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The Rubin Report interviews Glen Beck


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I'm posting this because Glen is of course LDS -- I'm not trying to incite a riot.  Heh.

Anyway, I haven't yet listened to the full interview, so I don't know if the Church is going to come up.  

Just to explain that The Rubin Report is an interview show on YouTube and Dave Rubin is a bit hard to describe, but it might be said that he is a classical liberal (meaning closer to libertarian than democrat), a gay man in a same-sex marriage, and very worth listening to (at least in my humble opinion).  Dave has had many other interesting people on his show, such as Larry Elder, Stephen Fry, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, John McCain, Jesse Ventura, and Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame).

Glenn Beck and Dave Rubin on Trump and the "Muslim Ban (Full Interview)

This is just for a heads-up, which is why I'm posting in the Social Hall.  If the interview content raises any questions that could be discussed, well, perhaps those questions could be addressed individually in one of the other two forums here.

EDIT: Dave Rubin spends 11 minutes discussing related topics before the actual interview begins, so if you want to skip that (you shouldn't), you can skip the first 11 minutes to get to Beck.

EDITED SOME MORE: OK, the church isn't mentioned at all.  False alarm! 

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