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  1. @Tacenda- From most of your posts, you seem to be anti-tithing and do not think that the church should ask for tithing or expect members to pay it. Your comment above and this quote seem to back up this viewpoint. (if I mis-state your view, I am sorry - just going off of your posts). I feel good about my tithing because I believe that it allows God's word to be spread amongst the nations and for ordinances to be performed. This is why I pay tithing, to assist my brothers and sisters around the world in hearing the Gospel and receiving their ordinances. But, Tacenda, I ask you to do a
  2. I don't understan what you mean by this. I said "I hope that we can all respect the opinions of each other and assume good intent. Regardless of where everyone is on this spectrum, I don't think they are coming from a place of hate and don't wish any harm on any LGBT individuals." And you respond with the above about 'impact,' 'discrimination against homosexuals,' 'neglicence,' and a a need for more love. Do you consider BYU having an honor code that students have to abide by to be discrimination? What about alcoholics, fornicators, the lazy who don't get good grades, atheists, men w
  3. As I stated a few posts ago, I don't think that most people who are demanding a revelation at this point would actually accept one: For me personally, I accept the Proclamation on the Family as guidance from God's prophet and thus revelation. Here is what President Hinckly said when he proclaimed it to the world: I think it's pretty clear from President Hinckley's quote that the prophets, seers and revelators of this church have all agreed with the standards outlined in the proclamation. Most people who are asking for a revelation would only accept anything as rev
  4. I agree with this completely. As can be seen from this board, there are a spectrum of opinions on this event.. I hope that we can all respect the opinions of each other and assume good intent. Regardless of where everyone is on this spectrum, I don't think they are coming from a place of hate and don't wish any harm on any LGBT individuals.
  5. There are lots of things the church has never received a specific revelation about. Here are four that I can come up with off the top of my head: Physical Abuse of children Spousal abuse (emotional & physical) Beastiality Pedophilia Does that mean that the above is or is not a sin? I think all of these have lots of conference talks and other church teachings about them. The church has not changed its teachings on same-sex relationships. It has always taught that it is a sin. The issue at hand is that the world changed its norms and now wants the church to c
  6. In my opinion, this post is exactly what the "we show love and support for the LGBT community" "this is not a protest" protest was all about. The people who organized it disagree with the honor code and with the church's stance on same-sex relationships. They say that the church has never had a revelation on the topic and want the church to change their opinion. So they are organizing a day to show love and support and if you don't join in you are hateful.
  7. Although it is couched as "showing love and support to those that identify as LGBT" I think this is actually a passive-aggresive protest against the BYU Honor code and the church's law of chastity. According to KUTV (LINK) in the original invitation Tweet to this event the group planning the "not-protest" said: The founder further said: I personally feel like this is an attack on the honor code, which is a direct reflection to the standards outlined in the new church handbook. I am closely connected to BYU and am a strong supporter of the Proclamation
  8. The Equality Act just passed the House again and is headed to the Senate. This makes me wonder, if it passes in its current form in the Senate, what specific real-world impact would it have on the Church (and the Church's appendages such as BYU)? What are specific real-world scenarios we would expect to see with its passing that will influence church policy, members, and institutions? IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not interested in people's opinions about the Church's stance on the Equality Act or LGBT issues - that was already hashed out here: https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/71
  9. I agree that this kind of compromise is the best possible solution. I would hope that a true follower of Christ would look for this compromise and try to suggest it. I think this is exactly what Christ is asking of his followers when he says: But the question becomes is it the governments job to force a private individual or a private organization / small business to do the right thing? I'm not so sure it is.
  10. So if the government can control who I am allowed to hire to make sure that I am not discriminating, can they also make me hire according to certain quotas (a certain percentage black, white, latino, gay, transgender, etc.)? Could they also require me to make my sure the products I make are not discriminatory (so I have to have an equal percentage of Black & White characters on my Star Wars lunch boxes I make)? I just think it's heavy-handed for the government to tell me who I have to employee in my private business or organization. I think the NAACP or FUBU should be allowed to hire
  11. I am not sure. I feel like if the purpose of the organization is towards a specific mission, then the organization should be allowed to not hire anyone who does not meet their mission. For example, the church owns BYU, DI, Deseret News, etc. and should be allowed to only hire employees who meet their mission if they want, such as those with a current temple recommend. Likewise, if the NAACP started a university and a thrift store, they should be allowed to not allow me to attend or hire me because I am white, even if I am the most qualified for the job. If a liberal media organi
  12. I don't belive that anyone should be forced to provide a service that they are morally opposed to. For example: -Should a black-owned bakery be forced to make a white cake that says, "White Lives Matter?" -Should a liberal who believes Trump is the worst US president in the history of the world be forced to make a "Make America Great Again" hat cake? -Should a black-owned venue be required to rent out its space or equipment to Richard Spencer for a seminar? -Should a liberal-owned venue be required to rent out its space to Donald Trump Jr for a Trump university meeting?
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