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  1. I do not see Eve as the wiser of the two. They had been given a commandment to multiply and fill up the earth. Reproduction was essential in order to carry out that commandment. At that point in time, but they had no idea how to accomplish that task. Some have espoused the idea that in time, they would have been taught all of that. If I am reading the lesson that Lehi taught as well as Eve's statement in Moses 5:11, that never would have happened. When Eve ate that fruit, she did not know that it was necessary, nor did Adam. Glenn
  2. If one accepts the Book of Mormon as scripture and Lehi as a prophet of God, the fall of Adam was not "fortunate" but rather necessary. Because of the fall, we have to deal with who, what, and what kind of person we really are. And because of that a Savior was needed. Glenn
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