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A Neat Speaker At My Church.


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A bit of back story. We got our new pastor about 5 months back. He is working out great, God has His hand on the man and the church is growing. He is a young guy and loves fishing on spare moments.

Last week our music minister hit me up to play last night. It was for the "Summer Kickoff"... VBS, that sort of thing. He said we had a guest speaker coming that the pastor had lined up. I asked if he knew anything about the guest speaker. He just said the guy was a Professional Bass fisherman. I commited to it, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that the new pastor was working an angle to meet some famous fish dude, who happened to have a Christian testimony.

I was surprised that our facility which normally hosts about 100-150 on a Wed night was almost filled up to our capacity of about 1,200. Over half were visitors. I figured there must be a lot of fishing fans in the crowd.

We finished the music and our guest speaker came forth. I was quite surprised. He wasn't what I expected at all.

This guy is a pro that has placed in over 20 "masters" tournaments. Yet... He didn't have any legs and only had part of an arm. He was born that way.

Other than a strong Gospel message, he left me with two striking and humbling concepts being...

1. God doesn't make any mistakes

2. If I can, you can

Please take a minute to click on the link and watch the video.


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