candidates. However, in the 'mission field' beggars can't be choosers - so you will see it happen. Unfortunately, while this causes me relief to know I have a 'get out of jail free' card to not have the burden of being a bishop, it also often makes me feel like a second-class citizen in The Church - and as an extension, makes me wonder if we really value the Atonement as being able to fully redeem someone and make their past not count against them... On a related note, the scriptures have examples, as does the restored church in its early days, of general authorities being called who were pretty openly flawed and/or had led lives of pretty serious sin prior to repenting - but now, it seems any imperfection in outcome of life disqualifies people like me. Not the end of the world for me or my testimony, but does often make me sad when I reflect on it.
  22. I had a guy just this morning, when I pulled up to the gas station, approach me and ask if I would buy him a coffee. It was refreshing. He even had the courtesy to ask if he could get an extra large before just grabbing one. I felt good helping, and knowing what my $$ went to, and he was grateful and had his warm drink. He needs to coach his peers ๐Ÿ™‚
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