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  1. Scrupulosity, or perfectionism is a mental/emotional trait. I have no idea how prevalent it is in societies in general but it logically would follow that in institutions where the standards are high, the effects would be more pronounced than in cases where rules, etc. are very relaxed and non-demanding.
  2. My wife and I are getting old and decrepit, with my wife being scheduled for hip replacement surgery in May, but we would take a couple of those kids in our home and pray that we lived long enough that they could begin to take care of themselves. What is happening with children like that is inhumane and criminal. Those two could have died in that desert area. Glenn
  3. I hope this is not offensive to anyone, especially the Lord. I read a joke??? once upon a time that went something like this: The rains were coming down hard and the weather reports were for more rain and flooding. A man was sitting on his porch with the water up almost to the top of his steps when some neighbors came by on an all terrain vehicle and offered a ride to safety. The man demurred saying, "I'll just wait on the Lord to save me." The rains came down and the water flooded the house, forcing the man to take refuge in the second story. Some rescuers came by on a boat and
  4. It just may be part of the continuing restoration of which President Nelson has spoken. I look back and see how the patriarchy came about, out of necessity, when men had to "bring home the bacon", as the old saying goes to the present time when technological and educational advances have minimized that need. I really have no idea how this is going to work in the hereafter, but for it to work we all must be of one mind and spirit. This could well be part of that learning process. Glenn
  5. BD, I think your signature sums up the situation very well. "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are." It can be an emotionally and spiritually painful experience to look into the mirror and see ourselves as we really are. People are naturally biased and reflexive and those characteristics are often made more acute by culture, environment, nationality, etc. Two people can look at the same data, or whatever and come away with maybe diametrically opposed opinions. I think that maybe applying Christlike love in our responses, mental, verbal, emotional, spiritual will go a lon
  6. "I know it when I see it" is another way of saying "It fits my paradigm" on whatever the issue is. That is my paradigm anyway. Glenn
  7. Why cannot we, as individuals, look and see what we can do more to help others? If all of the "haves" would do voluntarily do "more" to help the "have nots," we would not need any organization to do more, except to organize the efforts. Each of us as individuals have obligations etc. that we have to meet which constrain, limits, and directs how we allocate our resources. The church (and other churches) also have that problem, i.e. how to best allocate their resources to take care of their obligations. In this case, the church can do more if we as individuals maybe increase the amount we may do
  8. I think it is to some extent. He told others about. Those others can then take that information and discern for themselves whether it is real and good and true. This may be nitpicking, but the experience itself is not transferable. The recounting of that experience, just like the recounting by Joseph Smith of his First Vision experience can either fall upon deaf ears who do not care to believe or fall upon the ears of others who are led to believe and some of who will actually seek to have confirmations via the Holy Ghost. Glenn
  9. Saying that it just happened by accident kicks the can down the road until you ask how many accidents happened until our current universe happened?
  10. This post has caused me a lot of physical pain, but it only hurts when I laugh.
  11. Thanks for the links. To me there are two questions. Is there EmodE in the Book of Mormon? If so, does it tend to show that Joseph Smith was the author of the text of the Book of Mormon?
  12. Why? What is your evidence to refute the work and research of Stanford Carmack and Royal Skousen?
  13. I don't know about that. According to some scientists we should not be here at all, but we are. I am pretty much in the same camp as JLHPROF. I have a shelf of items that I do not understand or that conflict with observed phenomena. I believe that eventually every conflict will be resolved, maybe not in accordance with our current paradigms, but it will happen.
  14. When faith is gone, you are correct. Seems as though there are quite the few here who still have faith in miracles, the restoration, etc. There are still questions among those about the how and why of things, but for that we must await more light and knowledge.
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