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  1. Please keep in mind that the presentations in the Bible are not timelines at all, ever. They are maps of progression, for the individual and for the community that we would call God. And these maps cannot be read separately from the scriptures as a whole nor from the keys that reveal the maps. God does not write about time and history. He writes about YOU.
  2. I need to make a disclaimer that, internally, I am likely no longer recognizably LDS. So if this is your greatest criteria, which I can understand would be, you might want to take my advice with a grain of salt also. My point of reference for decisions I make for my life, and the counsel I offer to others, is integrity and peace. What leads me to that, I do (or eventually learn to). What leads me away from that, I don't (or eventually learn not to). LDS concepts are not my reference unless they also fulfill integrity and peace. I'm also experientially, materially, and phenomenally based. I am not conceptually and mentally and informationally based. I feel the latter has far greater potential for deception than the former. I recognize that many earthlings are based on the latter, trusting it to a greater degree than the former. That does make it difficult for me to communicate with others until and unless I can establish a bridge across our different worldviews. That seems odd to me too, as you've stated it, that very specific case. But I don't have enough understanding to evaluate it offhand. I think the first place to consider generational trauma would be slavery. Those whose ancestors lived it for generations still have it in their 'bones' even if they are no longer externally slaves -- until they heal the slavery energy/conditioning. Now you may disagree, but if you were to agree or at least consider it, this kind of example would be where you might most easily be able to do so. From another direction, I think somatic symptoms of what we consider less-somatic states (although I personally disagree as I consider everything to be somatic) are something even allopathic and traditional medicine and thinking (i.e. scientific) have established. For example, one can get ulcers by carrying massive distress, yes? So it is not too far of a leap from these two acceptances, to put them together. That if there IS generationally carried distress in one's system, since it is distress of some type, that somatic symptoms are possible and maybe even likely. The exact mechanism of this would require more time to explain, and there are still many things I don't have enough knowledge of (i.e. DNA). Also how specifically to pinpoint each symptom, I don't know. To give some kind of answer to the 'punish for sins of fathers' (although perhaps another subject for another thread?), I have come to the conclusion by observing history and humanity at large, that we very much do bear one another's sins, all the time. If my husband cheats on me, HE is not bearing the sin (yet). He gets to 'have fun'. * I * am the one bearing his sin (i.e. the pain). What changes this situation for deliverance/integrity for both parties we might term, the atonement. Children absolutely do bear, and get 'punished' for, the sins of their fathers; currently, unless the atonement is applied. A scripture to ponder: Mosiah 13:13 "visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generations". I do not have a personal experience with a specific somatic experience based on generational trauma, that I know of. So I can't speak of it. I did do Emotion Code and got some ancestral indications, but that was a neutral experience for me. I have had many specific somatic experiences based on personal trauma and condition, that I have not interpreted as generational, but my own stuff. The kind of healing I do definitely involves generational work, but it takes the form more of the conditions and belief systems we've inherited. So I do clear those in various ways, but mostly by becoming aware of them and choosing something else. So I don't feel I have ability for other ways of working (again, not every healer is the same stamp); at least not with others; some things I might try for myself. I have to admit I love 'clearing' and it is the number one thing I do for myself especially (somewhat with others, but in a certain format). This clearing takes many forms, including simply clearing the clutter in my environment (i.e. cleaning house, ha ha!). And I love it because it is simple and quick while still encapsulating my commitment to myself and my healing. I also have realized for myself, that I don't need to add in as much stuff as I thought (abilities, energies, etc) as much as I need to clear out the garbage. In other words, does one buy a brand new house, if they have trashed their last one? Or do they just clean up and enjoy the true house underneath? How long does it take to clear out and take out big black trash bags, so to speak? Some time, but not as much as you might think. I think there can be a fine line. Perhaps there are many who do too little and expect too much. I don't know. But for me, I know that if I make it too hard, then what I am doing is imagining that if I do 'this' 'this' 'this' 'this', then it will be fixed!!! I find that to be what I call 'token' and magical, because if you get the right combination of whatever, THEN something will happen. The emphasis becomes on what we can do instead of allowing the grace of the universe (or Jesus). Clean is clean. Peaceful is peaceful. It doesn't matter if it takes a second or a lifetime. Too many people condemn themselves to the latter, when the gifts are already there and they just need to allow themselves to receive them. Does it matter if you walked down a road, rode a bike down a road, drove a motorized scooter down the road? Not really. There may be some personal preference or some personal need to go slower or faster. But the one driving the motorized scooter and the walker ought not to judge one another that the other got it wrong and pat themselves on the back. They are both going the same place and will both arrive there and will both enjoy. Scriptures to ponder on this: Luke 14:15-24 and Matthew 20:1-16 Cool, thanks . Hard to go wrong with that. You have to follow your own promptings if you don't feel right about the situation. On the other hand, it's good to examine if our fears are the result of just not knowing enough -- afraid of the dark, so to speak, and the monster under the bed, that we find out isn't really there.
  3. Okay. Thanks . We continue to disagree. Yes, almost no one does fit the description. Exactly. I do think that the intention to harm others or take advantage is the most essential part of the description, not the money receiving. I can think that people (healers) are making a mistake, even a huge mistake, (which I often do), without calling it priestcraft (since in my understanding of what is written, it isn't). I personally never use the word 'spiritual' for anything. It's a term that carries no meaning in my worldview. (Another subject.) I'm sure there are a lot of healers I would find suspect for a variety of reasons, as I make personal judgments regarding them as I encounter them. I think that no one ought to create religion, or at least recognize it for what it is when doing so and have a healthy respect for what it is and is not, what it can and can not/ ought not do. (Another subject.) I know there is a stoning process, where people gang up on people who are healers (of various kind), without true investigation or understanding or benefit of the doubt at least. I'm not talking about the Church. I'm talking about herd mentality when someone is identified to be the beast or devil, and the crowd gets out their pitchforks. It does happen too often. Unfortunately, harmless women (men, too, but women who are trying to use their gifts in their home) who practice Reiki or Foot Zoning get questioned by bishops (etc) at the same level as other less accepted or standardized methods of healing. This goes back to the idea that not all healers (spiritual, energy, holistic, light) are the same. Do a little investigating and try to understand before questioning people's faithfulness. (Not you, just in general for people.) I personally don't agree with the 'guide' 'spirit' and 'angel' healing (or other engagement), for several reasons, some of which I mentioned in my previous posts, so won't repeat. But I also am willing to take that on a case by case basis because there are a lot of things I don't know and sometimes things are helpful for certain people at certain times and with certain practitioners who might really know what they are doing. So far I haven't found any practitioner that I felt presented something like this that I feel the need to partake. So I tend to agree with you that these are more or less worthless, at least for me; and possibly harmful (but so is eating a lot of donuts; so is listening to other people with earth bodies who don't really have what you need); and to the degree I might give others advice; but with staying ultimately open to having my mind changed if I learn more about it or experience something else that adds to my integrity, healing, and joy of life experience. But I trust that you've come to your conclusions by your own thought, revelation, and experience. Thanks for the discussion.
  4. Something I wanted to add to or clarify: Precisely because spirits are just people too (ordinary and not exotic), is why I personally am leery in getting a bunch of advice from them. Why would I want extra people trying to chime in on my life? The fact of whether or not they have an earth body is irrelevant. That's like walking up and down the neighborhood and ringing doorbells and taking a poll or vote about an important decision I should do with semi-strangers who don't know me?? There may be SOME spirits worth listening to, but only on the basis that you would listen to anyone else. Not especially because, ooooo, they're from beyond the veil. So they must know more! They don't. If they do, it's because they probably learned it on earth, the same as the rest of us. Self-authority.
  5. First, Nehor brought up priestcraft. I really, really feel (my opinion) this is not a word to throw around (kind of how I feel when people trot out 'sons of perdition'). People are actually kind of vague about priestcraft, while very certain at the same time; reminds me of when Fezzik says to Vezzini (the smarter? one) that 'I don't think it means what you think it means'. When people (LDS) use this word, it starts the stoning process against a person, and I'm pretty sure we wouldn't want to be part of that process either way, even if someone was making a mistake. Priestcraft (as a term) I think is in the Book of Mormon only; in a quick search I didn't see it elsewhere (although there may be examples without use of the term). Study it out for yourself, but I think, first of all, that there are more criteria for determining priestcraft than 'someone who takes money for their gift'. For example, in 2 Nephi it says: "He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; for, behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world; but they seek not the welfare of Zion." For example, many people (LDS or otherwise) using their gifts these days are, yes, receiving money for their time, but they ARE seeking the welfare of Zion i.e. the healing and blessing and union of all mankind. And, also, simply receiving a fee for one's time that allows them to provide for their family and continue to use that time to bless others (which they would not be able to do if they did not receive money) does not equate with 'getting gain'. Getting gain involves harming others up to including murders, in order to have advantage for oneself. I would venture that most healers are not doing that, at least intentionally. The fact is, everyone receives money for their gifts and talents and time and service; because if not, what ARE we doing to receive money--- NOT our talents? UN-service? Perhaps it could be said that car salesmen are performing priestcraft, or any one who enforces anything at the expense of oppression to others (to use a stereotype and not to really say against really good car salesmen, one of which helped me recently). Or say like women in Bangladesh working on the floors in factories to make our luxury clothes, or whatever, their corporate overlords are doing priestcraft (also an un-nuanced example, but hopefully it still helps my meaning). Well, priestcraft is an endless subject, and I'm sure you didn't want a whole thread on that, but when I hear that word, I feel terror. Because all of my gifts ARE 'soft' gifts. I can play piano, help people heal, sing, write fiction. That's what I can do. If someone doesn't pay me for one of those things, then what do I do? I have also worked as a paralegal, but I've been part of legal offices that were definitely taking advantage, until I realized I couldn't participate in such a machine. I would love, love, love if I could support my family with my talents in encouragement, inspiration, teaching, and healing. Because that's what I'm SUPER good at and what I came to do. And until everyone is healed, we don't have enough healers. Anyway, enough on that. I know it's not a priestcraft thread, but I have to speak up on it. Having said all that, it doesn't necessarily follow that this particular woman is the best influence for your daughter. (I don't know from just your description. I'd have to meet her and talk to her.) I think the problem with some of the 'spiritual' or 'energy' healing is not that it is fundamentally flawed, but that many people are jumping into it without truly developing their gifts and they are misunderstanding a lot of things (again, my personal opinion and observation). That goes to the detriment of those who have incredible and developed gifts that really help people, or could; but those who are not as skilled or who are the 'unhealed healer' are causing problems (inadvertently) and giving the opportunity a bad name. Again, I have no idea where this woman is on that. I'd have to meet and talk to her. Also, please keep in mind that there is a huge spectrum of (spiritual/energy) healers and what they do. There is no possible way to stamp them all as one thing. I see the entire world as made exclusively of energy, so ALL healing is energy healing, because there isn't any other kind, because energy is the only substance there is. But it doesn't mean that everyone who tacks 'energy' in front of 'healing' and sets out a shingle, so to speak, really knows what they are doing. But there are some who do. One of the most important criteria I use when allowing anyone to influence me, whether it is an energy healer or a doctor or a car salesman, is if they encourage my own self-authority and my own ability to guide my healing and my choices. If they are telling me what is and what I have to do, for sure, or it really is this way, then I don't swallow this. For example, I do feel a little strange hearing that the HEALER is telling about the unborn children. Rather, if that is a connection that a person needs to make, they ought to be encouraged to decide that for themselves and cultivate it themselves (with guidance). Also, if I was guiding the healing of a person, that is absolutely not where I would start lol. But, again, I don't know that woman. Maybe she is perfectly practiced and in tune. An example I had is when a woman called me requesting a dream interpretation, in which there were twins, she asked me if that meant she should get pregnant. She wanted the dream to tell her what to do. (She felt more special that way.) I said, "Uhh . . . . . you should make a pregnancy decision while awake and after pondering it thoroughly and discussing with your husband and God." Self-authority, not some experience or guide telling each step of life. It is important to know that A LOT of people see and speak to spirits, especially in the LDS community. A LOT (and entire FB group of thousands). This is not an occasional anomaly. When one has this gift, there is very little guidance as to what to do with it, especially in the LDS world view, other than demonizing or dismissing it. Whether or not one should make a business out of it, I don't know, but it's not just a 'sacred' experience. It's an every day experience for many. Also, generational and ancestral trauma is real. How healing that is approached is another thing, but we all have that trauma and I feel it needs more attention and tools, not less. I'll leave it at that, unless you want to hear more. As far as specifically your daughter, I think you can just keep watch for now. And add in your way of healing--being open to listening, priesthood blessings, maybe pay for her to get a massage, ha ha! Teach her about her choices and self-authority and how to recognize when anyone is crossing boundaries. It may be that this woman is mostly harmless and somewhat helpful. But as a parent, you will know if it is worse that than that; just keep praying for guidance.
  6. My observation and experience engaging with the Book of Mormon for decades, just as myself not as a scholar even an amateur one, is that The Book of Mormon is not simply a book. (I could also say this of the Bible and of the temple and of perhaps some other sacred preparations such as the Vedas.) It is an oracle, sigil, mandala. For those uncomfortable or confused by those terms, the BofM is a hardware that allows the presence of several software, according to the needs (questions, progression) of the reader. Just as you can call up an infinite number of 'things' (knowledges or etc) on one's PC or mobile phone, which is a SINGLE hardware item. Thus, the Book of Mormon is not one book, but an infinite number of books. Or, as I have taught my children, it is a book of codes. There are a number of Codes in the book: the code for the human heart, the code for a warning against bloodshed, the code for deliverance, etc. In this sense, the argument about whether the Book is EModE or 19th century fiction (another thread), or Roman, or set in South America, North America, or Europe (as I have heard even that one before); whether the history is mesoAmerican or Roman; written by Joseph or God etc. The answer is YES to all, any; and also NO to all, any. That is, it depends on the observer (reader) and it depends on the 'software' you accessing in the 'hardware'. It depends on which map of the mandala you are premising. (Mandalas are shapes/maps drawn only once, but depending on the beginning premise, the same drawing can be a map of the town, the country, or the universe OR of your life cycle.) The Book of Mormon will continue to defy being pegged into one hole. I LOOOOVE that there is Roman history template in there! Wow! The Book of Mormon is not a set singular book. It is the book that YOU (each of us) read. The condition YOU are in will yield The Book of Mormon (or Bible, or Veda) that one reads; and it will lead you along to your next (higher) condition based on your heeding what you have. (Think of the Liahona and its 'new writing from time to time'.) To me, the 'historicity' is a non-item and not even needful for what purpose The Book of Mormon serves, which is an instrument of our personal progression. I am comfortable considering Joseph as a channel for the oracle that is The Book of Mormon. Others dismiss channeling out of hand. Others are highly skeptical. I get it. But I think that channeling is a real thing. Let's see if I can think of an example that most people might agree could be an example of channeling. Perhaps Handel's Messiah? Channel from where exactly? I'm also not really concerned with this (although curious, of course), as my definition of God is broader than most to the degree that I see only God in the universe. God gives gift after gift after gift for the blessing of mankind, and one of those gifts is The Book of Mormon.
  7. ayer asher ayer Is the 'asher' in this phrase equivalent to 'ashera'? I take it as yes, but I don't really know Hebrew so I could be way off.
  8. Albuquerque is pretty chill, at least in my exact neighborhood, as far as 2020 issues. In earlier months there were some peaceful protests, a bit of property damage, but nothing ongoing or at least not that I know of, since I don't listen to news, so it would have to get big for me to hear of it (although ABQ can be pretty small town ish). I think the worse thing I heard was one person getting shot over a "statue" altercation, you know what I mean (statue of the colonial Duke), I'm not even sure if they died from that. Of course, in the apartment complex where I live, cops are here multiple times a week for people's personal drama, so there's that. Today someone got maced and someone from the third floor threatening down to the parking lot and so that was fun.
  9. I don't think the quest of the scriptures or of life is reconciliation. In fact, scriptures and human lives (Nephi's, Laban's) defy reconciliation. Reconciliation is not equivalent with, nor signifies nor is an artifact of, truth or virtue (if one seeks either of those). I also think one of the sub-texts throughout the Book of Mormon in various presentations is actually a more subtle criticism of human choice and paradigm (including those choices and paradigms that we call religion). That is, I don't think the Book of Mormon is necessarily presenting that Nephi did the right thing at that time or ever. At least not that clear cut. My favorite example and one that's rather clear is how the "promised land" experiment ended (or one segment of it ended). Jacob ends his record with this summary: "The time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream, we being a lonesome and a solemn people, wanderers, cast out from Jerusalem, born in tribulation, in a wilderness, and hated of our brethren, which caused wars and contentions; wherefore, we did mourn out our days." Wow. Some promised land. And I just noticed that his narrative of under what circumstances they left Jerusalem is a little different than the idea we often have that Lehi led his family out on a grand adventure of their own volition. I'm not saying these narratives are mutually exclusive, but I find Jacob's point of view thought provoking. It sounds like Lehi and Nephi's promised land was Jacob's personal hell. That might be a lesson some of us could use, eh? I think it always bothered Nephi, too. I don't think he ever got that monkey off his back.
  10. I haven't yet, but thanks! I'll put it on my reading list.
  11. Nice. I agree that being Latter-day Saint normalizes the relationships we can have across the veil. It has perhaps been emphasized to me because my husband is passed. I told my mother-in-law that he and I still have the same arguments more or less. She said, "Well, at least now you get the last word." And I said, "Umm . . . I always did?" ha ha ha. Anyway, I know that my husband is involved daily in my life and that of our children. So, yes, indeed, that opportunity was built in as a Latter-day Saint, as something I could build upon in real time living. I will say that I have never had a visual or auditory experience from "dead" people (that I recall), but neither can I deny the "thickness" of the air around me that seems to have personality and communication and love and emotion. I try not to interpret it very much, because I don't know, I don't know. But neither do I think I can dismiss it as just nothing. Something is happening/someone is there. Ha ha ha, yes . Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad you have something like that to recall. Probably my nicest experience that came close to that took place last year. I was by myself in a swimming pool, in the perfect evening light and temperature. The hummingbirds, the mountain almost close enough to touch, the water, recent experiences, lifetime experiences, finally being fine with my own skin--peace crept into my cells for a good 30 minutes. It wasn't flashy; but it was a complete relief that everything was all right and I was where I was supposed to be. I'll take it .
  12. I love this, and thanks for sharing GG. I would never, ever, ever, ever want to take something like this away from anyone. Peace is too precious. And having a Heavenly Father, if one does know that, is too precious. I'm just still trying to find my way, or have made progress in doing so and I'm in a more healed state than I used to be; but it just doesn't 'look like' I thought it would when I was younger. (Join the club, eh?) I know for certain I/we live in a universe of Love. I'm just not sure all the names and faces yet, ha ha :).
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