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I've noticed that a reviewer going by "Crazy Horse" has posted reviews on dozens, if not hundreds, of books on Amazon.  Most of the books are LDS themed.  I can't help but wonder if the reviewer is also a poster here, but couldn't find that name among the member roster.  Does anyone know who it might be?  At first, I thought it might be Robert F. Smith, but then when I saw rather positive reviews for a Meldrum book on DNA, I had to scratch that thought :)


Isn't there someone out there on the bloggernaccle that posts or writes under "Light Horse Harry" as well? 


I just realized I never posted a link to one of his reviews



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Jeffrey Meldrum is not Rod Meldrum.  Quite different.  Jeff Meldrum is an actual scientist, his book on Evolution and Mormonism is a good one, imo.




He has an unusual hobby because he does research on Bigfoot, iirc, but I don't think one should discount him for that as long as he approaches it with some healthy skepticism and not flake out about it (like Linus Pauling did over Vit C imo), which as far as I know he does.

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