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Public Affairs Director Talk at FairMormon 2015

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I was spelunking through the FairMormon website looking for a particular talk that was given by DCP (and not finding it, btw), when I ran across this talk by Michael Otterson, who at the time (2015) was the Church Public Affairs Director.  I might have just passed it by except for the fact that the man's name caught my eye.  His name was familiar, but I couldn't place it.  It was very familiar and at first I thought it might be a case of people with same or similar names but otherwise no connection, but it turned out that YES I do know this man.  Just spoke to him yesterday, in fact!  

As background, my wife and I were recently set apart as temple ordinance workers at the London Temple, and we were there for training yesterday.  Br. Otterson retired from the public affairs department in 2016 was called to be the president of the London Temple.  I hadn't known that.  He's the only living person I am acquainted with who has a Wikipedia article.

Anyway, here's his talk at FairMormon.  I enjoyed it, and thought others might as well.


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