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  1. Are you really asking me to outline the complete set of evidence upon which I based my conclusion I could no longer believe in the historicity and divine origins of the Book of Mormon (for they are intertwined)? C'mon, Spencer. I don't think that can of worms needs to be opened here; not to mention that there is so much deeply personal and painful involved in the loss of that belief. I just don't think we should do this. Suffice it to say, I have considered all available evidence (about which I know), both temporal and spiritual, and reached the conclusion there was not sufficient evidence
  2. As to your first question, I have not done an empirical analysis, but I have substantial reason to suspect the answer is 'yes.' As to your second question, go ahead and apply it to every single claim to authority made by every president of the Church from Joseph Smith to Russel M. Nelson and I think you get a sense of the real problem, here.
  3. I understand what you are trying to argue, but I don't see evidence you've thought through what the hypothetical position you are allowing to exist actually means in terms of undermining the credibility of every single claim made by every alleged prophet to have led the Church. ETA: In the interest of full disclosure, I DO have a position on this and believe there is insufficient evidence to support Book of Mormon historicity.
  4. It would mean that EVERY SINGLE president of the Church from Joseph Smith to Russel M. Nelson was 100% dead wrong on the origins of the Book of Mormon. Let the ramifications of that one sink if for a bit.
  5. First, it is most certainly NOT the case that "all the other Maricopa County officials are good people." Geographically, Maricopa County covers 9,200 square miles. MC has a population of approx. 4.5M. It has all the same problems, if not more, than any other populace county in the States. Anecdotally, I discovered a corruption scheme involving a MC public official in the course of investigating elements of a marital divorce case...so, there's a at least ONE OTHER bad one, out there. Second, Arpaio's tenure was during a protracted period of local anger about alleged softness on crime and
  6. As a resident of said county, I can tell you that the two politicians were elected in very different environments and there was no publicly available information that Petersen was engaged in anything dodgy at the time of his election. Arpaio is a completely different situation and he was long overdue for removal from office when it finally happened. Moreover, he has tried to return to public "service" a few times since then and has been rejected soundly by voters. How about you not engage in disparaging innuendo when your education, experience and training are more than adequate to know bet
  7. Yes, Bob, it is. Nice of you to finally acknowledge that in this case.
  8. I didn't see this anywhere else. My apologies if this is a re-post. https://mi.byu.edu/in-memoriam-m-gerald-bradford/
  9. I certainly never said anything like that. But, feel free to be as hostile as you wish...totally unnecessary, but whatever makes you happy.
  10. My "ilk"? Good grief. I was asking a QUESTION. @bluebell handled the discussion gracefully. No idea why you couldn't follow suit.
  11. Is my understanding correct that there are no proxy ordinances being performed, at this point?
  12. Oh, good grief. Her descriptions of the aftermath of an earthquake are applicable to nearly every single significant earthquake. Moreover, it's well known that the SL Valley lies along a fault line. She didn't predict ANYTHING via supernatural means; she turned common knowledge into a breathy "prophecy" designed to get more money out of suckers. End of story.
  13. Indeed. Now we can expand the discussion from simply debating same-sex marriage to include conversion therapy, in true MDD fashion. Should be able to return to the incest issue, with a direct link to same-sex marriage, within two degrees of discussion topics. All MDD topics eventually devolve into a same-sex marriage debate. QED.
  14. The presence of your sugar glider in your avatar is a constant reminder that the legalization of same-sex marriage is a foretold plague preceding the apocalypse. Change my mind.
  15. "What happened, Oliver?" Ummmm, does the name Fanny Alger, ring a bell?
  16. First, imagine my disappointment when, upon seeing the title of the thread, I came in here to find the discussion was NOT about Game of Thrones. Second, I do not advocate in favor of incest, nor do I believe the aforementioned TV show was acting as an advocate attempting to normalize incestuous behavior; pure shock value for ratings and nothing more. That being said, I am an advocate for the general banning of the use of latin terms on this board, henceforth and forever. Talk about pretentious nonsense. Third, I truly believe Chicken Little had nothing on Smac.
  17. I am, understandably, curious...sometimes curiosities win out in the war for my time.
  18. "Every single disbursement which has ever occurred over the last 22 years..."? I'm talking about the allegations of no disbursements and the two to deal with the businesses. In my experience, mistakes on that scale are certainly plausible. I'm not sure what you mean by the part of your sentence I quoted. I certainly never said speculation favored mismanagement. I, for one, favor neutrality on the evidence. The fact is we have a duly filed set of whistleblower allegations. In my opinion, such things should be properly vetted and investigated. I'm assuming nothing in terms of guil
  19. I'm afraid I don't have the experience or expertise to answer your question on this one. I would have to do just as much reading as you to see what their determinations have been in the past. When I refer to "concealment" I'm referring to how the actual transactions were performed (e.g. routed through which accounts) and recorded in the accounting records; things we won't know unless an investigator takes a look. I haven't yet had the time to read the unfortunately-named "Letter to an IRS Director"; I have had several people ask me for my thoughts on it, so I should probably t
  20. Controls are not perfect and mistakes do get made. I suggest letting the investigators do their job and not engaging in speculation that, by default, favors management of these funds. If, in fact, money from charitable donations was transferred from this fund to prop up the insurance company and the mall, it is my suspicion that those in charge probably believed what they were doing was legal. If, however, additional evidence comes to light suggesting there were concealment efforts, that changes the nature of the evaluation considerably. Either way, as a forensic accountant and former audi
  21. To be more explicit, I guess, I have no interest in applying a personal interpretation to the Code. There other people who are paid to do that who have substantially more experience with these things than I do. I will say, on the surface, I'm not sure how bailouts of the insurance company and mall (if those allegations are true) meet that definition, but broad interpretations are certainly plausible.
  22. I don't think this is a valid concern. Washington DC will clearly be involved with this.
  23. I think that is a question for the Department of Treasury. That being said, my preliminary opinion is that in writing the Code, the authors clearly intended for charitable contributions to be used for charitable purposes. I'm not sure the accumulation of a very sizable investment account meets that definition. I could, however, be wrong and I don't claim expertise on interpreting the Code.
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