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  1. And my fave Mark chapter 9:38-40 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.” “Do not stop him,” Jesus said . . . for whoever is not against us is for us."
  2. My opinion, but also I did not make it up, others better than me hold it; and I should say in my view more than my opinion but rather what I get from my reading of the scriptures themselves: anyone who reads the scriptures literally has not read them at all (and has become more or less dangerous in their prescriptions for themselves and others). Scriptures are presented symbolically and require keys to unlock all the levels. The literal version is actually a veil for those not prepared. It can also serve as a learning device for children to learn by rote so that they are later prepared for the
  3. Exactly. Lectures on Faith was definitely part of my arrival on my view. I think somewhere in there it says that faith is a principle of creation, so that's my favorite word more than action, but it's semantics :).
  4. The way we use 'believe' today in English is primarily to indicate an opinion that something exists or is the case. Like a 'sacred guess' (my term to try to capture the phenomenon). Sometimes we use the word 'believe' to show commitment, such as "I believe in freedom," where we are saying that we try to live our lives by it and to create it. I have come to know for myself that what is meant in the scriptures is much more to the second usage and nothing to do with the first usage. For me, 'belief' is an installation of an operating program in the energy of the body. 'Christ' a pa
  5. Perhaps one framework does not exclude the other, but the United States carries the mantle of Egypt, according to myself. ? > Sumer > Egypt > Greece/Rome > British Empire > the USA > ? I am actually curious to see what the next hegemony will be.
  6. Okay, I hear you. Since I don't really see Satan as a single being, or any being(s), then yea I would be talking off to the side of you :). Good luck in your explorations. And, yes, I don't accept the premise of 'temptation'. And I haven't been tempted ever since I realized there isn't any. So obviously this is super not mainstream for LDS, and I'm not that.
  7. Good catch. Cool. The question is why does Satan come then and not just whenever? Is the Lord coming down to the offering times?
  8. I love this passage. Although I do think that Job is a fictional account, and also mainly metaphorical, it does represent the thinking regarding a Satan of those who wrote it/added it to scripture. We read the part about walking up and down in the earth. We conveniently skip over the part where he is one of the Sons of God and emanates from the presence of the Lord with a mission from him. That is terrifying to our inherited Greek essentialism (a universe with two equal sides of good and evil--which ancient Jewish thought as evidenced in the Old Testament does not have). Please note that this
  9. I agree that the vague idea of an evil kingpin entity having thought (and other, more) impact over distances and number of people is deeply flawed. I feel that many of the ideas we continue to carry regarding Satan are sectarian and not scriptural.
  10. I don't know if they will talk about it or have it ready by this conference, but the church is preparing an Emotional Resilience Manual, to help members be prepared and whole emotionally. I feel this is great because I have often wanted the Church to get into the details of how to really be healed instead of vague religious efforts.
  11. I don't really use the word/idea of evil in my worldview. I often say: WE are the gods and we are the devils. There are no others. As eternal beings taking an eternal journey (through time, space, and and and) we will continue to wrestle with those themes we find compelling and that, ultimately, lead us to complete love and freedom. So as long as WE ARE, then our questions and answers, lived out in real time, will continue to BE. The 'crucifixion' is an eternal principle (crucifixion = entry into mortal worlds/bodies). Thankfully, the resurrection is also an eternal principle. The g
  12. This is what I mean by the oracle and mandala nature of the Book of Mormon--several maps can be made of it. OP seems to have many geographic ones. The fun starts when you can map psychology and spirituality and etc.
  13. It's true. (Although I would never use the word 'believe'. It's simply what I currently understand.) That is BECAUSE I came from thinking or accepting or taking for granted (when I was much younger) that there was a difference; and then realizing from studying and pondering various sources that they were not different. That this glorious world we now inhabit is the shape of what is termed telestial, and that it is crucial to know that (in order to understand the rest of the scriptures, plan, reality, etc). Not least, this earth is a/the place that 'the Holy Ghost visits'. I am aware that
  14. Mogollon Rim and Canyon de Chelly were what I had to learn in AZ. muggyon shay
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