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Define "pagan"


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The etymology of the word pagan denotes someone living in the country or village or rustically and perhaps it meant what the simple, superstitious folk believed from a long time ago that Christianity i.e. St. Patrick was going to shed light upon. I made up some of this and the other parts I got online. :P

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well, what does "pagan" mean?

Pagan has both broad and narrow meanings. I believe the common thread to religions typically described as pagan is that they see divinity or divinties as products of nature rather than nature as a creation of divinity. The rustic superstitions from which paganism gets its name are exemplars of such thinking because of the emphasis they place upon nature.

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Originally, pagan is from the word Pegani, which means country dweller, or someone who lived too far away to come to church. In current context, its really more of an opinion than a true definition, but my definition would be as follows:

A religion, usually polytheistic, nature based, indigenous to a specific geographic location, with a strong emphasis on both the feminine and masculine parts of God.

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