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Mark Deakins And The Lamb Of God Movie


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Actor Mark Deakins played Jesus in this movie. His niece, Kelsey Deakins, is serving a mission and is in my ward right now. I went with her and her companion today and did a service project. I just thought it was neat that her uncle is Mark Deakins. He has also been in some Star Trek episodes, and was in the Star Trek movie The Insurrection.

Her cousin is also an actor, and does a lot of the commercials on the Mormon Channel.

I just thought this was all pretty cool! I have rubbed elbows with the niece of Mark Deakins!

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That is pretty cool!

My uncle and his ex wife (my used to be aunt) are involved in the movie industry. Both mostly work on tv shows (like CIS New York) but my uncle worked on The Sand Lot and I was git to be on set with him. I didn't meet anyone but it was cool just the same. :)

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