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Some Really Cool Non-English Music Videos


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Here are some really cool non-English-language music videos I play over and over again.  
Alaa Wardi
Alaa Wardi, an Iranian musician based in Saudi Arabia.  He does work in Arabic, French and English.
An a capella version of Aïcha, originally released by Cheb Khaled, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman.  A capella in this case means Alaa Wardi performs all the instruments with his body parts!

Also, Wardi's band Hayajan's cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb - in Arabic. I have to say that I like Hayajan's cover better than any performance that Pink Floyd themselves ever made of this piece.  And the advantage here is that you can't understand a word of what they are singing (maybe Dr. Peterson and a couple of others can).  That's an advantage because the original words are pretty insipid to my taste.

Honorable mention in this list is Wardi's "No Woman, No Drive", a satirical a capella piece produced by Wardi and performed by Hisham Fageeh, aimed at Saudi Arabia's ban on women drivers.  Fageeh is an Arab American comedian and actor.
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World Order (with Genki Sudo) 
Genki Sudo is a retired mixed martial artist in Japan.  His bouts used to be preceded by some highly choreographed ring entrances (here's a notable example).  Nowadays he writes and performs music and makes music videos like these two:
World Order in New York

Have Nice Day

Anyone have any other favorite non-English music videos?  Please post them!
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