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  1. Really beautiful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I don't consider CHRIST or GOD to be one person, but rather the union of all beings in a state of joy. So the Christ or atonement template works differently with that.
  2. I hear you. I've been reading it on and off for over two years and I'm almost halfway through. I can only read one chapter a day because then I have to really digest it.
  3. My favorite is found in A Course in Miracles. And also the New Testament but most people don't use it that way. I just started reading The Forgotten Way by Dekker, I'm curious to see where he takes it. But he has begun by saying that a true Christian keeps no record of wrongs, so that is similar to ACIM. A Course in Miracles is really hard to put in a nutshell, I know that the one I am going to will be misunderstood. But it is that we are innocent, and the atonement is that we remember that. Also I am starting to read some Bonhoeffer and I am seeing shades of that in his writing.
  4. Don't get stuck on the English word 'God'. For as much good as it can hold, it can also lead astray. Hebrew is better for understanding the depths of the history of this reality we now say in English as 'God'. The main point is, is that as Beings we have the capacity for unlimited potential and we are on a journey to reach that, in time and eternity. It's really not that mysterious. But it is wonderful.
  5. You're welcome, sis. The topic made me think of it, lol.
  6. I couldn't find a smaller clip, so go to 38:50 for a short scene.
  7. A church leader quote can be found for everything within two hundred years of speeches. I read the scriptures and come to my own understanding. I can find a quote for that, too. As far as I can tell from this quote (without reading the whole speech), I think Elder Oaks' point is that preparation is real, not just getting a ticket for being in the (so-called) right Church (or whatever token). P.S. You don't even have to be Christian to be prepared.
  8. I recently wrote this bit about the Shiz/Coriantumr story etc.: /////////////////////////////////// The Book of Mormon is the parable presentation of two societies whose end became complete destruction with only one man left alive. In one example, the man was the individual who "won". He was the last man standing after killing the second-to-last-man standing. He looked out on vast fields of dead and rotting human beings. The armies had been kin of the same nation with their main point of conflict being blood revenge rules (stupid!) and fighting over which of the ruling class wou
  9. Great questions. I want to caution you as I often take the opportunity to caution anyone on the same matter. Scriptures (Book of Mormon, Bible, Quran, etc) aren't true or valuable or 'a feast' because they are reconcilable. Lots and lots and lots of things don't make sense and match up within the scriptures. You'll find many contradictions. Many reject the scriptures when they become defeated in their inability to reconcile everything all together, as if that was the promise the scriptures held out. "We promise you," the scriptures say (do NOT say), "that we are completely reconcilable an
  10. Most numbers in the scriptures are symbolic. Are you Christian? Does it mean 50 percent of Christians? Or 50 percent of humanity? Or is there something more important to be gained from it? It's possible the number doesn't matter at all here, simply the binary of prepared-not prepared. Not all LDS are permanently stuck in scripture interpretation kindergarten. I mean, that's what it says in the scriptures. 🙄
  11. There are two Ways. Getting gain at the cost of/sacrificing innocence/human life (bloodshed and captivity). Or being willing to and sometimes actually releasing all gain for the purpose of saving/giving life and innocence (liberation, redemption).
  12. "the temple"? The fact that I don't readily know what you are talking about shows that I can be a member without needing to know this. I do need to know that Jesus is my Savior. The real answer might be that we don't need to explain predictions nor live by them (if indeed they were meant to be timeline predictions), but rather live a Christlike life right now regardless.
  13. And my fave Mark chapter 9:38-40 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.” “Do not stop him,” Jesus said . . . for whoever is not against us is for us."
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