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  1. Saying that it just happened by accident kicks the can down the road until you ask how many accidents happened until our current universe happened?
  2. This post has caused me a lot of physical pain, but it only hurts when I laugh.
  3. Thanks for the links. To me there are two questions. Is there EmodE in the Book of Mormon? If so, does it tend to show that Joseph Smith was the author of the text of the Book of Mormon?
  4. Why? What is your evidence to refute the work and research of Stanford Carmack and Royal Skousen?
  5. I don't know about that. According to some scientists we should not be here at all, but we are. I am pretty much in the same camp as JLHPROF. I have a shelf of items that I do not understand or that conflict with observed phenomena. I believe that eventually every conflict will be resolved, maybe not in accordance with our current paradigms, but it will happen.
  6. When faith is gone, you are correct. Seems as though there are quite the few here who still have faith in miracles, the restoration, etc. There are still questions among those about the how and why of things, but for that we must await more light and knowledge.
  7. What aspects of America today, right now, do you love? I'm not asking which decade was the best, or which American ideals, aspirations or concepts you love, but what is happening in the country right this moment that you hope other countries might emulate? What about America today is exceptional? It was a caricature of conservative thought. I do not know any conservatives that match the description in that video. And that is one thing wrong with such dismissal. It does nothing to bring people together but is rather is a continuation of polarization eff
  8. When the Holy Ghost is involved, there is no need of any other explanation.
  9. All of these posts are very interesting, some more spiritually and others intellectually stimulating. But, to me, it matters not spiritually whether it was penal substitution, or whether part of the atonement happened on the cross or not. I really cannot comprehend either one. What I can comprehend, although dimly, is the gut-wrenching cry of despair "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Anyone who has had a relationship end with someone that he or she had pored heart and soul into can feel some echoes of that pathos. I believe that may have been the worst of the worst for our Savior. (I
  10. I find t more productive to try and understand what the person is saying. Maybe a good solution would be to make (I don't know how) anyone who tends to be a grammar/spelling nanny to have to deal with text messages in the days before smartphones. U kno what I mean?? 😎 Glenn
  11. This seems to be a politically charged topic. I have views on the subject but will refrain from posting them so as not to break any rules about politics.
  12. I have found that reruns all too often leave something to be desired when the warm glow of remembering a better time meets the hard reality of the way things really were. Glenn
  13. I hope you have some better options you can share with us??? Glenn
  14. The problem is that it takes a lot of fossil fuel or atomic energy to produce the materials used for so-called green energy, and to store it when the source (wind or sun) is unavailable. Hopefully technology will eventually level out the cost and pay back times. And, hopefully, technology will continue to make fossil fuels cleaner also. They have come a long way. I dislike alarmism by self-styled prophets in just about any venue. People like Greta Thunberg and Alexander Ocasio-Cortez are so often well-intentioned people used by cynical people with a profit motive to further their agenda t
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