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Writing about the Book of Mormon as an environmentalist

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14 hours ago, mfbukowski said:

Fyi I believe in the catalyst theory for both Bom AND Boa.

He was, I think, "reading tea leaves", a known device seers use.

Remember he received both by the "gift and power of God".

Believe it or don't- only God doing the same for each of us explains it.

Extreme? I thought so too until I got my own testimony 

Just to clarify, above, I did not mean he was actually "reading tea leaves", but the text itself in Egyptian provided the same effect as reading tea leaves, it is a pattern recognition phenomenon. Stare at a Jackson Pollock painting long enough and you will see patterns and shapes emerging that "aren't really there".

I was essentially describing the catalyst theory in a clumsy way.

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I'm not entirely sure whether resurrecting this thread is the best way of doing this or if I should have started a new thread. Partly in response to @smac97, I wrote a response to Stephen Q. Smoot's "Et Incarnatus Est: The Iperative for Book of Mormon Historicity." If I have done this correctly, it should appear as an attachment below. While I don't pretend it answers every issue @smac97 brought up, it does show the direction I am now heading. It is above all a defense of my faith.

I specifically noted in my introductory remarks that this essay is not intended to be an attack on historicity believers. However, I should still warn you the essay is not for the faint of faith. I welcome suggestions to make the essay not seem so harsh on historicity believers.


is book of mormon historicity essential.pdf

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