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Curses And Covenants

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So anyone who has any color of skin, other than white, has ancestors who were cursed and their curse is evident by their skin color, because otherwise their skin color would still be white.

Is that a fair assessment of what you believe?

So now what can we cinclude about peiple who have white, or pale, skin? That their ancestors were never cursed ir that they were somehow cleansed from their curse?

I know about some very bad people who had white skin when they committed their evil deeds. Why was it white instead of some other color?

I think this best sums up how I take this to mean. This from the Church site- https://www.lds.org/manual/book-of-mormon-seminary-teacher-manual/2-nephi/lesson-27?lang=eng&query=curse+dark+skin

I am having issues copying and pasting text but the lesson manual brings up the point that at times, such as in the BoM, dark skin was the mark of a curse that God pronounced upon peoples at various times but that these signs of the curse are not the curse itself and as such the mere mark of black skin today in no wise means they are cursed.

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But for me, personally, I don’t read “black skin” in the scripture and its derivatives like I did before and do not see myself doing so in the near future. It has been helpful in letting go….not only of my own pet theories, but of many of the more painful memories and experience I attribute to these as well. 


If you are going off on a tangent in the Book of Mormon, do you do the same for the

Bible when it mentions the colors blue, purple, and scarlet for the Old Testament

tabernacle (Numbers 4)?




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