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Baptists Fight it Out in Waco


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It seems that big news was made yesterday in Waco, Texas when an Independent Baptist group had it out with a fellow Baptist group from the Baptist General Convention of Texas. It was a brutal battle of wills and determination. Until the very end the winner of the battle was neither known, nor predestined. Oh, I forgot; neither of the Baptist groups involved believed in Calvinist predestination.

Yes indeed my friends the forces of Baylor University and those of Liberty University fought it out on the football gridiron. Southern Baptists against Independent Baptists to the bitter end! Upstart Liberty University who is transitioning to a higher level of football played the once mighty Baylor Bears in what was supposed to be an easy victory. In the end the Bears of Baylor succumbed to the Flames of Liberty 48 to 45.  I was a graduate student in religion at one and a professor at the other. Baptists have been known to have been fighting among themselves and with most everyone else for several centuries. Yesterday's conflict was epic with over 1200 total yards gained between the two teams. The Flames of Liberty were last heard running off the field chanting something about Cougars. I have no idea what they meant! ======Entire post delivered tongue firmly planted in cheek. No offense to anyone meant! 

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