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Large uptick in pro-abortion acts of vandalism/theft/firebombing since SCOTUS opinion draft leak

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3 hours ago, pogi said:

If this theory is true, I wonder how you explain the radical violence and vandalism caused by pro-lifer's - even to the point of murdering an abortion doctor.



Most people who claim to be "pro-life" are scarcely any better, and aren't so much "pro-life" as they are singularly "anti-abortion" and also anti-woman. The average pro life movement is honestly just as bad, and someone calling themselves pro-life doesn't automatically make them better than the pro-infanticide people...often its a red flag itself. 

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6 hours ago, Amulek said:

And don't forget the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice.



That was a weird one since he called an emergency number and basically reported himself. He was upset about the potential Roe v. Wade overturn but was also reportedly worried Kavanaugh would support and uphold gun control restrictions after the recent (and ongoing) spate of mass shootings.

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6 hours ago, bsjkki said:

Cooler heads. Article about how violence doesn’t help a cause. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/11/pro-choice-militants-pregnancy-crisis-centers-attacks-us




The data on this is mixed. Violence tends to help protest movements that are largely non-violent. Particularly if the protestors are the target. Intense protest activity including violence and property damage does tend to increase voter turnout in affected areas.

Generally entirely violent movements like these bombings accomplish little or nothing. This issue makes it particularly ineffective as there is little to rally around. There is no viable path for a federal law legalizing abortion and a constitutional amendment is a pipe-dream.

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