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The malice of pornography

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Good morning everyone. Strange title isnt it? But it is one that carries a world of sadness. A young husband and father known to me, one of the sweetest, and kindest of young men, a devoted husband and father has recently been found drowned in what appears to be an act of suicide. It was known amongst his close friends that he was struggling with/against pornography. How could it get such a grip on someone, how could this happen, couldn't he get help? These are the questions we are all asking. This is where malice comes in. Like any addiction, it may have commenced years before with serrupticiously watching this stuff, or maybe watching openly with friends. But no one knows who is susceptible to addiction, as with alcohol, out of a group of drinkers no one knows who or why some of them will succumb to addiction and the rest are untouched. But this decent young man succumbed. I think his very decency led to mental torture for him, resulting in shame, guilt, turmoil and feelings of unworthiness to be a husband and father. Pornography is a curse, and so I beg all of you, if you know anyone who indulges in it, please encourage them to find help or it could lead them to corruption of their mind and to mental hell and self destruction. It really is heartbreaking. 

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That's so sad for him.🫂 I find that he is not doing anything wrong actually. That he watch porn from time to time is not the real problem in my opinion (goes against what my church believes i know😰).

The real problem is that he feels ashamed of it. And makes a huge deal about it. Wich is not so strange because other people has such a strong opinion about wacthing porn. But! Watching porn isn't that bad at the end of the day...because so many people watch porn (me include) and i have no problem with it at all. 

If he is a good father and a good husband then that's all that matters. 💜

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