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From a Non LDS Christian


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That is absolutely great...! Instead of comparisons that misrepresent our theology, they compare like to like.

That is so refreshing to see. They are absolutely right also. The New Testament teaches unity of the believers, Christ even condemning the Apostles for being critical of other believers who didn't have the Apostles Authority and rights of the Gospel in Mark/Luke 9. Romans 14 is also good for showing that others who seek the light are of God. Further, unity will ultimately bring about actual unity, both intellectually and spiritually. When certain types of critics focus on the differences, and more important and seriously, actually in nearly every case misrepresent and lie about the differences, there will never be unity.

Look at the history of the Catholic Church and Protestants. Bitter enemies who even crucified and burned each other at stakes etc., calling each other heretical, yet today they actually believe they are fellow Christians following the same basic teachings. Even the Nicene Creed doesn't really separate us, because when it was originally given the belief as to "substance" was more basic and similar to the LDS views of things. Only later re-visions changed the details to be further away from the original.

Anyway, nice to see...

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See - http://evangelicalsa...nsforjesus.com/

In His Debt/Grace



We know that we are in the end times when you have people bringing the biggest rivalry in Christianity together, Mormons and Evangelists. Another sign that we are inching close to the second coming when we see unity bringing the body of Christ together!

On a side note:

I love how they had to make clear that they know that LDS is false and has bizarre beliefs, and have that in bold type!

It is a start but we can see we still got a long, long, way to go! LOL

Added by Edit:

After looking over this man's page and reading much that he has to say, I take back my previous statements that this is a good start.

The man is clearly very Anti-Mormon, he just put's on the loving neighbor guise, to lure you in. He consistently attacks our doctrine as false and unbiblical, but we are good enough because at least we teach that Jesus is the Christ and that all men sin.

This isn't a sight about unity, it is a new type of Anti-Mormonism, the anti's must of realized that anger and hate isn't working well for there message so they put on a new face to attack us with, the kill them with your (fake) kindness approach I guess.

This man's message in summary is LDS is a lie, they doctrine are fake, and you don't need there Church, but I am going to tolerate them because I know that I am right and they are wrong.

I rather have the honest hater, than this fake friend, IMO

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